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Britney Loaded -- Documents Reveal

8/30/2007 8:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents from the Britney/K-Fed hearing last Monday, where it was revealed the popwreck rakes in an average of $737,868 a month.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claims in a declaration filed last Monday that Britney "is clearly the 'monied party' in this case." Kaplan is asking Brit to front $50K for expenses in connection with the custody hearing, claiming his bill will be in excess of $40,000.

The documents reveal K-Fed is receiving $20K a month for spousal support but the payments end on November 15.

As we first reported last Monday, the documents reveal that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating Spears for allegedly neglecting her kids. The allegations -- poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits. The portions of the documents relating to DCFS have been totally redacted.

The heavily redacted docs include the names of the people who have been or are being subpoenaed in K-Fed's move to grab 70/30 custody -- Alli Sims, Promises Treatment Center, Dr. Betty Wyman (Brit's designated sober companion), Larry Rudolph (Spears' former manager), Daimon Shippen (former bodyguard), Shannon Funk (former assistant) and Christine Hallet (former nanny).


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IF she earns so much money, why the hell does she look like she lives in a trailer park? Just like Dolly Parton said, "it takes a lot of money to look this cheap." And take those kids away from her unless you want them to become the next K-Feds.

2575 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

How the hell does this little pop slvt make more than half a mill every month? Is her music still popular in Sweden or something?

2575 days ago


I guess it's no surprise it's all about money. I don't really care how much Britt brings in a month that low life she was married too is a scavenger and not entitled to anymore
He wants her to pay money for his attempt to extort more money! that's great.

2575 days ago


until it's proved she is a bad mother lay off her, anyone who is a single mother knows how hard it is to rasie kids on your on..give the girl a break..

2575 days ago


so why dosent fat ass britney able to care for her own 2 kids for more than 3 days a week since she left rehab?? why must the new mother party with chris angel in vegas till 9am last saturday morning when she gets her boys straight weekends and kevin has boys from sunday nights to thursdays??? Why was a hob tour more important after rehab in march than spending quality time with her kids since march?? why hasnt she worked on getting sole custody back since she left rehab in march>?? becuase she dosent want the kids full time !! she cant handle them and never changes their diapers. At least 12-16 diapers a day for kids that age. Kevin sure is strapped for work with the boys. The boys deserve the same finacial qulity of life style with kevin 4 days a week now and not just at their mothers with her expensive cars and houses. Not fair tot he kids that one riases them and the rich parent dosent pay the same lifestyle standards but is unable to care for them the way kfed has since she entered rhab. He also had them the entire month while she was in rehab and he didnt any money for that.

2575 days ago


If Federline was just seeking money from Britney, I"m sure she could have paid him more than enough to get him out of her life by now. Didn't JLo pay $15M to Chris Judd to get rid of him, and she was married to him less time than Britney was to Kevin. It seems like this is more than about money, or else she would have bought him off long ago.

2575 days ago


i think that this whole thing is a shame. why oh why do personal relationships and personal issues always have to played out in the media? honestly, NO ONE has morals anymore. we all need to take stock, pray because the only one in control is God. I will pray for the peace that surpasses all understaning, i pray that britney will somehow find herself when all is said and done....

2575 days ago


Please take the kids away from that woman so at least they have a chanve in this life. Also WOW 737,000.00 month. What can I do to earn money like that besides showing all body parts.

2575 days ago


I just wished somebody would be able to knock some sense into Brit! K-Fed's interest in the children =the amount of child support he'll get from Britney to support them. I bet he'll be spending more on himself than the children. I wish the judge would order Britney to attend parental classes, counseling, and order her to surrond her self with people who actually care about her well being and that of her children. Oh and an assistant with great taste in clothes. Britney.....I listened to your song and it sounds like K-fed really balled you.Girl ..WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! HE'S NOT WORTH IT ...AND TO LOOSE YOUR KIDS BECAUSE OF HIM...THAT WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE BLOW HE WANTS TO GIVE YOU. You should of stayed with Justin! BAD BOYZ = MAJOR PROBLEMS1

2575 days ago


Anyone notice Britney doesn't spend her money really? She isn't out shopping for bling and clothes. She wears the same ratty boots all the time and doesn't seem to be into fashion, jewelery or flashy cars. She has and continues to make alot of money but doesn't spend much time spending it. Kevin in the short time he was with her was all about the money. It's not hard to see what is going on here with K-User.

2575 days ago


READERS, who are we to judge the mother of these children, the rich can pay a nanny, and go out and party, so whats wrong with it. there r hundres of families that their parents went out partied all night, wokeup w/ a hangover and had to watch there own thinks the next day. Did we do the right thing? who's to judge. I dont c bruses on her kids or under feed give a girl a break. if K-Fed had the kids he'd have a live in w/ 24/7service then he'd go out and party with lot's of child support $$$$$$$$$$ for K-Fed.........give me a break what's wrong with this picture??

2575 days ago


If you don't buy her records...and you don't buy her perfume...and you don't buy her videos she will ultimately disappear....the best thing she could do for all of us.

2575 days ago


Maybe she shouldn't have the children but Kevin should pay for it out his own pocket. I mean stand up. Be a man take care your children. Start paying the legal bills for the children. That you are trying to fight for! Don't depend on Britney to pay for your responsibility as a father!

2575 days ago

David Miller    

K-Fed's U.S. Bank of Spears, L.A., California. And he was smart enough to get her pregnant twice. No Prenup? He definitely personifies the title 'Loser'.

2575 days ago


If Brittany needs help tell her and let her get it, children need their mother, KFED is only interested in the children as a means to keep his lifestyle. Any one of you could be found fault with if the right people talked. I can't see KFED as the ideal father figure, I try not to judge either one, I know I am not perfect, but Brittany needs a chance to breath not be under the gun day in and day out. IF SHE IS A POOR PARENT .......... give the kids to a foster family that is not interested in anything but making improvements in the childrens lives.

2575 days ago
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