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Real Life Mean Girls!

8/30/2007 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The talented editors at TMZ came across this gem from last night's Les Deux coverage -- and could only say one thing about the girl in the video: What a betch!

A photog captured a random club goer cussing out a poor guy who almost backed into her clique. Instead of letting it go with a simple "watch out," she instead hit him where it hurt -- by dissing his car!

The driver's reaction is just priceless.


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Seriously, can those trashy girls afford a Porsche? Probably if they sleep around with enough guys?!?

2611 days ago


who the hell does she think she is. Where I come from she would have had an ass beating to top off her night. Guess they let her in because of fake blonde hair cause it certainly wasn't her winning personality. She wasbviusly jealous he didn't have to blow the bouncer to get in.

2611 days ago

feeling minnesota    

i would just told her well your a$$ is fat....and you need to go ralph in toliet because your kinda fat....and then said i didn't know they invited hookers to this party....just reinforces the stereotype that most women are gold diggin witches

feeling minnesota

2611 days ago


BWAHAHAA That guy is a douche!!! He had no comeback.. he deserves to get in his girly car cry on the drive home.

2611 days ago


She's lucky that guy didn't do anything bad to her, I wondered if she would do the same thing if the guy was a gang member.

2611 days ago


The Girl Deserves To Be Run Over! He Got Out And Apologized, Kept His Mouth Shut While She Was Insulting Him, So Even If He Drove A PINTO He'd Still Have More Class Than That Wench.

2611 days ago

They're sluts    

For someone as ugly as she is, she really shouldn't go around and talk $hit to people. I've got $20 that says she drives a Cavalier.

2611 days ago

Lance Cockstrum    

In the lady's defense, it is a well-known fact that a porsche boxter is a girl's car - like a VW bug or a Toyota Rav-4 etc.

2611 days ago

just me    

Judging by the look on that man's face, if looks could kill, that rude mean-mouth little hussy would be dead on the spot. I hope, for her sake, the man is not an unforgiving psycho.

2611 days ago


i hate people who need to feel better about themselves so they put others down. & poor guy--did you see his face..

2611 days ago


That chick has some serious issues going off about something like that. It's obvious she has wanted to use that "your car is a piece of shi*" line for a while, because NO, it didn't make any sense. (2nd hand consignment store outfit and bleach your hair at home kit head.) My guess is her boyfriend left her that night for a classy good looking chick or she wasn't allowed in because she's trash and she's a bit pissed. I'd love to see what piece of crap she's driving, if she can even afford a car.

2611 days ago


what a bunch of no class skanks.poor dude...

2611 days ago

bobbys world    

ok , first off thats hundred thousand dollar car hes driving,second of all that car is better looking than her, third of all, shes on foot while hes valet parked.. the audacity of some people....

2611 days ago


Not a Boxster.., It's a Porsche Cayman you can tell by the hardtop.., and it is a great car and I don't see many girls driving them.


2611 days ago

My Main Martyrdom    

He was PO at those two drunk lesbians. Best not to stand there in disbelief...either walk away laughing at her or tell her "...yeah its a loaner while mine is in the shop...getting it back tomorrow but you will continue be an ugly beach while I do so........
But it is best not to make eye contact and continue walking....its not being chicken but it makes them more angry.

2611 days ago
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