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Paris Gives Greasy the Birthday Slip

8/30/2007 12:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oily heir Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis celebrated his birthday at Mr. Chow last night -- but buddy Paris Hilton stole the spotlight.

Though brother Gummi, dressed in his birthday best track pants, stumbled a bit on the way out and bumped into a trash can while heading to his car, the real action happened when Paris and Greasy left the building. Photogs flocked to Hilton as she shouted, "Where's my Bentley?!" -- the herd of paparazzi followed the heiress to her car -- with paps completely ignoring the birthday bear.

Then, absorbed in her Paris-centric world, Hilton didn't even notice Greasy as he ran back to her car -- as she peeled away, leaving Greasy alone in the street.


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Wasabi Pea    

I thought it said BIRTHDAY F L I P !


That would have been funny too!

2612 days ago

Eman in LA    

Um, so what's "newsworthy" about this?

2612 days ago


Lol, the best part of this article is the mention of Gummi. That guy is too much! :-)

2612 days ago


Paris has the memory of a Swiss cheese.

2612 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Happy birthday, Greasy Slimy Turd Bear.

2612 days ago

T.R. FAN    


2612 days ago


I NEVER EVER thought the day would come that I would feel sorry for GREASY! He should have been quicker. I think it is so sad to hear him out of breath with a somewhat raspy voice say, "Paris!" as she drove away, and then as he jogged breathlessly back to the suburban and the bulbs were flashing in his eyes, he said in a somewhat feeble sounding voice "Stop." I feel soooo sorry for him. NEXT.....

By the way, recently when I see Paris, she does not remind me of a young, hip crowd. She makes me think of someone who is left in a bar to party by themselves, after the girls her same age have all gone home to get married and start families. She is going to end up an old hag closing the bars down every night, rockin out to inappropriately young and hip music by herself, taking the left-overs home........AND WE ALL KNOW SHE CAN"T DANCE - it's not even called is flat out a self-centered variation of the chicken dance......that's all she does! PARIS, TIME TO SEEK OUT AND OBTAIN A REAL are NOT gettiong any are aging quickly before our very eyes! GO HOME AND STAY THERE!

2612 days ago


When will Hollywood learn that Paris is NOBODY"S FRIEND, but her own.
Dude needs to learn the hard knock lessons that Paris only luvs Paris, just ask--Lindsey Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Nasty 'butt implants, known-4-nothing Kim Kardashian and Tinkerbelle.

2612 days ago


#11, that was pretty awesome... Spot on about the aging Paris. hear that, Paris? It's true! You look younger withoutnall that disgusting makeup, though, like when you got out of jail that night you looked pretty - but with the makeup and the fakery and the completely self-centered vacuous lifestyle & attitude, well, it ceases being cute afteryou get into your twenties a bit - but you're coming up on thirty, soo, and it shows...

2612 days ago

Sarah Silverman Looks Like a Beast    

This makes me want to give Brandon a hug!

2612 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Hahaha! Run you greasy turd. I guess Paris doesn't want to be seen in public with those oily fat heirs.

Now I know why he's so sweaty and greasy all the time because he's just as unfit as his fatass brother. What do those losers do all day? Sleep in till 4:00pm, eat some pizza, take some coke and then go out to Hyde. Haha!

2612 days ago


Why does everyone make such a big deal about these idiots! I swear, I am so sick of Paris and all of these other no talented individuals that are famous because they are rich. What a true waste. Who really gives a rats ass about this dumb ass girl leaving that incredibly dumb ass boy at a restaurant. I also think that it is pretty pathetic that the only time they are in the media is about something as stupid as going out to eat; not about feeding the homeless or working with disadvantaged youths. What a gross waste of time. O.k., you are rich and that's the only reason you are famous, we got that. Now what? GO AWAY!!

2612 days ago

she smiled    

Oh, my poor baby, Greasy Bear. Happy Birthday! And all that running. Whose crotch is on fire now??? You've been out of town most of the summer and return to be put down on your special day!!! I'll give you a ride, Greasy Bear.

Plus, gotta love that Gummi Bear in his special occassion track pants. What an athelete!!! Kick that can, bro!!!!

2612 days ago

Go away!!    

HA, she is too stupid to remember she was with someone..........

2612 days ago

Don't Know    

Don't know who Paris loves other than her immediate family. She is knows how to manipulated public opinion in her favor rather deviously. Once her shelf life as a single, trendy partier expires, she move on to next stage. She will marry a rich and famous person with a favorable prenuptial and become a late thirty something socialite in forefront again. She will also reinvent herself to stay in the public eye. I wouldn't want to marry her.

2612 days ago
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