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Nick's Mom Issues a Statement

8/27/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a statement from the Linda Hogan, wife of Hulk and mother of Nick. Her son was involved in a serious car accident in Florida on Sunday:
The Hogan family
"My son Nick and a friend were involved in a car accident last night. Nick suffered minor injuries and has been treated and released from the hospital. At this time, his friend, John Graziano remains hospitalized. Nick is currently at the hospital with John and his family. His sole concern is for the well being of his friend. On behalf of my family, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with John and his loved ones."


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I bet right this very minute Nick already has a nice replacement car waiting in the driveway compliments of Mommy and Daddy.

2577 days ago


This is a perfect example of how many teens and adults who are PASSENGERS in cars with people who are driving careless who are at the mercy of the driver......they always seem to be the ones who don't walk away the driver well they seem to make it ok...maybe this punk racing with another car will be up at the hospital all night standing by his friend sucking up to the family for his mistakes he made and he better pray this kid is not paralyzed or brain swelling left with no motor skills. Sorry to be so harsh nick hogan should be wiping this kids ass for the rest of his life if this child becomes a vegetable or more less does not make it........I am sure Mr. Hogan will yet again make this part of his TV show.This is sad and Nick Hogan should live with this the rest of his life he was released within 24hrs. Sad Sad should be a lesson to all teenagers....hopefully, with any CLASS Nick may have left and his family, Nick Hogan should get out Put his car outside the high school in Clearwater and tell teens "This Was Not From Drunk Driving This Is From Speeding This To Is Horrible ." Drinking, Speeding, Racing Other Cars Can Cause This.......Then He should do enough Voulenteer Work for this cause that he can somehow make sure this does not happen to any teen. And yes I watch at times the Hulk Hogan Show.....I hope to never see Nick Hogan at the race track on film speeding again.

2577 days ago


It's realy disheartening to read what some of you very ignorant people are postig. I bet you and your family would love to read that same crap if it were you involved. to see the look on your own mothers face after reading comments such as you are writing posted about you maybe would crack that hard heart of yours. Anyway.....My thoughts and prayers go out to both of the family's involved. we will continue to pray for a complete recovery for both of the young men involved in this horrific accident.

2577 days ago


It is very sad that this has happened. Nick will go on, get another fast car, speed and next time he may kill himself or another innocent person. Perhaps if parents would realize that cars are killing machines and teach children to respect them as such we might not have all these incidents. Parents - be they starts - or ordinary people need to educate their children on safety and not just buy the fastest, best car just becasue they can. They need to make sure their kid can actually drive before turnign them loose.

2577 days ago


It's hard to really form an opinion at this point with only "rumors" swrilling around but it does seem as if Nick was being irresponsible and dangerous. Heres my thought - he is a 17 year old boy. Natually he is going to be immature and have that whole "nothing bad is going to happen to me" attitude. It doesn't make him a terrible person, it just makes him a kid. That is where the parents step in. They should be a little more wise then to allow a teenager to have a car that is designed to travel at super high speeds. Teenagers just don't have the kind of good judgement that come along with that responsibility. It is a shame that this happned and hopefully the young man that is injured makes it through with no lasting problems. I hope that Nick and his family all learned a lesson from this....
If Nick wants to be a professional racer, fine. Let him use his tricked out cars on the track. As far as the street goes though, he does not need to be in any car like the one that he was in. This boy has proven himself to not be responsible enough to drive on the roads and I hope his parents revoke his rights to do so....his "need for speed" is not cute or charming. It's dangerous to himself and thousands of innocent motorist on the street.

2577 days ago


Terry and Linda im so sorry to hear about this tragedy, my heart sank for you all when I heard this morning. I will say a prayer for you all and keep you all in my thoughts. Im also sorry for the rude comments and their heartless thoughts, no family or human deserves them. Im just glad Nick is ok and hope his friend pulls through.

2577 days ago


Oh, I forgot no one ever speeds while driving, right? This was an accident. Millions of people speed while driving every day. I'm sure all of you who post negative comments have never sped either? Right? Grow up!

