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Chris Brown: Watch Out for the Big Girls!

9/1/2007 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B hottie Chris Brown got up close and personal with a hefty female fan at a NYC concert last night. Ooph, that's gotta hurt!

Brown performed with reggae-er Elephant Man at "On Da Reggae Tip," sponsored by NYC radio station Hot 97.


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are you new?    

I got no problem with da mamas wanting to be big...but why they need to make themselves look foolish doing the moves of the petites? This chick looks stupid.

2606 days ago


ahhh yo #5 you right boo and you aint gotta hide no where for real us country boys aint scared of a thick or what ever some other weak chump may feel the need to call a woman but shoot i wish i coulda been the one to pick her up and many more like her.. so dont even worry ma

2606 days ago

sexy cuban    

#11 he is a reggae star, fyi very famous called elephant man . he has worked on many crossover hits

it is part of his show to ask for the fattest " biggest girls out there to dance with.... in west indian culture skinny is not that Hot....

2606 days ago


make sure shes legal.. don't wanna pull an akon ;)

2606 days ago


She's not "hefty" she's not "big boned" or any of the other stupid euphemisms, she's FAT! Plain and simple FAT! That's not meat on her bones, the meat we eat is muscles, that is FAT! There is plenty of middle ground between stick thin and FAT, and she is nowhere near it. And no, she shouldn't stand in a corner, she should get her FAT ass to a dietician and a gym.

2606 days ago

queen kiki the great    

Christopher demonstrates great feats of strength while lifting this he/she!!!

Fan displays obliviousness as is evidenced in unflattering choice of outfit and lack of decorum while attending a concert.

2606 days ago


She's a kid and she has feelings. Leave her alone. It's bad enough having your photo on this site and be a celebrity but she's a young girl and doesn't need you people bad mouthing her because she's overweight. I think it's mean and uncalled for and you all should really be ashamed of yourselves.

2606 days ago


She's a young girl?*shock* I would have pegged her to be in her 30's.

Anyway, boy is he strong!!

2606 days ago


Props to Chris for "holding it up". Props to TMZ for a giggle. Props to Elephant Man for being Elephant Man.

2606 days ago


I think its nice that he picked her to be on stage and you have to ruin it because of her size.. No one can ever be happy. And you wonder why the US has so many enemies look how rude we can be!!!!!!

2606 days ago


When I saw this pic I think the lady that was scooped up was missing a shoe, (flip-flop) on her right foot. All I could think of while having a quick blast from the past was Aunt Bunny falling down the step's at Gus' house hollering all the way down repeating over, and over me Lord...oh my shoe! She may have lost her shoe when picked up so suddenly I think. Still, a great pic, and I'm sure a lot of fun that night.


As Always,

2606 days ago


It isn't so the fact that she is big, but majority of ya'll haven't noticed her feet!!!!

Those feet belong in a lake to soak all that dead skin off!!!

I feel bad for both of them...him for picking her up and her for making herself the laughing stock of the Internet...I bet YouTube is having a great day for showing this!

2606 days ago


ShoBizBoomer, that was a funny image of your aunt Bunny rolling down the stairs.
LOL Thanks for the chuckle. And by the way the young woman in the picture is fat. But nothing wrong with him showing ALL of his fans a little love, no matter what the size.

Yeah, that's what I like, equal opportunity lovin'.

2606 days ago


Go Biden - what in the hell does that dumb ass poem (that you probably think is deep) has to do with this article? That's a bad subliminal message if it's suppose to be one.
Mystery Meat - I guess you think your funny. You're mother is a NHH! Do you like that? Now that's funny since you want to talk about somebody.
And for everyone else making fun of this picture - don't make jokes because please believe that one of you has a plus size mother, aunt, grandmother, sister or cousin that you wouldn't want anybody to make fun of , so....SHUT UP!

2606 days ago

queen kiki the great    

"Young girl" COULD avoid the comments had she'd not made a spectacle of herself in public.

She should think a little more of Chris Brown's back. I know bro' man was feelin' it the next morning.

2606 days ago
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