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Cops: Former Football Star Tucked Drugs and Ran

8/29/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former USC great, NFL flop, and not-that-bad Arena Football star Todd Marinovich was arrested this weekend after cops say he was hiding almost a gram of methamphetamine, a syringe and a spoon in his guitar case.

According to sources, 38-year-old Marinovich was skateboarding near the Newport Pier in Orange County -- where boarding is strictly prohibited -- when police approached him. Cops say a frightened Marinovich then took off, leading them on a short chase. Cops caught up with the former QB, who was never much of a scrambler, hiding in a carport six blocks away.

Todd has nine prior drug-related cases in Orange County, and was on probation for a previous drug conviction.

Marinovich appeared in a Newport Beach court yesterday, where he plead not guilty to three misdemeanor charges. He will remain in custody until the Sept. 6 hearing.

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big joe    


2613 days ago


OMG ! it's Todd Marijuanavich !

2613 days ago

Get a Clue    

He was skateboarding at his age? Packing meth in a guitar case?

The cops had no probable cause to search his case until he panicked and ran away.

Son, on your knees so I can see the crown of your balding melon. It is time for your fitting.

2613 days ago


Geez, if you're going to carry drugs on you, it's probably a good idea to not be doing something else that is illegal/prohibited at the same time. You're just asking for trouble. Just like those people who run stop signs or have broken tail lights with an eight ball in the glove compartment. Idiots.

2613 days ago

Johnny SoCal    

WOW! Talk about a fall from grace. He's definately in the Top 10 of sports losers of all time!

2613 days ago


American football is not football. It is tackleball, runball, passball, kickball. There is only one football and it is played on a pitch with two teams of 11 players. Just like Native-Americans are not from India, football is not played with a ball shaped like a loaf of bread.

2613 days ago

Get a Clue    

I didn't know Woody Harrelson played football.

2613 days ago


Wrong - probation = cops (and PO's) have the right to do damn near anything they want, including for example jumping over a locked gate to check on (read: warrantless search) a person's residence.

No duh he ran, he was probably high at the time and knew he'd be popped anyway - now instead of 'just' a probation violation and misdemeanor possession count, he also gets a resisting arrest charge too - meth makes people do *dumb* things.

2613 days ago

Merry Christmas    

dunce - My thoughts exactly! Skateboarding with meth? How old are you? Go do drugs in your house stunod! The other issue is that our athletes are just immature and have no respect for their profession. Eventually, there will be no one to look up to anymore. Go clean a toilet somewhere.

2613 days ago


I remember this Guys Debut with the Raiders. Supposedly, his father kept in him from EVER having Fast Food and Junk Food and drilled him as a Sergeant since he was a kid. They did an interview on him and he said he celebrated his new contract by having his first Cheeseburger and Soda. He played like crap the entire game and was replaced shortly after. I guess you really are what you eat....

2613 days ago


I have known this guy since high school....I feel sorry for him...all his problems can be traced back to his father...who did not let him eat any sugar until he was 18 years old...trained the hell out of him since he was a little boy....insisted on being on the field at all of his college football games....you can not put that kind of pressure on a kid from birth and not have him rebel/have a nervous breakdown....also anyone who let's Todd's "Dad"..Mr. Marinovich "train" their kids is crazy!!! I hope Marv is proud now!!!

2613 days ago


Let face it this world needs praying and some of us is not praying enough.

Let pray for him, because he don't want to keep living that life and yes it is hard to get off odrugs and for you that don't do drugs never say never

God Bless

Heaven Father have mercy on us


Sorry for the uncomplete comment

2613 days ago


C'mon people, cut the guy a break! He fell victim to drugs and his own ego. So, from what I gather about him from the sports reports over the past few years, he did a little pot while at USC, then his life took an unfortunate nose-dive because pro sports is a fickle business, and that dispair led him to graduate to meth...and he finds out the hard way that he's an addict. It's a disease, not a life choice...thus, I don't understand why 99.9% of the posters on here want to watch him nose-dive further into despair rather than hope he gets help. Don't worry...karma will snap all you bitches in the ass eventually...LOL

2613 days ago

Merry Christmas    

If this guys biggest problem is lack of sugar, he should lay off the meth and eat Froot Loops!

2613 days ago

twenty six inch pythons    

This is what happens when your father robs you of your childhood to re-live his childhood. Marinovich is living out his childhood without positive influences in his life with much greater consequences than jst stupid kid stuff mistakes.

2613 days ago
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