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Muscles Way to Crash Scene

8/27/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A frantic Hulk Hogan got right to the scene of his son's extremely serious car crash last night, just moments after it happened.

WTVT has footage of the wrestler -- clad in his usual tank top and bandana -- talking with paramedics before his son Nick and his as yet unidentified passenger were airlifted to a nearby hospital.

TMZ has just confirmed that Hogan was discharged from the hospital early this morning.


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I enjoy TMZ, but the comment about Mr. Hogan's shirt sleeves is ridiculous. The man was responding to news of his son being in an accident - would it be newsworthy if he was in a bathrobe? Give me a break. My prayers are with the accident victim's families.

2585 days ago


His 24" pythons can't be contained by sleeves.

2585 days ago


hogan's also wearing a fanny pack in the video. what a fruit

2585 days ago


It's in very poor taste to mention what this father was wearing at the time he went to the scene of his son's crash.

2585 days ago


Hulk Hogan is a good dad.....have some respect TMZ!!! who cares what his wearing!!!
My prayers go out to the families.......

2585 days ago


I remember watching the Hogans sometime last year when Nick was only 16 and didn't have a drivers license but yet was drag racing. His father seemed to support his hobby because his dad was filmed several times hanging out with Nick at these places. I'm sorry but he bought this onto himself and I hope the other passenger was not killed or seriously injured. He is lucky to have walked away this time. Maybe next time he'll think before driving like a maniac in traffic.

2585 days ago


While I hope that Nick and his passenger both are ok… it was just time before this happened. I watch the show and love it but Nick is a punk. The daughter seems to be working hard (even if you don’t like her, you have to admit she is always working) and is constantly under the thumb of her father. The son, Nick, is a few years younger and is handed everything and the only thing he does is “drift race”… and looks like more of a hobby than a job on the show. His is a punk… it’s the only word to describe him, watch the show once and you’ll understand. Hopefully this will make him realize that just because your dad is Hulk Hogan… you still need to be a respectful and responsible human being – maybe it’s just his age. Again, I hope they are both ok. They do seem like a loving family.

2585 days ago


Extremely bad timing with the jokes. That was beneath even TMZ. If my child was in a serious accident I would run out of the house in pajama's and curlers.

I'm glad Nick seems to be alright. Hopefully his passenger is so lucky. Prayers to both families.

2585 days ago


If it were my son, I'd be wearing whatever the hell I was wearing when I got the news. Any good parent would just drop everything they were doing at the moment to run out of the house after their child. What did you expect him to do wait for his stylist to get there and get him ready. Get real, people!

2585 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

Imagine how vein Hulk Hogan must be to throw on a D-rag on his bald head at a time of crisis. What a bunch of frauds that family is.

2585 days ago

Beth H.    

His son was hurt who cares what he is wearing, all I see is a concerned father. I'm sure after his injuries are healed and if he was drag racing...he will be punished either by the law or his parents. I don't think I would want the Hulk as my pissed of daddy :)

2585 days ago

Angela Teeter    

Our prayers go out to the entire Hogan Family & also to Nick's friends family as well.
Life is precious & changes in a blink of an eye. Be strong! God Bless!

2585 days ago

A Parent's Love is beyond their Wardrobe    

God forbid something like that happened to my son, I would run out in my undergarmets. Tacky for TMZ to even mention it. I pray for Nick and his family as well as the passenger. I hope that something is learned by this and that perhaps they do show this on their show. I think a lot of young kids will learn from this when the see the final outcome of speeding.

2585 days ago


Umm, this kid has crashed every care he has ever been in I believe....Hulko, get him a bicycle.....

2585 days ago


i hope when his son is feeling better, hulk gives him a couple of body slams and a pile driver or two. pompous-ass.

2585 days ago
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