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Owen Wilson


9/4/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just out of the hospital, Owen Wilson spent the holiday weekend with a low-key family BBQ ... which also played host to a herd of snapping paparazzi.

Cameras caught a brief glimpse of Wilson as he arrived to his brother Luke's home, with Owen quickly ducking into the backyard when he found the front door locked.

Though his entrance was botched, Wilson was able to exit the party unnoticed.


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Vix aka Team Aniston    

TMZ Editors:

Can TMZ consider, dropping any stories on Owen Wilson for now? Isn't there any moral fiber in the tabloid industry regarding suicides? Geez. What a way to make a living.

2584 days ago


You people are RUTHLESS. Leave him alone for god's sake!!
I'm boycotting this website from now on & your stupid upcoming tv show.
No class.

2584 days ago


Do ya think that maybe YOU paps are part of his troubles?? Leave the guy alone.

2584 days ago


I personally think that TMZ should leave Owen Wilson alone right now. If he wants to talk to the media about what has happened I am sure that he will let them know when he is okay to talk about it. But for now, I think that everyone should just let him be!

2584 days ago

hello, it    

Why not leave the poor guy alone?

2584 days ago


Leave him alone, for God's sake! He needs some normalcy for a while and let him decide whether or not he wants to be back in the lime light. The sad part is, none of the papps will feel any remorse if he long as they get a good story.

2584 days ago


Please do not stand outside this man's house (or his family members houses) and hound him with your cameras. It's difficult enough to have to recover with t his privately...and it's embarassing. Don't make him have to duck the cameras at the same time. Can't you see him trying to hide his wrists? Leave him alone.

2583 days ago


Geez, just saw this video, what vultures the photogs are (well I always knew they were but I hate to see them in action). Owen and his family should hit the road and vanish for a while so they can have some good to see him walking around though...........

2583 days ago


Yup... I agree with everyone alse it seem on this thread... leave him alone for a while... in the name of compassion and being human.

Much metta

2583 days ago


This is going to sound really crass, and if I burn in hell well that's my problem, but....I find it verty hard to feel sorry for people who make millions of dollars doing something they obviously love. We should all have such "problems". Try working my crappy ass job, over worked and underpaid! If anyone should slit their wrists it should be me! My advice to Owen and all the other pampered celebs-GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!

2583 days ago


I think all the paparrazi need to leave him alone and give him his space. However, I did notice that he didn't have any scars on his wrist and was wearing a watch. I don't think he really slit his wrist. I am glad to see he's doing fine and look forward to seeing his next movie. I really like him.

2583 days ago


I'm am sincerely glad Owen is alive and kickin'-
But for the life of me I cannot figure out why he is a celebrity-
He is not funny, not attractive--I have not liked any movie's he has done;
just one of many moderrn day celebrities I think are very untalented,unattractive and over exposed in the media.

2583 days ago


#10 My boyfriend attempted suicide last year and the next day he was home. Why? He was already under psychiatric help for 17 years. (his dad committed suicide after they had an argue about a camera (he has studied photography) and he still thinks it was his fault, which is not 'cause his dad was psychotic)
Other medication have let the suicide thoughts disappear now.

2582 days ago


Owen didnt try to kill himself, when people are famous they are stressed and some people feel that the only release for that stress is to cut, or mutilate themselves, this can also be drug induced, i dont believe he wanted to kill himself if i did he would have shot him self like most of the other stars did

2582 days ago


Did you splice together two different tapes?? I could swear he has a watch on in the first segment and then in the second he has no watch. also, in the first snippet of coverage he is wearing a blue shirt and looks good (like maybe that footage was captured before his hospitalization) and in the final bit of film he is wearing a white tshirt/undershirt and looks bedraggled. This is the clip of the film that was taken most recently, I would surmise.

2581 days ago
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