Hogans and Johns Family are in my prayers.

2577 days ago


Surprised? This is what happens when you give a 17 year-old a ridiculously fast car. I don't suppose Mr and Mrs Hulkster put too much thought into it. Maybe a huge lawsuit will get their attention.

2577 days ago


For Everyone Who has BAD things to say about the Hogan's... You all have your own opinions but please read this and think about it really. This a Quote I live by...

"Who are you to Judge me, When you have never lived a day in my shoes? I know I am NOT PERFECT, and I don't claim to be, But before you start pointing finger's make sure your own hands are clean...!"

All I am saying is they're is no one out there who hasn't themselves, or had someone in their family do something wrong, or stupid. Everyone makes mistakes, the only thing you can do is learn from them, and go on living.

Who are you to pass judgment on Nick, when you don't even know the whole story of what really happened. Would you feel the same way if it was you, or someone in your family?

To The Hogan Family,
My prayer's are with you, John, and his family. I hope everyone involved a speedy recovery from their injuries. And to Nick, Keep your head up Solider, everything will be alright.

One of your Biggest Fans~Elaina

2577 days ago


I love how this is termed an "accident'. An accident is when you swerve to miss a cat and hit a tree... not when you are driving at excessive speeds after already having numerous tickets and citations. That is willful and reckless disregard for life. Not just his own life...he took his passengers life in his hands and risked the lives of everyone on the street.

Must be great when everyone else's rules and safety don't apply to you. Wonderful lesson to teach your kids.

After his first ticket for reckless driving, Nick should have had his license taken away...or at the very least been relegated to driving a "normal" car...not some souped up vehicle that he has no business driving. When is enough, enough. When does the sense of entitlement stop and the moral responsibilty of parents begin?!?

Based on watching the show, I'll be curious if this doesn't put a great deal of strain on an already strained marriage. Linda doesn't seem to be the type to let this kid have a sportscar when he has already shown he is not responsible enough to handle it...I'd bet dollars to donuts that Hulk gave the old "he's learned his lesson" speech and ended the conversation.

Gee, Hulk, maybe Hogan doesn't know best!

2577 days ago


Both of these young men acted irresponsibly and selfishly. But Nick is 17 years old, still legally a minor; therefore, if there is going to be any lawsuit, it will have to be filed against the parents. I hope both Linda & Hulk have learned a valuable lesson in this. Maybe its not such a good idea to buy a souped up race car for you 17 year old son who already has a driving record and was caught racing in the streets on more than one occassion. It is a miracle no innocent bystander was injured or worse.

2577 days ago


Just judging by their reality tv show, it appears the kids are being raised to be responsible, albeit somewhat spoiled. And most teens are going to do irresponsible things when their parents aren't looking -- not that that excuses what Nick did. With the Hogan (Bollea) parents' sense of responsibility, I hope they let this play out on their reality show and use it as an example. Someone finally got hurt, so maybe it will be a lesson for America's teenagers who idolize the Lindays and Parises and Britneys who keep getting off easy, spredding a "no harm can come to me" epidemic. But I bet Nick will get more serious legal penalties than the female Hollywood brat pack did.

2577 days ago

Uh, scary    

I'm so happy he's okay. Thank God. I hope the other boy gets well very soon too.

God Bless...

2577 days ago

Ernest Lawford    

I wish Nick and both families the very best . My prayers go out too you all .Take care and I wish you well Nick sincerely Ernest E. Lawford 1st , Hampden ,Maine

2577 days ago


nice job giving your Marine buddy brain damage Nick. he's pretty much going to be a vegetable the rest of his life, all because you wanted to street race your souped up lil Supra on the streets of Clearwater.

the guy survives Iraq, but he cannot survive Nick Hogans driving. pretty pathetic. way to hold it down mom and dad!

oh.. and seeing the friends brain matter splattered all over the car was not a pretty sight either according to reports.

once again... good job Nick! you make mom and dad proud.

and your lil goon squad friends that run in the same circles as you are next ....right?

"oh Nick.. he's famous. he's my friend!" bahahahaha!

2577 days ago
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