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Nick Hogan -- My Supra Is "A P***y Magnet"

8/30/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan boasted to a magazine not long ago about how girls' panties "start dropping off" at the mere sight of his yellow Supra -- that is, of course, until it ended up in a hideous heap of metal after he totaled it last weekend, leaving his friend John Graziano in very serious condition.

What's more, in an interview in the upcoming Rides magazine, Hogan brags that he got let off not once, but twice by cops, after going over 100 mph in one of his other cars, a silver Viper, because he's a Hogan, and that he didn't get a ticket on the same trip until he was stopped doing 123 mph in a 50 mph zone. Cops said yesterday that a silver Viper was the other car involved in the accident.

Elsewhere, Hogan boasts about "dusting" a Ferrari, "stomping out" a Lamborghini, and even racing his parents and sister in their rides. He also posed for a snap -- with his beloved Supra, which he called "the god of the import tuners."


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Mysty Maples    

Too bad the cops didn't cite him (if that's even true). Someones life wouldn't be on the line if Hogan had just had his license suspended.

2506 days ago


LOL Betcha the boys in the pen will be dropping their draws too. Good job to the hogan''ve done a great job

2506 days ago


What a jackass. Hope he gets in major trouble.

2506 days ago


how do u keep your license after 3 tickets in excess of 30+ over the limit? oh yeah, call Steroid dad, cause he's the best- frikkin punks, get him a bicycle and a job mowing lawns

2506 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

I have a friend that looks and kinda acts just like Nick Hogan... I think that fool would be in the same situation as him if he had Daddy's cheese you know.

2506 days ago

A Proud Soldiers Wife    

This is nuts! I DID start out feeling sorry for him. I AM a fan of the show. I will probably keep watching the show just to see if any of this is ever brought up. But seriously, when/if it comes out that Terry/Hulk was driving the other car, I will be even more sickened than I already am. If his friend wakes up, I believe he can sue, and man what a payout. They would probably settle in court, or give him hush money and make him sign a confidentiality agreement not to discuss any details about the wreck/investigation/settlement. It's crazy. He might spend 82 minutes in jail. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that they wonder if the girl will be so quick to throw their panties once he is a convicted felon. The sad thing about that comment is that he will have street cred then and be even more appealing to the ladies. We like our boys to be bad.

2506 days ago


Daddy already hired Sonny Boy a fat cat lawyer. He'll get off, they always do. At this moment, I wonder if Spoiled Brat is more concerned about the life and well-being of his seriously injured friend...or about himself.

2506 days ago


Looks who is the dumb ass. HE is standing next to another Viper. The supra is in the background

2506 days ago


The whole family is talentless. If it wasn't for daddy doing roids the kid would be driving a piece of s**t like any other normal 17 year old.

2506 days ago


Another spoiled rich kid! When will parents wake up! They are partly to blame!

2506 days ago


why dont you guys quit hatein on the kid cause he has better stuff than you?? it was an accident im sure him and his buddy were both havin fun! you all on this post know you all street race so i dont know why ur talkin down on him. they were havin fun and an accident happend it does every where every kid now days love street racin.

2505 days ago


GROW UP_ NICK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

2505 days ago


i love the hogans and it is so halarious how ppl can b so jealous and say such cruel things....we're talkin about something deadly here. put ur self in that situation omg nick is not the only person who flies down the hwy....for all of u cruel ones....let the harsh things u say come back and bite YOU in the ass!!!! ur all mad cuz u can't do anything special enough to make millions so u have to talk about ppl!!!!! get a life!!!

2503 days ago


It's been 8 days since the accident. Nick's friend is still in the hospital with no change reported in his condition. If it were you or I that had caused this accident we would have been escorted to jail upon our release from the hospital!!! I'm really sick of celebrities or celebrity's son's with huge egos (who shouldn't give interviews about their panty dropping wheels to the public) being treated differently than everyone else. I guess that interview is going to come back to haunt him big time. Who gives an interview like that to a magazine anyway? Could he possibly sound more immature? Nick needs to grow up and fast.

2502 days ago


I live in clearwater and see this little dufus around once in a while not the brightest kid around. We,ll see how good life is after the lawsuit. Hogan worth 50-100 million your
gonna need it . Hayslet isnt a cheap Attorney

2501 days ago
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