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Reichen & Ryan in Six Pack Attack

8/28/2007 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reichen Lehmkuhl and his upgrade-of-a-boyfriend, trainer Ryan Barry, are so damned hot! Here they are in their matching swim trunks at the Trevor Project's pool party benefit.

Lance who?


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I am in total agreement with you. People should do what they want in private. The Government should not be in the bedroom. However, this does not mean that the majority of citizens( who are not gay) should have to subjected to gay loving/promoting propaganda from the likes of HL, under the guise of providing gossip.

Stop this madness!!!

2615 days ago


10. As a straight woman I just have to say that all these posters are homophob's.....if these guys weren't gay, there would be much different comments. These are 2 gorgeous guys, and you ALL know

Posted at 10:51AM on Aug 28th 2007 by MissLissa

Ummm..................... Are you Kidding me?

I Prefer Real Men....

Not My Gay Son......

2615 days ago

me betch    

OMG! I LOVE TMZ but HATE it's posters. You guys are so closed minded. And SELFISH! When TMZ posts pics of hot girls I don't write and say "stop force feeding us this straight crap". You all deserve some eye candy and so do I BETCHES. Get over yourselves. And the AIDS comments... Come on. Seriously, come on. Straight people are now immune to sexually transmitted diseases? What year is this, 1980? Grow up. And for all you bitter people out there, I don't wish any harm on you for your ignorance. Instead I hope you get all that you dream of and that life blesses you with joy beyond your wilde3st dreams. Then, maybe then you would be open to love ALL of God's creations. That's it BETCHES!

2615 days ago

Sweater Vest    

Wow, I read the comments and am left to ponder the following:

1). Why do homophobes knowingly click on and read a story about two gay men? If you don't like the program, don't watch the show.

2) If gays and the people who respect/like/love them are so "abnormal", why are the most psychotice, hate-filled posts being spewed by anti-gay heteros?

Just wonderin', is all.

2615 days ago


Maggot Magnets!

2615 days ago


Wondering if these anti-gay posters are Christian?
Do you gain these prospectives from your parents?
From your pastors, priests, or religious leaders?
Do you feel this way about other humans because you read something in the bible?
Bad sexual experience in college or high school?

Where does it come from -- I am truly curious

2615 days ago


Wow, there are a lot of pathetic homophobes in this comments section. Have you guys (I assume you're all guys, because women don't tend to object to seeing pictures of gays) ever thought of getting a life?

If your complaint is that they don't deserve to be famous, that's certainly valid, but it seems like most of you are just objecting to the fact that gay people are being featured here.

2615 days ago


I hope no one is bothering to listen to 104 and 105. They are both ignorant a$$es.

2615 days ago


Gays make up only 2% of the global population. That means about 90+ percent don't want to see or hear from you or those who want to make it seem perfectly normal and acceptable.

Just the facts.

2615 days ago


I like those guys, they're great!!!!

2615 days ago


All of the hot ones are gay! I mean, look at those hard bodies!!!

2615 days ago


102 grow up -----!! get a life and yes not normal to be gay --sorry !

2615 days ago


Just wondering....brings up a LOT of good points, for those capable of thinking...

2615 days ago



2615 days ago


Hey JW, I hope the anti gays here are not Christian because regardless of their beliefs on sexuality, their comments are disturbing saying they hope people get aids and die. That is not christian either! How dare they judge others, they have no right.

2615 days ago
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