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Hulu: What's in a Name?

8/30/2007 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBC and News Corp. have banded together to create their own version of YouTube -- and they're calling it Say what?
While "hulu" has no English meaning (then again, neither does Google), it does translate in a few other languages: In Indonesian, the word "hulu" means "butt." Catchy, ain't it?

And in an ironic turn (given the litigious nature of broadcast networks), the word means "cease" or "desist" in Swahili. Didn't think this one through, did they?


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SmartA$$ comments, not always smart    

Actually "Google" is a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zero.

2581 days ago


and "tmz" is german for stupid nonsensical drivel. Better gossip, por favor.

2581 days ago

no pervs allowed    

looked up tmz in the dictionary,,, it means suck d-list azz and lust after underaged wanna-be a-list cheerleaders who are trying to save the world by drinking (sucking) hollyweird dry.

2581 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

To my understanding, a "Google" is actually a 1 followed by one million zeros. Check out Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" for a full explanation.

2581 days ago


"1. Actually "Google" is a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zero.

Posted at 12:59PM on Aug 30th 2007 by SmartA$$ comments, not always smart"

Actually, that would be a Googol.

Nice try, thanks for playing.

2581 days ago


Saw this on techcrunch yesterday. Apparently you did too, since you stole their article without linking to them.

2581 days ago


No; google is a nonsense word. 'Googol' is the word you guys are thinking of, and it's followed by one hundred, not one million zeroes.

2581 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

I stand corrected. Thank you. Now then, what about the old cartoon / comic character "Barney Google" (and "Snuffy Smith")?

2581 days ago


so in Indonesian 'hulu' is used as a term associated with the river.
'sungai' means 'river' - and we usually say 'hulu sungai'.
but it doesn't translate as 'butt'.
'butt' is 'pantat'.
so that's the lesson for today..
greetings here from Indonesia!
(isn't it awesome that someone in Indonesia actually reads every morning...?)

2580 days ago


i think M you are right!

In Malay it mean at the end of any river or village, some how butt it is wrong interpretation.

2580 days ago

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