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Paris Rushes for No One!

8/31/2007 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arriving to LAX 45 minutes before departure time of her flight to Frankfurt, and taking one more glance at herself in her SUV's tinted window, Paris Hilton performed her trademark pouty sashay through the airport as if she didn't have a care in her world.

With just a short amount of time to get through the large airport and check-in, the heiress still found time to shop and grab a bite. It's her world -- we're just reading TMZ in it! The heiress has been jetsetting between L.A., Las Vegas and now Germany for a charity event. Viel Glück!

Filming for her new film, "Repo! The Genetic Opera!" is set for early September in Toronto. Paris Hilton -- taking it all in size 11 strides!


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Go away!!    

TMZ, you are obviously on hilton payroll, deleting and censoring comments and the replies to the comments, yet you leave the comments disputing my post from hilton shills alone. kathy "I'm proud my daughter is a skank" must have had a problem with the link to the article I printed. I dare you to leave it on here this time. poncho (formerly father, bishop, cardinal, pope maxidamus), still up to your old tricks printing half truths and skewing facts to try and spin skanky's behaviour in to something acceptable. We are too smart for that.

George, you are a smart man to catch his crap.

Dare you TMZ to leave the link this time, how about freedom of the press?

2572 days ago

S. L. Jackson    

Are any of my snakes on that plane? My python would love to give that meat wallet a squeeze--he's on crack....Pretty soon she'll go down faster than a Thai hooker!......

2572 days ago


Sure JJ was there and when the British tabloid hired him to write an article it was too deliver that from as a "insider". JJ even describes his blog, no source's, I'am the source. "Former Hollywood publicist turned blogger. All stories are straight from the 'horse's mouth' with no source to source information." Is a direct quote from his blog. Take out the publicist, stylists, and calling for the paparazzi, along with Paris and you have an early episode of Beverly hills 90210. Stock typical contrived notion of how rich kids act and live; just rent a Molly Ringwald movie and you might get it.

2572 days ago

Go away!!    

OK father, I mean poncho - keep skewing the facts to try discredit anything bad said about parasite. Before you try and say it is all media conjecture remember we have all seen her porno movie, heard her racist comments and seen how she treats her friends firsthand. I notice you do not have a problem with discrediting Jonathan Jaxson though without having first hand knowledge. You would be scary if I thought people were stupid enough to fall for your crap.
No denial of you being "father" huh? Why did you change your name? Couldn't take the heat? Or were you scared of being caught at faking being a priest?

Bite me

2572 days ago

Go away!!    

father poncho - the bite me was so you could have something to jump on when you replied to this.


2572 days ago

S. L. Jackson    

Thanks for referencing the Dailymail article...doo dah Hilton knows how to manipulate public opinion in her favor rather deviously. Once her shelf life as a single, trendy partier expires, she will move on to the next stage. She will marry a rich and famous person
with a favorable prenuptial and become a late thirty something in the forefront again. She will also reinvent herself to stay in the public eye. All of these entertainment news outlets are joined at the hips with celebrities and enjoy a relationship beneficial to both….publicity…and the revenue drawn from celebrity stories. It is their business plan and annual reports (TWX) to their investors.

2572 days ago

Go away!!    

21 Century Gossip Fence - so you are confirming what I have previously read. She really is Ebola virus, will just keep mutating and never die, just infecting everyone she comes in contact with bringing them down.

2572 days ago

paris needs to die cause nobody gives a crap about her anymore    

The only thing that world would care about paris doing is if she killed her self everybody in america wants her to die why won't she die already

2572 days ago

S. L. Jackson    

I've a friend who had worked for one of "Big Four" CPA firms in LA a few years back, and he audited numerous entertainment business subsidiaries. Before he got burned out and shown the door (he admits he wasn't partnership material) he told me a lot of stories...he enjoyed impressing others with his discoveries. It shined a light on the industry....I would compare it to eating in a nice restaurant and then having to exit through the kitchen and walking past the outside trash and grease dumpsters.

2572 days ago

Go away!!    

#57 or it would be like taking Paris Hilton home, packaged half assed decently and then seeing her take off her makeup, take out extensions and contact lenses and then seeing what you are left with, making you wish you had a paper bag with you?

2572 days ago

Go away!!    


2572 days ago


Why is she always pretending to be on the phone?
even in places she could not possibly hear a thing she has that stupid phone clued to her ear. It's a electronic security blankey!

2572 days ago

Brady Phelps    

She's on the phone with the Center for Disease Control. They are explaining to her that people with Herpes are very likely to contract AIDS.
She should just get an AIDS test and confirm what everyone already knows.

2572 days ago

S. L. Jackson    

Trish...I guess she checking her voice mailbox.....for the 100x time--she just keeps hitting "2" for Spanish...or maybe trying to downloading her ring tone... Lunch Lady Land.

NOT a Paris Fan...good comparison...anything coming out of a bar is always is best to meet someone while in Church, at outdoor festivals, seminars or social groups mtgs, or concerts at the by far--believe it or not-- is Chamber music, baroque music concerts...more educated and interesting and attractive people...take a college music class covering all periods beforehand.

2572 days ago



You and the americans wish she drops dead..?

Has she killed somebody? No - she was born rich, she is beautiful, now she is making her own money, she's blond - thats a shame, unless you are a boy.

But what's much much worse with Paris and the other young women, are the fact that they are not to be controlled by men, they show their sexuality..- KILL THEM!

After reading these evil comments on TMZ, it stand clear to my that americans and muslims share the same values. Espesially when it comes to girls/women. They both want to controll womens and their sexuality!

Shame on you , fanatics

2572 days ago
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