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"Law & Order" in '08?

9/1/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred ThompsonIs it possible that the omnipotent courtroom show, "Law & Order," could play a role in the 2008 election? Well, kinda.

Former Senator and current actor Fred Thompson announced his plans to run for the highest office in the land. This creates a thorny problem in that Thompson appears on "Law & Order" re-runs on both cable and broadcast air -- which could cause some election law problems.

The FCC's Equal Time Rule requires stations or cable operators who air appearances of federal candidates to provide equal time to other qualified candidates -- even on shows like "Law & Order." NBC says it won't air any "Law & Order" re-runs with Thompson in them after September 1, though it says none were planned anyway.

TNT, on the other hand, tells Broadcasting & Cable it has no plans to change its schedule -- cable networks themselves don't fall under the rule. Let's hope Chuck Norris doesn't run for office -- mama can't live without her "Walker, Texas Ranger!"


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Jon Bodack    

It would be great if Fred Thompson became president because he plays a tough guy on Law &Order

2546 days ago


He better slam down some pork chops and a few protein shakes. He looks sickly & gaunt. This makes him APPEAR weak!

2546 days ago


Fred Thompson is the BEST candidate. Nothing like the Dems to try and force the issue also of the "adequate" air time. Yea, they're scared. VOTE FOR THOMPSON !!!

2546 days ago


Jiggy & all -1st TMZ runs the worse picture they can find of EVERYONE(check out some of their Hillary posts)
2nd - Do some research on Thompson, I really liked what I had seen of him until I looked at his past writings & what he has said in detail. He seemed to be above the partisan crap which has infested everyone in DC AND seemed willing to listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision. Turns out while thats true to some degree, he's even MORE stubborn than Bush once he's made up his mind. That's the last thing we need it flip-flopping but we need someone who can admit they screwed up if they did & fix the problem, not bury their head in the sand or surround themselves with sycophants and just keep going the wrong way no matter what, especially when it's costing people their lives! I pray every day that someone else will step in on the Republican & Democratic sides as I would not vote for Hillary or Rudy.

2546 days ago

pickle dick    

Get this right wing warmonger bushey type with narrowminded ideals out of politics.

2546 days ago


Once again TMZ does a hit job on the Republican.
Note the hideous picture they chose to run.

We'll beat the screeching sHillary in 08 even with all the liberal bias in the media.
They'll be whining over stolen elections again of course.

2546 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

Hey website people why the bad picture? Oh that is right it's the old trick of trying to make people hate the same person you hate. Get a life will you guys. I am hoping that Britney makes a come back just to piss off HL and his staff of thugs. You guys are thugs and would love to see how butt ugly you people are - I mean after all the insults you threw out there about certain celebrities and what they wear and how flabby they are you all better be in shape otherwise you are the typical computer nerds that are fat, ugly, greasy and slimy wanna bes.

2546 days ago


Fred Thompson is a Creepy Old Guy.

2546 days ago


Remember back in 1999, when people were saying, "What a great guy George W. Bush is. Why he's the kind of guy you'd just love to sit down and have a beer with"......remember that?

I can't believe our country could even think of going down that road again, because we now know what it's like to have someone like that running our country.

Fred Thompson, good old Fred, or just plain Fred, is cut from the same bolt of cloth. He was regarded by most as a terribly lazy senator & has been known, for decades, as being a nice man but not very bright.

Have we ever seen anything like the way he's been handling his 'possible Presidential candidacy?' His wife seems to have the fire in her about him running. True to his lazy nature he seems ambivalent, at best, about running.

God will really need to help us if we elect this man.........America deserves much better than another 'nice guy' you'd like to sit down and have a good old chat and beer with.

2546 days ago


Love Fred, I like the fact that he has actually waited to put himself in the ring until he was sure. Pretty smart cookie.

2546 days ago


Fred Thompson come on down!!!!!!

2546 days ago


I think the fact that Fred Thompson has gone through two or three campaign managers or whatever they are called before he has announced he is going to run for Presiden sends a strong message. .One manager quitting because of not being able to get along with his very young wife!!! that sends a strong message to me!! who is wearing the pants??

Sounds like an old, old man being controlled by his young, big boobed wife...We already have had a President whose wife called a lot of his plays and I for one do not want that again! CUDOS TO NUMBER 1 AND NUMBER 5..And who gives a rip that Bill was a playboy..You probably could pole ten men or women and nine out of the ten have played around on their spouses..

Thompson is too old..stay in the movies Freddie Boy..I love you in that spot but would not love you as our President. I don't want a teeny bopper making decisions about our country!!

2546 days ago


To number 6, dippity doo

Someone needs to remind you that Roosevelt could not walk either. And he was a FOUR term President. Quit the personal attacks(lazy, stupid, not bright, inappropriate, and busty) and stick to what is important. You said more about yourself that you did Fred Thompson.

2546 days ago

BOEING 787    

Before you know it Newt G. will toss his hat into the ring soon after Thompson
comes in two in, Newt and Fred Thompson and two out, Ed G. and Tommy Thompson.

2545 days ago


Dane I admire your honesty and couldn't agree more.
So many Democrats despise her and with good reason.
I also hope our country isn't stupid enough to elect her.

2545 days ago
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