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Britney Fashion Violation -- The Inner Dialog

8/29/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gee willikers, it must be true what they say about blondses! Ever since I reblondered my weave I'm just so frazzazzled! First I forgot to put some pants on with this top, then I ran outta gas, then I got me a pucking farking ticket! Well, at least I founded my fave-rit cowgirl boots! Yee haw! I love me these boots! I'm a Rodeo Drive cowgirl!

You know, I'm gonna pop into this here store and buy me some pants. Oh, look, I can see mah tushers in the door glass! Look how cute my tushers are! That's hot! Oh, I can't say that -- that socialist Paris says that. I'm gone have to get me some tradermark sayin' too. Um, like, "I'm fun!" or mebbe, "Ding dang!" Yah! Ding dang! Ding Dang!! And there's the paperozzis, yay! I'm gone be on TMZ again today. I do loves me that TMZ, y'all!

Love me this green pockerbook -- it's so gigoontic. Oh, heckers, ding dang! I still got Jayden's pooty diaper in thar! Shoot! PeeeeAeeeeeee U! Oh, hell, Sean's diaper's in thar too! I'll just buy me some perfume in here! I better text nanny and see what the boo boos are havin' fer vittles. Might have to git some drive thru on the way home! Ding dang! Yup, I lurrrrv it!


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#52: Put the glasses on, honey. The seam of the shirt isn't yanked up. The top of a purse that's about a foot away has nothing hanging out of it or gathered around it. And if you look under her arm, nothing's pulled up or bunched up. Everything's laying flat.

Nah, it's just Brit-twit caught in another one of her "I need to be locked up" moments.

2550 days ago


Oh, people! For everyone who says crap about this girl - look at the reality of this. Everytime there is a story about Britney on TMZ, there are more comments posted about her than on anyone else! You may all be disgusted with her now, but you're all fasinated by her, and you know it. Stop wasting so much time reading and writing about her if you don't like her. You'll get high blood presure. I for one, am still rooting for her. Now go make yourselves feel better still by bashing me and anyone else who still likes her.

2550 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

at least she has a nice body!! Damn girl you're fine and that's coming from a sista!!

2550 days ago


What's more pathetic: A brainless, classless trainwreck like Britney, or the "news organization" that follows her every move?

2550 days ago


i like britney, maybe even feel bad for her - BUT- ding dang if i don't hear her little voice in my head saying this as i read it!!!!!!

2550 days ago


how old is this mama that wears 5 years dresses? how ugly and how pathetic, SHE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING, WITH ALL THE MONEY THEY HAVE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO DRESS UP AND BE A MODEL, HOW PATHETIC.

2550 days ago


She should be arrested for indecent exposure.Maybe she doesn't care about her kids seeing her butt sticking out under her shirt,but decent people do care what their kids see.Walking the streets like this is so disrespectful.Who in the **** does this narcisstic skank think she is.Yea,,,,running aound town like this will really show the Judge you are a responsible mother.

2550 days ago



2550 days ago


Ding Dang, TMZ. You really overdid yourself on this one. This made my day.

2550 days ago


do you people really address a person's character and who they are by what they wear? you have got to be kidding - if all of us had 2 kids back to back, regardless if she had surgery or not, she can still get away with it. she is in shape, is young, rich and famous, and that is why, so get over what she is wearing all the time....

2550 days ago


Hey y'all, like, maybe her pants are in her bag? Did y'all ever think about that. Maybe she didn't want to get them dirty?


2550 days ago


She is in the middle of a review of child custody. Why, why, why, would she venture out in only a shirt? I had my fingers crossed that she would at least have shorts on underneath that but no.

For someone who acts like she doesn't like being the target of photogs, she constantly does stupid and outrageous stuff to make sure they take her picture.

She is a publicity hound, plain and simple. And she will do whatever it takes to make sure she stays in the public's eyes.

2550 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

She's almost as fat as Rosie. Her cameltoe has mudflap poosy.

2550 days ago


What in the world is she thinking? Britney, you aren't a teenager anymore. You are a adult mom, that seriously needs to cover up. As your boys grow up, they are going to be embarassed by pictures like this one. Will you dress more appropriately then? There is a obligation to act a certain way when you have children for their sake anyhow. I'm from the south and have never just let my backside hang out. I promise, its not nearly attractive as you think it is. Actually its getting a little gross. I hope you get your life together for your childrens sake because I believe your little ones need you.....

2550 days ago


Let's see,.....fake eyes, fake hair, fake singing, fake talent, fake magazine "photos", fake mothering skills, fake career, fake "comeback", fake "class", fake fan-base,............................must be a "fake" life.

2550 days ago
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