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Nick Hogan

In Serious Car Accident

8/26/2007 10:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_hogan_fm_bn-1UPDATE: Nick Hogan is reportedly in serious condition, but the passenger in the car sustained more severe injuries. He is listed in critical condition.

Hulk Hogan's son, Nick, was seriously injured in a car accident tonight in Clearwater, Fla.

Law enforcement tells TMZ the accident occurred around 7:31 PM ET. According to police, a Toyota Supra, driven by Nick Bollea (Hogan's real name), was traveling at a very high rate of speed when it lost control and hit a raised median. The car was flipped around and the back end hit a palm tree. The impact, we're told, "destroyed the entire car." The two male occupants were flown by Medivac helicopter from the accident scene to a hospital in St. Petersburg. We're told both men had "very very serious" injuries.

The accident happened on Court Street, a main drag in downtown Clearwater, causing the entire street to be shut down for hours.

No 911 call was made to police. The accident was called in by an officer who rolled up right after the crash happened.


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A 17 year old kid with a 1000horsepower sports car, what do you excpect? It is a horrible event no doubt. i am not talking anything bad about him i am just saying people are freaking out because he is of almost celebrity status kids wreck cars every day. whoever said he was the cause of the accident, well he was the only car involved. wish him the best but everyone needs to get over the fact that he "drives fast" get over it.

2620 days ago


Everybody involved is in my prayers, and I hope a bad situation doesn't get worse by Nick's friend passing! I think we all soon forget that we were all young and stupid at times, (yes all) but maybe we didn't get caught or hurt anyone (but easily could have). Nick may have everything he has ever wanted and more, but that is not his fault, or his parents for that matter. I know if I had it, I would spoil my children too, it is a different life style.
I make mistakes daily and so does everyone else, our mistakes just aren't on T or the internet. Nick is just a kid who mad a mistake (a big one, but still a mistake), all we can do now is pray for everyone and that Nick has learned his lesson. If Nick wants to race, he should be able to do so, but not on the street, he needs to stick to the track.
So please before posting, think about what you are saying, and realize we all hae made mistakes in our lives, some bigger than others but they are still mistakes. Also remember all the stupid things you have done, or the things friends or family members hae done that we look back on and laugh, mean while thanking God that didn't turn out bad like it easily could have.

2620 days ago


I'm sorry but, WTF he should know by now. I'm sick of all these kids driving crazy making the streets dangerous for us. I don't mean to sound heartless, but a lot of innocent people die because stupid young kids want to drive fast, and act cool. May God be with him, and his family.

2620 days ago


Nick Hogan is responsible for all actions, he was behind the wheel like a idiot he speeds and his friend that just got out of Iraq is in very critical care and MOMIME AND DADDIE AND SISTER Of NICKIE have a myspace blog on there credits come on that is not a apolgoy! SPEED KILLS this litle punkie kid nick was behind the wheel wanabee race car driver. PUNK he is only 17 and this is not the first offensive thing he has done he has been seened around town speeding. Come On
I do pray for John and Nicks family should be praying very hard you should be shameful !! The all mighty NICK will this suxs he has taken a life on support!!

2620 days ago


agree with the last , he has done this before Nick and is only17 and speeds so much and i pray to God that John is okay. Nick is a wannabee racecar driver. Another thing his parents thought he could a race car driver that is the must sad thing about this he took the car and has been speeding since he was much earlier, surprised Not. He is a brat. And should be begging for forgiveness on his knees for his friend he put in this position and it could of been worse i dont know he speeds alot around town. And he is No good so I think he needs to fess up. I feel so sorry for the person John in the car just got back from iraq and fighting and he has to go thru this !!!! I Pray for John and Nick you need a LIFE CHANGE!!!! YOUR A KID

2620 days ago

Todd Morton    

My prayers are with the entire Hogan family. No matter what the cause, we need to pray for the recovery of all involved. God Bless

2620 days ago


I still will say SPEED KILLS and Nick Hogan knows he has done this all the time and has been in other accidents or Wrecks. I think Nick ia helped by daddie and mommie and sister, of couse they feel bad i would too if would be my son in the car with Nick i would be hearbroken and raise alot of questions about Nick and his speed.

2620 days ago


I feel sorry for the other guy nobody has even said anything about him. He was in the car accident too. But people only tend to care about the celeberties. Everyone is all oh pray for Nick Hogan. Whatever, I will save my pray for the poor kid everybody seems to have forgotten.

2620 days ago


Witness saw Nick racing a Silver Viper.... his dad owns a silver viper. How did his dad get to the accident scene so quickly??? who called him????

OR was he already there..... check his cell phone records. FISHY. How many silver vipers do you happen to see every day.... was his dad there racing him ???

2620 days ago


This is a tragic thing to happen to the Hogan family I dont care who he is no one should be rude & say negative things. It doesnt matter whos fault it was all that matters is that everyone show some respect for the family. My prayers go out to the entire Hogan family I truly hope that Nick pulls through along with his friend as a mother myself I could not imagine the fear that everyone is going through. It has nothing to do with being a celebrity!!! Lay off & show some respect what if this was happening to your family would you want people saying negative things at a time like this about you or a loved one!?

2620 days ago


Give these folks a break! Now is not the time to finger point and ridicule. Some will say it's human nature to beat somone when they are down. I say be kind and put yourself in their shoes and hope (or pray) for those that are injured. That they will make it through healthy and wiser. There will be plenty of time for any legal issues to be addressed later.
Look, other than some celebrity status, this family is not unlike millions of others in this great country of ours. And if I remember correctly... here we are still innocent until proven guilty.

2620 days ago


. whats is wrong with celebrities?

Posted at 9:32PM on Aug 26th 2007 by dave

Nothing they simply know they are above the law . The real question should be why are they above the law and why has America become a lie no longer worth supporting?

2620 days ago


An Iraq veteran who works and abides by the law has a greater chance of going to jail for jay walking than a rich celebrety caught with drugs ,DUI ,speeding ,etc..

America = Lie not worth supporting

2620 days ago


We "locals" know these people to be totally down to earth a completely tight-knit family. A wonderful family and we are all hoping for the best and that they stay strong. I am disgusted by some of the negative comments. Only those with impure hearts would pass judgement while someone's health and future is in question because of such a tragic accident.
Posted at 4:55PM on Aug 29th 2007 by Belleair Mom

If your definition of "impure heart" is not wanting to be put in danger by speeding reckless driver because they are above the law than many have "impure hearts."
I define those that support turn blind eye to this as having a low IQ

2620 days ago



2620 days ago
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