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Woody & Soon-Yi: Strange Love

8/30/2007 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ten years after their marriage, the bizarre, passionate love affair between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn is as strong as ever! Mama Mia!

The 71-year-old director and his rapidly aging 36-year-old baby mama strolled the streets of gay ol' Paree with their gargantuan friend/driver Nicolas on Wednesday. The circus has officially come to town! Woody tried going incognito in a bucket hat, while Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

Woody & Soon-Yi prove the only bond stronger than father and daughter -- is husband and wife!


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Just be glad these two adopted instead of breeding themselves. That would be one hideously UGLY baby!!!

2577 days ago


I DESPISE these two. The only thing lower than dumping your woman for her daughter is an ungrateful friggin skank that would actually steal her own mom's man. That is LOWER THAN LOW.

2577 days ago

baby girl    

Yeah he is a pervert. He screwed my neighbors dog last nite.

2577 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Typical parent child relationship. He changed her diaper. She'll be changing his soon.

2577 days ago


Woody did have a father relationship with Soon Li, He and Mia had a book about their family life, pics, descriptions of family activities----everything. He is a slimmy perv. He started by taking nudie pics of soon Li . I think she is a very immoral girl also, betraying her mother and siblings. These are pernament scars and quite a trashy affair.

2577 days ago


That's excellent. Damn Skippy, Woody!

"Me Luv You Long Time, Joe!"

2577 days ago


how butt ugly is she? lol

2577 days ago


CREEPY!!! CREEPY!!! CREEPY!!! That is the ONLY word that fits Woody Allen. I've never liked him. I always thought that he was an over-rated sleeze! Guess what? I've been right all along!!! :-P

I'm sure Mia was heartbroken when this all happened, but she is far better off without him! So are the rest of her kids!!! He looks like a freakin' weasel!!! Acts like one, too! He is just flat our ICKY!!!

2577 days ago

I See Retarded People    

#15- Hey, moron! Hooking up with a 17 y.o. IS pedophilia, if you were falling in love with her as she was growing up and you were nearly twice her age at the time. What, you think Alllen just became smitten with Wood Yi when she turned 17? Or are you hopefully not that dumb and realize that he probably had the hots for her for years before then and had to wait until she was legal to do anything about it?


2577 days ago


I agree with most posters who say Woody Allen is a pervert. He definiteltly was a bio father or father figure to Mia's children and they were a family together for many years. As far as Soon Li, he was in her life, at a very young age, as a father figure. He took advantage of her innocence for his own perverted pleasures. And you can't blame Soon Yi for "stealing her mother's man". She is not to blame. Young, inexperienced girls are often manipulated by older, perverted men into thinking a relationship with them is okay. Soon Yi never knew anything else and that probably became the only thing she knew as a "normal" relationship, once she became aware of her sexuality. And if he was able to take nude pictures of her in her early teens, what else must he have been doing with her and for how long? I don't know how he got her to leave her home and go live with him, but if at anytime she came to her senses, she probably felt trapped and felt she couldn't go home again and just put up with him because she had no other place to
go. She certainly does not look very happy. And God help those adopted little girls of these two. And I also agree that Woody is obsessed with Scarlett Johanson.
This seems to go on way too often and these dirty, old, perverted geezers get away with it because somehow they find young girls they can manipulate and convince to take part in their sick little fantasies that become reality. Like another poster mentioned, Celine Dion's old husband , Renee, was once her manager when she was about twelve and eventually married her. I thought that was sick , too. And you can throw in James Woods in that group, who has been dating a 20 yr. old for several years and he is about 61. And he has known her and her family since the girl was about 5 yrs. old and says he has always "liked" her. Again, there's a girl who was swooped up very young and has known nothing else.
And this is not the same as a 20 something woman meeting an older man, or vice versa, and falling in love. The difference is that these crusty, old codgers took a very young , innocent, and naive girl and manipulated them and molded them into someone to be use for their own perverted peasures. When they walk like a pedophile and talk like a pedophile and smell like a pedophile, gee! ...they must be a pedophile!

2577 days ago


I have always thought that relationship extremely abusive and selfish to the young girl who now is a women who knows nothing of life other than through a sick old mans eyes.
She lost her real parents, adopted mother and her siblings all before she understood why. it's just sad.
I would love to hear her in a interview one day. Just to see where her head is at. Maybe after that selfish man dies.

2577 days ago


ROTFLMBAO @Soon-Yi kept it real ... unfortunate ... in her mom jeans! It's hard out here for the sexy adopted daughter of your longtime ex!

2577 days ago

oh my gawddddddddd    

#13; Are you kidding me? It is so very incestuous and perverted and crazy and sick. As we all continue to act as if what Woody Allen did was o.k., the world keeps falling in around us. Please, if you feel you must comment, think about what you type before you type. Knowing first hand about molestation, I would beg to differ with you. Shame on all of us! And.....Woody Allen.....get on your hands and knees and start begging forgiveness now and maybe just maybe you could have a shot at redemption.

2577 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

If he weren't famous, he'd be in prison for child molestation. Money solves lots of problems.

2577 days ago

Wow...three people walking down the street - freakin' riveting video - nice catch TMZ. (That's sarcasm by the way you nit-wits)

And for everyone still busting their chops about how their relationship started ... you've gotta catch up - a whole DECADE has passed! A DECADE!!! Ten years ago you're momma's were still wiping your butts. Gimme a break.

2577 days ago
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