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No Longer "Lost," Monaghan Finds L.A.

9/4/2007 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diminic MonaghanFormer "Lost" star and soon-to-be ex-Hawaiian, Dominic Monaghan, is looking to make the move to Hollywood. Several TMZ spies have spotted Dom's Prius with Hawaiian license plates at several homes for sale in the Hollywood Hills and surrounding areas.

Dom, whose character drowned last season, will have to get used to living separate from his girlfriend and "Lost" star, Evangeline Lilly, whose character is alive and well. Could this move possibly mean that there's trouble on the home front for the two? Probably not. It just means that the man needs a new gig.

Calls to Monaghan's rep were not immediately returned.


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I'm hungry    

first for once ....who is this idiot anyways ..?

2571 days ago


"Dom, whose character drowned last season, will have to get used to living separate from his wife and "Lost" star, Evangeline Lilly"

That's what you first posted, "wife" - Do you suspect they might have tied the know or was that just a slip?

2571 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

Dominic is a cutie,,
I loved Charlie on LOST, I'm so sad he will not be on it this next season,
he will be missed by moi
I hope he finds the house he wants and a new job :-)
can't wait to see what my favorite Lostie is up to next!!

2571 days ago


He'll find work!
As far as the two of them. They both seem pretty grounded and not typically "hollywood"
I bet they last for a while.

2571 days ago


This is not news. He already said a few months ago that he was moving back to LA, which makes sense if he wants to continue to work. He won't find it twiddling his thumbs in Hawaii.

2571 days ago


Are we actually sure that he is dead on Lost? We were only left to assume that he drowned. And when last seen, he was still alive, albeit underwater, but alive.

2571 days ago

Granny Pants    

How does a guy that ugly get so much action?

2571 days ago


Oh, I hope he comes back to Lost! It will not be the same without him.

2570 days ago


Um, we all know he's bi, so big deal.

2570 days ago


Um, we all know he's bi, so big deal.

2570 days ago


True, Dom has some major FUG going on but, somehow, it works for him... he is so ugly he's cute. Unique is not always so bad, he's getting hot booty. Plus I hear his personality is just the best. Maybe not to the stalkerazzi... but costars and regular peoples totally *heart* him. And that's all that matters.

2570 days ago


TWIST 420 - uh...less smoke and maybe you'll know a bit more about the world you live in

Bobo Justice - How does an idiot like you actually manage to operate a computer?

daisyinchains - Well I hope an earlier comment was removed or something...otherwise you just look pathetic commenting about things that are only speculation and have no actual bearing on the article posted.

Dom will do great no matter what he does or where he does it. He is funny, sweet, gorgeous and very talented. No FUG about him...just pure hottness.

2568 days ago


I loved Charlie on Lost. His character was (contrary to popular belief, apparently) CUTE, funny, sweet, caring, flawed, etc... and his relationship with Claire and Aaron was the only somewhat normal and stable one on the show. I'm still hoping that the "flash forward" that Desmonde had in which he saw Charlie means that Charlie didn't really die. Take that, Dan!

2560 days ago
14., (On Mandy Gets Randy on Stripper Pole)    

At the beginning of this reality TV show, I believe it rocked and was captivating. But with time, it seems it is fizzling off

2559 days ago


he's been shopping recently in LA (came in my shop) and it makes sense that he would come back here to work. given that the producers have confirmed that Charlie is dead. they didn't want to drag out a lame story just to keep Dom around. not when he was turning down cool projects cause of the show. so it's all good

2556 days ago
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