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Nick Hogan -- My Supra Is "A P***y Magnet"

8/30/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan boasted to a magazine not long ago about how girls' panties "start dropping off" at the mere sight of his yellow Supra -- that is, of course, until it ended up in a hideous heap of metal after he totaled it last weekend, leaving his friend John Graziano in very serious condition.

What's more, in an interview in the upcoming Rides magazine, Hogan brags that he got let off not once, but twice by cops, after going over 100 mph in one of his other cars, a silver Viper, because he's a Hogan, and that he didn't get a ticket on the same trip until he was stopped doing 123 mph in a 50 mph zone. Cops said yesterday that a silver Viper was the other car involved in the accident.

Elsewhere, Hogan boasts about "dusting" a Ferrari, "stomping out" a Lamborghini, and even racing his parents and sister in their rides. He also posed for a snap -- with his beloved Supra, which he called "the god of the import tuners."


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LOL this kid just got his licsense and then a sponser??? weres the skills???? he has none other than his dads fat wallet. and hey DODGE get a clue sponser real drivers not kids with daddy cash.

2607 days ago


I hope Hulkamania comes down on him and beats his dumb butt for what hes done. If his daddy bails him outta this one, its gonna cost him alotta respect from alot of fans and admirers. Terry should have thumped him on the head a while back when he wanted to take up racing to begin with.

2599 days ago


Not only should this little prick go to jail... but what about the officers letting him off? He's a Hogan... who cares... If I was to do 123 in a 50, my license would be revoked. Save it for the track...
And leave the racing to the REAL cars....
and PROFESSIONAL drivers...

2595 days ago


Nick Hogan is an ass wipe! he and his dog face sister are both dumbasses who need to get a life and stop breastfeeding off their sea-hag tired ass mother! their show sucks too!

2595 days ago

Boo Boo    

MAN..! I can almost smell the jealousy coming off this board. It took me 5 years to save up for my 911 and yes it is a P**sy magnet and NO I don't buy it because of that; it's just what I like. My heart goes out to Nick. Keep your head up and DO NOT LISTEN to the Tabloids. Hence the T in TMZ. Let the haters keep hatin!

2595 days ago


I truly believe it will take a death or Two before all of these spoiled rich kids get the point. I would like to think that in "The Real World" that this would open Terry's eyes, and really tighten up on his youngsters whom have been allowed too much of everything money can buy with the exception of common sense. I have been in a wheelchair (34 years)due to an auto accident of my own making, and trust me although I can barely move from the chest down life is no picnic. These kids allience is more in a month than I make in a year, and how do they choose to spend it? Maybe because I'm a poor hard working country boy that I see things as I do, some might even call me a redneck, but thank the Lord who blessed me with common sense and a family who taught me vales. Nick, I've seen hundereds wth injuries like your buddy, and trust me, he will never be 100% in his life. And finally, as most others agree, it is strange how Terry was on the spot so quick....its apparent that there is no real law enforcement down there.

J. Pierce

2595 days ago


You know your career has gone down the drain when the only way to retain your fame is to lower yourself (and your family) to be on a reality TV show. Do we really care what they do at home? Obviously they are doing something other than parenting. There is a time and place for racing, and the highway isn't it! Just think if he would have hit and killed somone else, what then? As far as Terry (not) being the other driver, I am a paramedic, and I know without being involved or being already on scene, there is no way for him to beat EMS to the scene unless he lived right there.......which he didn't. Sounds a bit suspect to me! Terry, you're such a "big man" well man up and take responsibility, you both should pay the consequesnes!

2595 days ago


what douche i got in deep when i was pulled over in my 86 carolla doing 60 in a 55 zone

this a-hole will only get a slapp on the wrist i hope does sometime for endangering a human life.

and also to the dude who wasnt wearing a seatbelt you were in a high performance car GET A CLUE SEATBELTS ARE NEEDED

2594 days ago



2594 days ago


It's gonna take a lot more than that car for him to get a women. He's a spoiled little brat that knows nothing about real life and has an attitude problem. I'm sure it has one of those coffee can-fart mufflers on it if only my Mustang could sound that sexy, nothing hotter than a car that sounds like it needs some Bean-o! Grow up you little punk.

2594 days ago


I just read that his mother is claiming that the magazine article about Nick is exagerated. I didn't however, read that the Hogans are going after the magazine for any kind of retraction. I'm also willing to bet that the reporter got the whole interview down on tape. This leads me to the suspicion that mommy's got her head up her butt when it comes to parenting. I can also understand why the high power lawer resigned from defending him.

2594 days ago


Listen folks, everyone needs to take a certain amount of responsibility for their actions. Nicks friend did not have his seatbelt on. A 30mph crash with no seatbelt can kill you! Nick had his belt on and only broke his wrist. Lay off Nick. Im sure he feels sh1t enough. Accidents happen and Im sure this is going to change his behaviour for good.

2591 days ago


nich is the p*ssy here lil douche bag thinks that he can do anything here in pinellas co. go back to miami and please take your family with you we don't need or want you guys here in pinellas co.

2588 days ago


I have no job anymore due to my landlord destroying my main computer system that I used to make money with, yet I must send a young friend of mine money so he has food to eat in the mobile home he lives in with his mother. He lives on water, and fruits and vegetables that he finds on sale. He always wears a seatbelt, and he must pay for the gasoline whenever his mother takes him anywhere. It makes me sick that some incredibly spoiled boy such as Nick Hogan has been given such luxuries and used them to endanger the lives of himself and others. It is ironic that the Hogans are about a 15 minute drive from where I live, or a 4 minute drive if you drive as fast as Nick.

2584 days ago


all of you shut the **** up, hes a celebrity, hes gonna do what he wants, get off his ****.

1521 days ago
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