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Muscles Way to Crash Scene

8/27/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son's extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened.

WTVT has footage of the wrestler -- clad in his usual tank top and bandana -- talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ has just confirmed that Hogan was discharged from the hospital early this morning.


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i am raelly sorry to hear of nicks accident. thankGOD he will be alright at least from the news i hear. our son was in an accident 2 years ago and in icu for five weeks. i would not want anyone to have to go through that. GOD bless the family.

2577 days ago


I have read through some of the comments made. First off everyone should be concerned with the friend in the hospital, instead of Hulk Hogans crash scene attire. Second thing is talking about Nick driving an expensive car that daddy bought, it could have been a Saturn, or even a Pinto, unfortunately it was a car accident that was going to happen no matter what kind of car it was. Instead of making comments like that everyone should be sending prayers to the hospitalized boy instead.

2577 days ago


I am glad nick is ok. he seems like a good kid .

2576 days ago


Typical....Rich mommy and daddy buy spoiled, 17yr old, irresponsible child a sports car, and he goes drag racing. He practically walks away, but the friend riding in the the stupid punks car, is in a coma!!! Maybe his 17yr old ass ought to learn how to drive first.....before having a fast sports car. I hope they take his drivers license for LIFE!!!!

2576 days ago

Gina A. TF IDAHO    

To the Hogan Family, We answer to one man in this beautiful life that is given to us. You are beautiful people and have a wonderful life to live. You have shared your life with the world and all of your families fans that really care for you are praying for you and John and his family. Hulk don't change who you are the loving father, husband and friend to your family, You and your family are real and that is why the HOGAN'S are GREAT! Each and everyone of you are a gift and you have made one GREAT package so keep on loving and living.

2576 days ago


I just wanted to tell the Hogan Fam. and to Nick"s friends fam too that i hope that everything turns oout ok and my prayers are with them. I read som of the comments and some had to understand it doesn't matter what you may think it is Hulks son and have some compassion for the fam. It doesn't matter what you were in this suition hell if it was me i would have been in a lot worse shape than a short sleeve shirt. you would be lucky if i could think in the right frame of mind to have anything going right. God bless the famlies my heart goes out for all of yall.Y"All out there also understand Nick is still learning and growing up . it happens and it would be dealt with i am sure.

2576 days ago

Hogan Knows Wrecks    

Utmost respect for the Hogans? You have got to be kidding me. Nick is a maniacal driver encouraged by his egotistical dad who wants to be his buddy instead of a parent. He is still a MINOR, under 18. Why is there no restrictions put on this kid once he has demonstrated OVER AND OVER that he is immature, wreckless, violating driving laws (by a lot), and within his first year of LEGAL street driving has wracked up 4 speeding tickets. That's not counting the ones that the cops let him for because of who his dad is. Then there's the Youtube video of Linda laughing from the curb as Nick peels out from the posh Bev Hills restaurant, Ivy, in his car into business district traffic.


Remember the episode where Nick did not even have a driver's license yet but Hulk lied to the car company for the free viper (too many 1000s of dollars to believe!) saying he had been drifting when he had only had one lesson and NO LICENSE.

Hey great family values, hypocrite.

2576 days ago


How can anyone feel sorry for this kid. He had, what, four previous speeding tickets and was stopped three times for speeding over 100mph within a few minutes of each other. Unfortunately, our police let him go two of the three times without a ticket. Those deputies should be terminated.

Shame on him, shame on his parents, shame on the police.

I hope his passenger survives intact.

Equal justice for all- yeah right!

2571 days ago


awww poor nick!! thats sooo sad!! and why do we care wut hulk is wearing when nick is hurt.. seriously. God bless the hogans. let the lord be with them!!

2568 days ago


hope he is ok... ill miss watchin him on t.v. like i said b4 God bless ur family hogans

2568 days ago


This is one of the few families that has any morales anymore. Their parents actually know where they are 99.9% of the time and they respect their parents need to know where they are. I wish most families were raised with the ethics that the Hogans demand. They are good people. I was raised in a rich house and my younger siblings just don't get the reality of life and these children seem to deal with fame and are responsible kids. Yes, nick obviously messed up but he's just a child and he normally is a good kid and he is now paying for his mistake. He'll get the message.

2560 days ago


If Nick spends some time in jail, maybe he be taught some repect for someone else life. Kinda sounds like they need to take that "out of mommy & daddy's" hands and put his disrespectfull ass in jail like the rest of the world , if they made a mistake as serious as this. Drifting isn't a real job , it only promotes stupid acts like what just happened, grow uo and get the boy a real job.

2507 days ago
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