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'Surprised' by Her 82 Minutes of Jail

8/24/2007 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0824_nicole_richie_happy_fm_ex-1Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie was "surprised" by the short amount of time she had to serve at Lynwood -- and she apparently had a pretty good stint in the clink, all things considered.

We're told that the tiny ex-con found the Sheriff's Department "extremely professional" and "cooperative" and she "appreciated their efficiency." Eighty-two minutes -- that's efficient!

Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman-Holley, tells TMZ that Nicole was "prepared to do the full four-day sentence" -- but after being held in a cell in the booking area of the jail, she got her walking papers and strutted right back home.


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78. It's a joke! Who the hell believes the "Celebrity Cells" are overcrowded! I'm sure the "general population, poor Josephine" cells are overcrowded, but does anyone think either Ritchie or Lohan would be in a "general population" cell????

Posted at 12:42AM on Aug 25th 2007 by anonymous

anonymous, When a double occupancy cell is converted to single occupancy (isolation), two inmates have to be relocated. It adds to the overcrowding problem.

High risk prisoners, e.g., police officers, judges, celebrities, etc. are held in isolation cells... It's not like they have a choice. (Since when is solitary confinement for 23 hours a day a privilege?)

2623 days ago


. I saw Harvey Levin on Larry King last night. He was talking to well-known lawyers and judges about Nicole and Lindsey and their respective sentences. What I learned from that show is that there is serious overcrowding in the CA jails, and that the sentences both L & H received are not unusual for first-time convictions there.

I had to chuckle when Harvey snuck in a question to a judge on whether he thought that “they threw the book at Paris” in comparison because she was a celebrity to make an example of her. (I knew he would…he is so “pro Paris.”) The judge rather slammed Harvey, and said that Paris did not have the “book thrown at her because she was a celebrity” nor was she made an example of, and that she received her sentence because she had violated her probation for a previous conviction. It was an entirely different situation.

I don’t think Nicole will violate her probation, but Lindsey might. If she does, she’ll undoubtedly receive more jail time. (Paris didn’t receive any jail time for her DUI, which she plea-bargained down to a reckless driving due to alcohol. The reason police pulled her over in the first place that time was for reckless driving.)

2623 days ago

Susan B    

Hey your mama: Why so ugly??? I love Nicole- she is HOT.........but I would not bite you... NO NO NO

2623 days ago

Team Nicole    

I think it’s hilarious that Nicole only had to serve 82 min and Paris had to serve like 2 weeks or whatever. I hope Paris realizes how much the world hates her now!

2623 days ago

steveo_ 1965    

Justice is green, I'm sorry to say.........Time to take the blindfold off of the Justice Statue lady so she can see how to balance her scale........

2623 days ago


I am happy to hear she handled the whole situation like an adult and didn't need to be dragged into the jail kicking & screaming and yelling for mommy! I wish her the best of health and happiness.

2623 days ago


I love how many people are like "omg haters". Yeah i'm very jealous of someone who was too retarded to follow simple laws. People who look up to fake celebrities (you know the ones... they didn't have to work for their success or actually have any talent) like Paris and Nicole are really sad human beings. Too bad your parents are such crappy role models that you have to look up to these two. They're both a waste of air.

2623 days ago


i dont think that it was right that she got out in that shotr of time i guess its who you are and what you got any other person would have gotten more but be careful what you do and how youdo it one day it will come back to bite you in a different way IT IS WRONG

2623 days ago


Return them glasses to WIlly Wonka!

2623 days ago


First,I like to say my cousin got a DUI and she lost her license for 3 yrs and she is a single parent but this is canada.Whatever is biting Nicole Id like to tell her TIME HEALS
look forward to the future you will enjoy that baby and I enjoyed you on the Tyra Banks show.

2623 days ago

afraid of Jan    

Reality is that if you have money then your life is easier..I guess the get out of jail card really work for the right price. Just wondering if she was wearing these glasses when she was driving on the wrong side of the freeway?

2623 days ago


I strongly believe if Nicole was not rich, famous, and pregnant She would have done more time and recieved a stiffer sentence! If it were you or I the Judge would have thrown the book at us! Justice is not equal under the law when it comes to celebrities!

2622 days ago


I think this is a slap at the judicial system by the jail system. After all, the jail system's early release of that other chick enraged the judge so much, he called he right back into court and sent her straight back to jail. In that case, the court system "won". I guess this is the jail system's retribution.

I think Nicole's doing well, but I still think she should have served her full sentence!

2622 days ago
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