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Birkhead Blasts Cosby: Calls Book "Pure Fiction"

9/4/2007 10:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLarry Birkhead came out swinging tonight on CNN's "Larry King Live," telling TMZ's Harvey Levin that "Blonde Ambition," the new book by Rita Cosby, is "pure fiction" and should be sitting next to "Harry Potter."

Larry also responded to what Rita told FOX's Bill O'Reilly tonight, as to why the two former enemies now get along. Larry says he simply decided to put the best interests of his daughter first, so he buried the hatchet with Howard. Refuting what Rita claims in her book, Birkhead states flat out -- there were no secret deals between him and Stern.

Larry's bottom line -- he'll see Rita (and everyone else) in court.


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Topix is Toxic    

Ron Rale said their is no financial benefit for Howard to be executor. I think Howard being executor assures him that he keeps his role in the Marshall Estate. That is where the real money is, not the work as the executor. He is getting 6% of the Marshall settlement. Ron Rale must think we are stupid!!

Posted at 10:58PM on Sep 4th 2007 by Dusty

Howard worked 12 years on that case and took it to the Supreme Court.
He has recieved no compensation as of yet. He deserves that 6 percent as legal fees should it come. I believe it will as so many are not fighting for Anna's paltry estate but the future dividends of the Marshall settlement.

2614 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Granny and O'quinners are all out to attack tonight....I bet O'quinn backed this book....we all know that O'quinn has his people on here all the time...SMEARING, TRASHING, BASHING Larry.....and attacking anyone that does not speak well of dear old MOMMIE DEAREST....

2614 days ago


Harvey Levin, shame on you! That was a total softball interview with Larry, what kind of deal did you make with him to get him on there? You are no journalist!

2614 days ago


First of all, I DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT LARRY AND HOWARD GOT TOGETHER, NO WAY NO HOW. Second its nobdy's business if they did. Who cares. As long as Dannielynn is cared for and loved that is the most important thing.

2614 days ago


I am disappointed on Harvey's interview with Birkhead. He did not ask Birkhead if he is gay. Birkhead was trying so hard to impart to the viewers that his only concern is about his daughter who by the way lays the golden egg. As of now he is not working and he iscollectingso much money from the different branches of media regarding Dannielyn which was previosly enjoyed by Howad Stern. Larry Birkhead is a two faced, greedy ingrate. He is now siding with Howard whereas if everything was left with Howard he wll see evensee the shadow of Dannielyn. During the Florida trial, it was Larry and Virgie Arthur against Howard. When Howard realized that he is in a much deeper trouble he needed Larry on his side . Larry on the hand wanted thebaby right way uncontested by Howard so that hewill be theone whowill deal and negotiate all thepublicity of Dannielyn. Larry was not working then and still not working now. If Larry Birkhead and Howard Ster n will sue Rita, all the information (dirt )will come out I am sure tha Rita must have taught about this before releasing thebook. Bring it on.

2614 days ago

name withheld    

Larry is not looking to good here. What's up with the repeated use of words planted in his mouth. I like the way he turns his head when he says defamatory. Excellent reporting skills on Harvey's part. But really, Larry should have stuck with Debra Opri. At least that bull protected his wimpy self. Really disappointing appearance on The behalf of their team. But why is it always Larry? Larry should have stayed home. What? Howard only does interviews with ET immediately following the death of Anna, but now he's in reclusive hiding? Not looking good for these folks. IMO of course.

2614 days ago


Rale let the cat out of the bag about Daniel's Inquest being essentially over, it will never take place. Since Daniel was a U.S. citizen, and Stern was already caught bribing a Bahamian government official with a Rolex, Shane Gibson, the U.S. Justice Department and State Department need to be investigating the coverup and NO INQUEST into Daniel's SUSPICIOUS DEATH one year ago.

2614 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

TRASH BOOK FOR SALE.....from trash people......sickening.....just sickening.....low-lifes....

Larry we are praying for you and daughter......keep her safe away from those MONSTERS.....

2614 days ago


63. Poor Anna......having such a wicked mother.....calling her on air MOMMIE DEAREST.....

Along with Cosby, Opri....Virgie is there ......could care less about her little grandaughter's Birthday.....


Posted at 10:57PM on Sep 4th 2007 by Who else is behind this?


Larry looks like Anna did! CONTROLLED!!! SOMEONE HELP HIM!!!

2614 days ago


I don't know the Grandma, .........but I DO know Larry and Howard. They are so gay that they make ME look straight,..and I'm NOT. MANY in L.A. lcubs have had "contact" with them both in the past. How gullible are you people? This is 2007 and you STILL can't spot "GAY"? What a bunch of dopes. There a many of us who don't appreciate their lies and denial of the rest of us. We also don't want to see the baby raised by them, they represent the absolute LOWEST of us.

2614 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Opri, should hide by now.....SHAME ON COSBY, OPRI...GRANDMA.....

2614 days ago

name withheld    

BTW Mary, we cannot leave them alone, when they were left alone, people were dropping like flies.

2614 days ago



i heard that copies were going for mega-dollars on the hush hush, so if that is true you could imagine the people who have copies already are going, "yeah, right....."

2614 days ago


Poor Rita. She has a facelift and goodness knows what else and loses all professional credibility when she switches stations. Her show is based purely on sensationalism and she has gone down the tube.

2614 days ago


Larry did not do well at all in his interview neither did the 2 lawyers. Since I do have a memory it was just one contradication after another.Birkhead did not make eye contact or answer some of the questions.Rale contradicated Birkead. Birkhead looked real scared and uncomfortable. It looked like he knew what was going down. He is in this deep now. My overall impression of interview Birkead looked scared, uncomfortable, and contradicated his past statements.Rale seemed to be going all at for his boy Howie leaving Birkhead out to dry. Howie would never pump her with drugs, but Larry says he did on the stand in Fl and some other times. Birkhead and Stern better hope there is not a tape out there. Larry said never happened no relationship like that better him and Stern. "Truth is the best defense for libel." I got my book today all the books were sold out in all the stores near me. I do not believe there is any chance for Birkhead to turn back in the other direction now he is to far gone. Good luck to him IMO

2614 days ago
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