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Face Sucker Spice

8/30/2007 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel B is the heiress apparent to Britney Spears, already out partying like a hot mom should! Mel spiced up her life in front of Hyde last night, sharing some serious PDA with her new pseudo-Belafonte hubby in a parked car.

TMZ cameras were outside of the club as Scary Spice and her new boo dashed to their waiting vehicle, and unable to control their raging hormones, proceeded to explore the inner-workings of each other's oral cavities as cameras snapped away.

Spicey? Meh.


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FIRST 2 SAY.......YUK!

2608 days ago



Wake me up when I should give a hoot about Mel B.


2608 days ago

VMA's Sucked    

When are these mothers going to learn that when you become a mom your party days should be over!!!
Nothing says trailer trash more then a mom out partying like shes 21 again. Its so sad.

2608 days ago


Is her husband a true blood Belafonte or not?

2608 days ago


geez!! mother's can't party too? hello- it's completely possible to party responsible and be a responsible mom too. Brit Brit is an idiot. Let's not lump Mel B into that category, yet. These celebs don't have issues finding nannies to do over night feedings w/ the kids. They can party, sleep in until noon and then have the rest of the day to fun around/ take care of their brood. DUH! And most moms w/ a newborn know how to function expertly w/o enough sleep, so may she wouldn't even bother sleeping until noon. Motherhood doesn't mean you need to turn into mother teresa. At least she's not pretending to not have children like Eddie Murphy.

2608 days ago


This chick should be paying Eddie Murphy for giving her the only 15 min. of fame she ever would have had. Who really cares about her? Prior to the Eddie-Baby stuff, I had forgotten she even existed. The Spice Girls were a joke of the past. I'll be glad when her 15 min. are over and she can go back across the pond.

2608 days ago


Stop making out with that fugly husband of yours in public, it's gross.

2608 days ago



2608 days ago


They're not kissing! They are telling secrets! she is pathetic!

2608 days ago


I like the picture of her sitting on the beach drinking bubbley better.

2608 days ago


What was the point of them kissing in the car? Just so they could be photographed? YUK! How absolutely low-classed can you get. I can't help but wonder if Mel is trying too hard to show how she's moved on now that Eddie is engaged to Tracey Edmonds. That makes me wonder if her sudden marriage is nothing more than a publicity stunt contrived to help her career. After all, she's more famous now for being Eddie Murphy's baby's mamma than for her singing. Funny how according to her, she and Eddie planned a baby without being married. Yet, she and this guy just jumped up and got married. Why couldn't she and Eddie have done that first before making a baby if they were so in love?

2608 days ago

VMA's Sucked    

So its okay to hire a nanny to watch your kids so you can get f'd up and sleep in?


2608 days ago


Ooooh...Eddie Murphy is REALLY jealous now! That's how you show him. (So stupid)

2608 days ago


If that isn't the biggest publicity stunts and gee on the night they announce the dancing with the stars. "oh look how in love we are"
From his reputation as a woman beater he probably threatened her life or kids "show off and kiss me" for her to to do that. Or it was the coke. Funny she's out so much lately...for her media hungry husband. OH wait till the tours over and he leaves with all her cash. She likes leopard print and a leopard's like him don't change their spots! Koo Koo Spice. She should hang with Britany! Oh, he'd like that. She wouldn't be on to him like the Beckhams are...isn't it funny how they all don't hang out?!
How much do the paparazzi pay Mr. Spice for the photo op?

2608 days ago

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