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Winehouse's Bloody Mess

9/1/2007 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rehabbing "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse was a bloody wreck this week when she violently vomited blood all over her Caribbean hotel room.

Staff at the Jade Mountain resort in St. Lucia were horrified when they were sent to Winehouse's suite to clean up the mess. "There was blood and vomit all over the bathroom, it was just terrible," said one worker, according to Brit tabloid The Mirror.

Hotel management allegedly offered to send out for a doctor, but Winehouse said no, no, no.

Amy and hubby Blake Fielder-Civil have been at the $1,400-a-night Caribbean hideaway since last weekend. This past week, the parents of both Winehouse and Fielder-Civil called for fans to boycott Amy's album in an effort to urge the pair to get help for their alleged drug addictions.


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That's DISGUSTING! Does she not even remotely care about what could be going on in her body to make her vomit blood? NASTY people.

2607 days ago

Ratta !    

Your comments: to #46 be from europe "To me this sounds that not only
the drugs are about to kill her. It seems like her anorexia is even combined with the most brutal kind of bulimia. In the end it makes you though up blood."

It may look like she has these psychologically driven illnesses but a
hardcore drug addict forgets to eat and throws up without any
provocation or expending any mental energy. It's a product of constant drug and
alcohol abuse. She should have cleaned up her own vomit... If she couldn't, that's what hubbies are for. That's kind of abusive to make the help do it. As for the blood, could be a lot of things... but it doesn't sound good at all. I say, boycott until she cleans up... It could very well save her and her husbands life.

2607 days ago


just please die. she's gross anyhow.

2607 days ago


Hey guys,

''Im from St.Lucia, you guys should check it out when u get a chance..Simply beautiful..Too bad Amy was to high and sick to enjoy it..

Posted at 7:50PM on Sep 1st 2007 by Tony Matt.''

I did check their website, and love it! "im gonna c if they have miles program and go there with my hubby'. love it!
Im glad that she advertise this place... it looks like a paradise! thnaks Matt!

Heres the site:

Regards about her?!
My cousin have this condition... he would vomit blood now and then. hes alive! very strange!
Best regards

2607 days ago


You do drugs, you puke, reatch and bleed-you clean it up. Blood is considered a Bio-hazard and cleaning any body fluids from this heroin head would be an open invitation for hepatits or hiv.

2607 days ago


seems like she's on a serious down spiral. what a shame..anyone see pictures of her before she became a skeleten? unbelievable...I cannot believe what she has done to herself!

2607 days ago


They should kick her out of the hotel if she does not wish to see a doctor. Having that going on in a hotel is not fair to other patrons..not to mention extremely unsanitary. I hope they really sterilize that place

2607 days ago


I feel bad for the parents who seem to be trying to get them both to help themselves before they are dead. To tell the fans NOT to buy the album is hurting them financially also.

I cant imagine the pain of watching your child kill themselves.
I am angry at Amy and her husband for putting their people through this.

Don't reply with the old "addiction is an disease" comment, I've had it with that one too. it's not cancer, its curable by choice not chance.

2607 days ago


She should be the poster girl for 'before and after' shots of what drugs can do to you. Man she USED to look beautiful.

2607 days ago


If the story is true she will die if she does not seek medical attention.
I think they are both to far gone to care.
30 days in jail would work best for the both of them at this point and may be the only hope, if in addition she got medical attention right away.
It would force her clean and give her that chance to realize what she is doing.
She is way to messed up to see now. They didnt get drugs onto the plane going over there did they??? ( bet they did) If not they are buying them right where they are. Prolly from the resort security desk lol.

2607 days ago


there is no way in hell those poor emplyees should have been forced to clean up that bloody mess. that woman and her nasty husband are very dirty looking and probably share needles with who knows who---that couple might be carrying any number of diseases that can be passed on easily by those bodily fluids. was she so messed up that she couldn't even spew into the toilet? they don't even have the slightest bit of shame---they should have cleaned that mess up themselves.

2607 days ago


See the movie (someday) "Janis and Sid" - the talented young singer too tiny to handle her own personality meets the ultimate bad-for-you boy rebel. A story made for Hollywood.

Be patient, it will all be over soon. If you haven't seen her "live" . . . it's probably too late.

2606 days ago


Medically -esophageal varices happens when the liver is damaged and since the blood flow though the liver is impaired it forms varices, which are like stretched blood vessels in the esophagas... and when one pops... it bleeds a LOT. Ive had patients tell me that it looked like a massacre in their bathroom. Sounds like Amy could have some real troubles... and the drinking might not be so much fun anymore. Too many bleeds and it won't be the drugs taking her out!!!

2606 days ago


Hot mess! she's def gonna end up dead! I dont feel sorry for her and I agree with those who are repulsed by her!

2606 days ago


I can not believe some of the heartless comments made by others about this poor woman and her husband. Agreed, they are both drug users and now chronic addicts. They need help and support to get feee of this self inflicted evil, The media concentrates on her because of her "star" status which I pressume makes it slightly more difficult for her. She obviously hasn't got the strength, that some others have, to get off drugs. However thats not a reason to turn our backs on her. The parents of both of these sad individuals are both going through hell on earth watching both of them do this to themselves. It is for their friends, fans and her team of managers etc to help them to quit this evil. They do not need the holy than thou attitude of others. How would you cope if it was one of yours? Oh of course you are so perfect that it wouldn't happen to one of yours, would it?

2606 days ago
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