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"Law & Order" in '08?

9/1/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred ThompsonIs it possible that the omnipotent courtroom show, "Law & Order," could play a role in the 2008 election? Well, kinda.

Former Senator and current actor Fred Thompson announced his plans to run for the highest office in the land. This creates a thorny problem in that Thompson appears on "Law & Order" re-runs on both cable and broadcast air -- which could cause some election law problems.

The FCC's Equal Time Rule requires stations or cable operators who air appearances of federal candidates to provide equal time to other qualified candidates -- even on shows like "Law & Order." NBC says it won't air any "Law & Order" re-runs with Thompson in them after September 1, though it says none were planned anyway.

TNT, on the other hand, tells Broadcasting & Cable it has no plans to change its schedule -- cable networks themselves don't fall under the rule. Let's hope Chuck Norris doesn't run for office -- mama can't live without her "Walker, Texas Ranger!"


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THOMPSON FOR PRESIDENT................................................FRED IN 2008

2577 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Leave it to a TMZ Democrat bleeding heart liberal, to find THE worst photo of Thompson that they could find.
I like this guy because he doesn't do things politically just because other politicians and the media says jump. He talks like a conservative and doesn't pander to people like the Musslim, Barac Hussain O'bama and your thighness Hillary Clinton.

2577 days ago


As of today, Fred Thompson has not yet announced for President. Rumour has it that he will announce on 9/6/07.

2577 days ago


Thank GOD..finally a candidate that got my attention. Who knows if he can beat the Hilldabeast, but I think he is the one to watch for dems and repubs. Besides, do any of you see any REAL difference between the two parties anymore? Nice try Hilly, but we remember ya.....NO MORE CLINTONS OR BUSHES!!

2577 days ago


Fred for President!!!!

2577 days ago


I think we can all agree, no more Clintons or Bush in the White House. I like how all Hillary Clintons campaign material just says Hillary!, like we will forget she is married to Bill. Pathetic.
It's been a while since we had an actor, why not Fred? His wife has a nice rack, too.

2577 days ago


At one time I was interested in Thompson. However, I believe he’s been too coy and somewhat relaxed about taking the candidacy seriously. Also, there’s reports he was somewhat lazy as a senator and I can’t see his young blond floozy of a wife as First Lady.

2577 days ago


I haven't watched "Law & Order" since Jerry Orbach died.

Neither Fred Thompson nor his busty wife are bright enough or appropriate enough for the White House. He can barely walk, let alone endure the rigors of the job. Lazy and stupid.

2577 days ago


thank god theres finally a true conservative. Thompson isnt the kind hat flip flops after seeing the polls unlike every other presidential hopeful.

2577 days ago


I agree # 5..... Go Hillary!!!!

2577 days ago

Wish Belkin    

Ron Paul for President !

2577 days ago

Mrs. Harvey Levin    

Hillary?! HA! That woman has let her husband walk all over her since they were married - now she's supposed to be strong enough to run a country?! You people are too funny!
Thompson would be a wonderful candidate, however I have to agree that I couldn't see his wife as a first lady. For a guy that's supposed to be so conservative, I would expect a more conservative wife, not someone that my husband tipped at the strip club last night!

2577 days ago


Thompson like any good GOP member is only looking out for the needs of big business. As he did as a paid lobbyist for many years, the interests of corporate America will always come before the needs of individual citizens!

Campaign finance reform is sorely needed in this country. The idea that candidates for President need to raise $25 million or more just leads to them being beholden to their corporate donors. Polticians seemingly spend more time raising money for their campaigns then they do performing the job they were elected to do.

2577 days ago


Fred Thompson is TOO OLD ! He needs to go home ....That balding white head of his gives me the jitters - when you get that OLD you start to lose the SNAP....

2577 days ago


# 11 Your name says it all. Another Republican, speaking for you LOL............................

2577 days ago
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