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Falcons Won't Sack Vick

8/27/2007 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Atlanta Falcons won't cut Michael Vick -- he's just too damn valuable. Well, at least his contract is.
Michael Vick
In a press conference, Falcons owner Arthur Blank said that while he's "profoundly disappointed and saddened" by Vick's action, the team is not willing to throw Vick to the dogs.

"We cannot tell you today that Michael is cut from the team," said Blank. "It may feel better emotionally, but it's not in the long term best interest of our franchise."

Blank added, "If we had any idea this was going on ... we would have dealt with it immediately."

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Some media people have asked why more people are not outraged by the horrible acts by these pig thugs. I don't think they realize most were waiting for the law and NFL to act and was hoping they would do what is right. They have not and wont until they feel public pressure.
Those that want to forgive Vick because he found God were waiting for some reason to forgive and forget about it anyway! This wont go down as easy as some may hope it will.
You don't ask for forgiveness to only what you think will save your ass and throw God in the mix and call it over!
Peta is full of cowards we cant depend on them to raise their voice.
NFL is full of felons and thugs and I am ashamed of what they have done to our sport.

2576 days ago


"Not in the best interests of the franchise"
The decision to keep him is not in the best interest of the franchise.

2576 days ago


.....hasn't been incarcerated but yet vick's found God. idon't remember hearing an apology or admittance of any wrong doing. hmmm i don't believe he's sorry. i believe he's sorry he got caught. like the dude on tv said, "...a certain disconnect." vick had that. i don't think he thinks he did anything wrong. other than maybe breach of contract and getting caught.

2576 days ago

save the kids    

Ana,#20. They were not just a "bunch of stupid dogs". They were LIVING, BREATHING, FEELING animals. They think ,they feel, they bleed, they hurt. Anyone that thinks otherwise is stupid. Dogs are smarter than most humans and all they want is someone to love them. I have rescued 2 dogs and a cat from shelters and they are the most loving pets you could ask for. I would rather spend time with dogs than with most "humans". You are a sad person for not thinking that dog fighting is wrong and you need to look within yourself. Maybe you should be abused and then put in a cage to fight to your death, you ignorant a**. Remember what dog spells backward, GOD!

2576 days ago

Dumb Ass Hollywood People    

Pathetic! That's all I can say... It doesn't matter what you do illegally, Money seems to matter more.. No one wants to make a point saying these things will NOT be tolerated.. PERIOD! What a pathetic world we live in when this is made to seem okay! I would LOVE to put Vic into a 'pen' & aggravate a Crack/Meth-head & let him loose on Vick & let him rip him apart! Just pathetic!!!

2576 days ago


Not a football fan and didn't even know who Vic was until this incident. With that said I think that his apology was sincere, he is willing to take responsibility and do his time. I know everyone is thinking he only did it because he was cornered, I agree. Yet it is human nature to try and get out of trouble whenever possible, we all do it, for those who say they don't well you have to live with yourself on that one. I do not condone what he has done, it is deplorable yet I feel he is a very young man with his whole life ahead of him. There is time to make it right, to teach others the way. You know Jesus didn't hang out with the rich, he hung out with the the sinners, I am really disturbed by the fact that we are so hard that there seems to be no room for foregiveness here. He did more than most althletes or actors of late, with all of his money he could have fought to the very end and still swore he was innocent and unjustly prosecuted like most do these days. When push came to shove he came clean, apologized, and will be spending time in prison. I say when he has paid his debt there is great work he can do and yes, I think there is still room for him in football.

2576 days ago


I agree that he did a good deed by admitting his guilt. However, Jeffrey Dahlmer was apologetic when he was caught as well. Pleeeeeease. Vick is a grown adult and one would think he would know right from wrong. Where was his compassion for these dogs?

2576 days ago


I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by the praise given to Vick for his "remorse" by some commentors. Do not compare his "finding of God" to that of a man of death row as he has not had years to contemplate his actions and search his soul for God. Do not be fooled by his "unscripted" response as I can most certainly guarantee this speech was CLEARLY written and outlined for him. Please do not blame Vick's current situation on the commissioner or his friends that plead guilty as this takes the responsibility away from Vick's actions. His actions were well thought out and well planned out in order to avoid incarceration. He did all that he could to lie his way out of the situation and is giving a fine show of "remorse" now that he has no other option. I thought society would be classier and more objective than to compare dopping to animal abuse along with several FELONY offences. Vick has serious psychological issues which need to be addressed.

2576 days ago


The team should have disassociated themselves with Vick the moment Vick plead guilty and admitted to his part in such a vicious inhumane crime.

2576 days ago


This is disgusting and I have absolutely no respect for the Falcons and their owner. I am amazed that this type of behavior does not warrant the Falcons immediately kicking the animal hater to the curb.. It's all about the almighty dollar and I hope that Mr. Blank can sleep at night knowing how many people will no longer be supporting his team. I wonder how many empty seats in the stadium it will take before he realizes that he better change his mind.


2576 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    


"IF we had known about Vick's activity..." Well pal, you know now, and you are seriously dropping the ball on this matter, further impacting your team and the NFL's credibility by not serving Mr. Vick his walking papers. He found God? A week into his plea bargain? Is ANYONE in America taken in by this liar and sadist? He should be given a chance to redeem himself? By saying "Dogfighting is a terrible thing"? No Mr. Vick, again you are obfuscating the issue: it isn't the point that "dogfighting is a terrible thing." The real issue, and your statement, could have said, "What I DID TO THOSE DOGS was a terrible thing." You, your handlers, and Falcons' owner Mr. Blank (aptly named, for that is how his mind is running on this thing) would be ashamed of yourselves if you had the capacity for shame. Vick's so-called contrition is not that he's sorry he broke the law, it's that he got caught.

The public hates those who abuse their position, power, and high salary. George Clooney is not hated because he does not act like a priveleged JERK.

2576 days ago


Apologize just as publically to your cousin who you tried to pin all the blame on knowing your hands were just as filthy, at least acknowledge what you did was a crime (sadistic and brutal) and don’t write it off as “immature” and instead of kissing Jesus on the cheek, why not speak the “truth” or be silent. News flash, God already knows what you’ve done but it doesn’t appear you do. Your actions were far beyond "immature"! I hope you are never allowed to have animals and I hope you really do find Jesus!

2576 days ago
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