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Britney's Mouthpiece Muzzled

9/4/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura Wasser Britney SpearsTMZ was in court a few minutes ago, while Britney and K-Fed's lawyers were duking it out over custody.

The judge asked if County Counsel was present. You'll recall, County Counsel represents the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, which had been investigating if Britney was guilty of bad dental hygiene for her kids. We were told that investigation was all but closed.

Today, Wasser pretty much made it clear -- DCFS has closed the investigation. Responding to the judge's question about County Counsel, Wasser said, "They're not coming. This is much adieu about ..." Before she could say "nothing," K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, jumped up and asked the judge to clear the courtroom of media. We left, but the cat's out of the bag.


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It's "ado" folks, not "adieu".

2501 days ago


I hope she loses those kids...partying is her priority. I saw a pic of her smoking, and she had the cig right in the kids face. She is a non-singer, don't have a clue how she made money at it. She is stupid as a box of rocks. The way she shows her a** all the time is just disgusting. Hate her.

2501 days ago


Go Wasser!!! Make K-FED look like the azz that he is!!! If I were Brit I'd tell the paparazzi he wasn't worth the 12...i meant 2 minutes it took to make both babies!!

2501 days ago


oh that sucks. they should investigate some more! there are pictures taken in which she's smoking with her children present!

2501 days ago

I Love Liz    

Its too bad they can't prosecute Kevin for making such bogus claims. Instead of filing complaints against Britney, why doesn't Kevin act like an adult and talk to her about the importance of dental hygiene, etc? From what I read it sounds as if Britney is really immature and needs guidance on handling children, not having them taken away from her. I think that the readers should put themselves in Britney's shoes where she constantly has opportunistic people around her trying to get a piece of her fame and money. I can't imagine what it must be like to not be able to trust your friends and family. Hang in there Britney!

2501 days ago


It's 'ado', not 'adieu', for Christ's sake.

2501 days ago


Actually, a judge could fine K-Fed for wasting the courts's happened before.

2501 days ago


"Ado" is how Shakespeare wrote it, yes. But to actually bid something "adieu" is spelled the right way. Break out a Shakespeare lexicon, morons

2501 days ago


millions of people do not have child proof homes for their kids, does not make them bad parents! k-fed just slinging anything he can to keep his cash flow going, as far as him acting, i would not watch anything the looser was in!

2501 days ago


K-FED's money is up on Nov 15th......

that is WHAT this is all about.....Those kids are his paycheck. Makes me sick!
Hang in there Britney!

2501 days ago


"much adieu" ? You need a good proof reader.

I am available. Not cheap, but available.

2501 days ago


the correct word meaning fuss or nonsense is "ado."

2501 days ago


I'm not a Brit fan, and I do think she needs parenting guidance. But I find it interesting that these allegations were made and so close to when K-Feds $20,000 a month spousal support ends (November 15th). Spousal support or child support, money is money.

Either way, I guess his nanny can raise the kids as well as her nanny. So sad.

2501 days ago


No wonder Howard kept her all doped up. HE was having gay sex with Birkhead

2501 days ago


joe you're a moron a lot of people smoke with their children present, this is so obviously about the money, kevin has no real income except for the 20 grand a month which runs out in november, all his allegations are ridiculous, i hope the court does charge him for wasting their time

2501 days ago
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