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Birkhead Blasts Cosby: Calls Book "Pure Fiction"

9/4/2007 10:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLarry Birkhead came out swinging tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," telling TMZ's Harvey Levin that "Blonde Ambition," the new book by Rita Cosby, is "pure fiction" and should be sitting next to "Harry Potter."

Larry also responded to what Rita told FOX's Bill O'Reilly tonight, as to why the two former enemies now get along. Larry says he simply decided to put the best interests of his daughter first, so he buried the hatchet with Howard. Refuting what Rita claims in her book, Birkhead states flat out -- there were no secret deals between him and Stern.

Larry's bottom line -- he'll see Rita (and everyone else) in court.


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I have no idea whether any of the allegations are true. One would think that someone wouldn't publish a book without evidence but then again this is a pretty crazy world. But I sure hope the inquest goes forward.

2572 days ago


Cosby and the publishing company have ALREADY dotted their "I's" and crossed their "T's". They knew the prevaricating responses and "techniques" of HKS and company and are completely in control. Let little Howie Sperm bring it on, - to his (and Larry's) own legal demise. You're fools to believe otherwise.

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Poor Anna......having such a wicked mother.....calling her on air MOMMIE DEAREST.....

Along with Cosby, Opri....Virgie is there ......could care less about her little grandaughter's Birthday.....


2572 days ago


You know - the sales of the book does NOT say otherwise. Because people (in general, ) buy trash. Pure trash. They love to hear the WORST about other people. No one (or very few) like to hear the GOOD about people. It is a very sad commentrary about the human race, but it is a true one - people love to hear the bad things about other people. But this is about a little girl - give her a chance - her FATHER (that was proven) has her now. And she sure looks happy to me. LEAVE THEM ALONE !

2572 days ago


praise the lord thank you Jesus, somebody who is finally telling it like it is The industry of Dannilynn is going towards record profits this year with all the contracts an showings. Even though Anna is dead her estate is making money, Dannilynn is makin money,Larry an Howie are makin whooppi opps I mean money, an Rita is cashin in too. I wonder how I can make money. Hey Larry where did you get the money for the lawyers? Howard make sure you take an aids test you never know where Anna was or Larry was o he was with Trendy.

2572 days ago


A 1979 Gremlin and a $10 bank account? More than howard owns on his own merit, no?

to hear him tell it, he dont even have a bank account and certainly not a car.
if he had a car wouldnt he have sold it to get anna the cash she needed to bury her son?

ya think?????????

2572 days ago

Topix is Toxic    

Reality Check............

It's the same audience that would buy OJ's Book and live off of the Enquirer.
Sorry, the intellectual crowd won't be buying it.

However, I can't wait to get her books for 1.99, becuase as eco-friendly people, we can use them to line the kitty litter boxes.This will somehow redeem the wasted usage of paper.

Only people who run to sensationalism will purchase the book as noone likes to be out of the current gossip-fodder.

This too shall pass, my child:)

2572 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Larry is Dannielynn's father - period. . He's doing a good job. He will have to have thick skin to ignore all the lies people are writing and telling to make money. Good Luck, Larry. Hope you sue the hell out of all the morons who are trying to ruin your life.

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

A bunch of Low-life are this gang....Cosby, Opri...Arthur.....

too bad....


2572 days ago


ANS surrounded herself with gay people. it's not suprising about HKS & LB. i always thought LB had some sugar in his tank. HKS always just seemed like he had snake oil in him. i seriously doubt that cosby would put her "career" on the line if she couldn't back this up. i don't think she's stupider than the other 2. i'm just aggravated cause now this drama is gonna go on for months!!!

2572 days ago


Texas lady i sincerely hope the day comes when you are bigger than assessing someone according totheir facial characters and other God given things they have no control over.

Many people in this life miss their biggest blessings because they expected it from someone who looked just like them.

2572 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

We are praying for Larry and Daughter....Keep her safe Larry away from all those vultures....


2572 days ago


A former male model has spoken out about his gay relationship with Larry Birkhead, who was recently revealed to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter Dannielynn.

Kerrick Ross has given an interview to the National Enquirer in which he makes the claims.

"We were together for about two months and had sex eight to 10 times, always at my apartment. He often spent the whole night with me." says Kerrick.

Lawyers for Birkhead deny the allegations, though the 32-year old adds:

"I had been 'out' for a long time, but Larry was not out of the closet - and he was terrified about his family, who were devout Southern Baptists, finding out he was having a gay relationship" claims Ross.

2572 days ago


has rita issued a statement or said ANYTHING?? And why is Debra Opri getting involved again? Wowee, this stuff is STILL GOING ON!!!!!!

The one I feel sorry for is the little girl. what a bunch of weirdos!

2572 days ago


Personally, I think Larry is bisexual and is lying about his denial. His denial on L.K. seemed weak and damage controlly at best. And if he thinks Rita doesn't know the ropes and is leaving herself wide open for a lawsuit, he's dreaming. She's got the goods on them.

Larry is handsome, but looks girly at the same time. That nose job is way overdone, by the way. Way too small for his face and feminine. They must have used Michael Jackson's nose-removing chisel during his rhinoplasty.

Even though they were supposed to be arch enemies, I did notice something when Birkhead and Stern hugged at that news conference. I can't describe it, but it seemed off. And what females has Howie been involved with besides a drugged-up ANS and who knows if Howie and Anna were ever intimate anyway?

2572 days ago
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