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Nugent Blows a Gasket Over Hillary and Barack

8/24/2007 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

barack oba,a, ted nugent, hilary clinton, Rocker Ted Nugent referred to Senator Barack Obama as a "piece of s**t" and Senator Hillary Clinton as a "worthless b**ch" in a video making the the Internet rounds today. Wonder how he really feels?

In the video, recorded sometime last week, Nugent walks the stage holding a pair of what he calls "machine guns." "Obama, he's a piece of s**t," Nugent screamed. "And I told him to suck on my machine gun ... and then I was in New York, I said, 'Hey Hillary, you might want to ride one of these [referring to the "machine guns" in his hand] into the sunset you worthless b**ch!"

Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein received similar treatment.

Nugent is known for his conservative political views and his pro-gun position. His official website is broken into two parts; music -- and hunting. Says it all, doesn't it?


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PR Machine    

Did someone type the words "ethical hunter"? "ETHICAL HUNTER"? Yeah, right.

2584 days ago


Yes he has freedom of speech--what he is saying is a bit over the top but what do you expect he is mad cus they want to do away with automatic guns--not hunting rifles! To kill an animal takes a certain kind of person anyway-unless it is for survival!! And you certainlt dont want to use an automatic anyway duh what kind of hunter is he?? but i bet if someone walked up to him with an automatic and started shooting he would have a problem with that huh?? maybe not i dont think he cares about anyone but himself and his ability to kill animals just for the sake of killing them!! Now how is that not a piece of s-it!! Maybe his drunkin drugged up buddies need to have automatic weapons too woohoo we can kill quicker,and more now !! HOW LAME WHAT A TRUE PIG!!!!

2584 days ago

The Right Side    

Nice to hear the truth from a rock performer that is not an extreme left-winger like most of the artists in the music industry. Ted is right on target.

2584 days ago


Rather funny looking at the liberal use the same language as Ted to describe ole Ted. Funny Ted says the same thing as Bill Mahr, John Stewart, Al franken, etc.... Love reading the so called 'intelligent' people dog on with the same if not worse colorful language.

About avoiding the draft: Where was Clinton during the draft? ZING

Ted's 15 minutes? It must of sucked: On March 13, 2007, Nugent was interviewed on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed the songs "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Rawdogs and Warhogs".

Hunting: It would be funny watching the libs die away if the super market closed and they actual had to find their own food. I hear liberal baby taste terrible.

2584 days ago


So I saw #155 little video of Chickenhawks. It was funny. So you're saying we shouldn't fight the enemy. we should wait. Allow them to grow. Then let them attack us again. I'm sorry you hate America that much. I'm sorry you're 'stuck' in this country. I feel bad for you. Write down your address and contact info so we may give to you some money for your trip to Afghanistan so you can talk to Bin Laden and work this whole 'hate' America thing out together.

2584 days ago


Wang Dang Sweet Poontang........priceless.

2584 days ago


I went to bed, got up, coffee etc. Decided to check the board to see if any of Nugent's nutfly defenders had posted an adequate explanation of his shocking deferment during the Viet Nam war or even his constant wearing of confederate flag. I see there is nothing so far. I heard that he went to Iraq but when the troops heard about his sickening behavior to avoid the draft, one of the generals stated that if they had known of his past, "he would not have been welcome." Please, someone explain it to us. We already know that Clinton, Bush and Cheney did not serve, but please explain this weirdo. And to all the gay references, please grow up and save them for the high school lunch room.

2584 days ago


And TJR, sorry to hear about your grandparents. But I would imagine that they got Social Security and Medicare during their final years--both Democratic inventions. And if you truly have the afflictions you say you do, I imagine you deservedly get Social Security. Ever think about the people who proposed and fought for these programs--DEMOCRATS!

2584 days ago



In the late 1990s, Nugent began writing for various magazines. He has written for more than 20 publications and is the author of New York Times Best Seller God, Guns and Rock 'n' Roll (July 2000), Kill It and Grill It.

All this from someone who can't read. What well educated people do you speak of? Obama "What have I ever done, beside being black" or Hilary "I hope terrorist attack cause I'm the only candidate that can survive the criticisms for retreating" ? Are these the well educated people you speak of? Hmmm I guess well educated stands for "Tell me what I want to hear today even though you contradict what you said yesterday." The only person that looks 'Uneducated' is you, Jeanette OHarra for using the racial slur "Cracker". Sad you are!

2584 days ago


The poster said something about a book beyond the 5th grade level. I submit that something called "Kill it and Grill It" would be about the 4th grade level at best. And please, I'm STILL waiting for that explanation of Nugent's treasonous behavior regarding his induction to the military. By the way, to the last poster who I presume to be a woman, how do you feel about Nugent's history of being a pedophile? Look it up,baby, Maybe with all the darkness and dirt in his life, you could find somebody more deserving of your support, like maybe the troops in Iraq, expecially those who are repulsed by your hero.

2584 days ago



Once again it's more than a little amusing to see so many brave conservatives on here ignoring the fact that the faux uber-macho, very-pretend brave-indeed Terrible Ted's crapping his pants got him out of laying his life on the line for his nation.

Funny, that. You silly faux patriotic conservatives won't comment on the fact he let someone else die in his place in Nam while he played music and screwed young girls.

From the Detroit Free Press - July 15, 1990:

In 1990 he told the Detroit Free Press newspaper "that 30 days before his draft board physical, he disavowed personal hygiene. The last ten days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and with a week to go until the physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether. When the big day came, he had been living in excrement-caked and urine-stained pants. Always the hero, however, Nugent reassured the Free Press, “But if I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed all the Hippies in the foxholes. I would have killed everybody.”"

From the Lake County News Sun:,5_1_WA09_MORAN_S1.article

"For the unaware, Nugent is on record as admitting that he purposefully defecated and urinated in his pants, among other things, to gain a deferment from the draft."

Also see:

2584 days ago


Kids, I give up. I guess I can wait forever and still get no explanation for Ted's shameful past. Maybe you are all on Wiki trying to verify somethings you didn't know about your hero. YES, IT IS ALL TRUE. I know it's hard to find out a hero is not what you thought he was, but it's time to grow up, move on and leave Ted Nugent in the swamp where he and his dirty panties belong.

2584 days ago


Voice of Reason is more like the Voice of Denial. Is that all you've got?

2584 days ago


God-for-bid a Republican has a voice! Liberals and Democrats run their mouths all day, every day! It's "in" to be a Liberal…So VERY Hollywood at the moment! Partly because all major media and news outlets are owned and operated by whacked-out Liberals! His comments may have been too brash for my taste, but they are no different than anything that comes out of Sean Penn's mouth...and he's treated like a God for the disgusting things he says about our leadership and Government! Suck it up, Liberals! It was one comment from one Republican! It's funny how Liberals always get angry when someone practices Free Speech that doesn't agree with their agenda! We Republicans allow you to have your say! Let us have ours! And, RESPECT IT!

2584 days ago


wow listen to them liberals scream the shoe is on the other foot and they can't handle it. I remember Gore saying Cristians have a extra chromosone and baldwin wanting to kill the house speaker and his family and oh those members of congress and their threats and name calling not to mention the rest of those brain dead celebritys and their garbage. Good job Ted & I hope other speak up

2584 days ago
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