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The Britney Plot Thickens

9/4/2007 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsLast week we told you that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services was conducting an investigation into Britney Spears and the way she's raising her kids.

We now know more: Three separate anonymous complaints were filed the week of July 2, accusing Spears of this and that. We're told all three were investigated and two were promptly closed out. As for the third, DCFS just dropped the ball and left it hanging.

The complaint that wasn't closed-out centers on allegations that the dental hygiene and eating habits of the kids were bad. There's also a claim that her kitchen cabinets were not babyproofed, and the kids could get into dishwashing liquid and whatnot.

Here's a clue: DCFS could have gone to the dependency court and filed a petition, which would signal the Department was taking it all seriously. That hasn't happened, partly because we're told Brit's kitchen cabinets have proper kiddie locks.


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These allegations are laughable. No wonder real abuse is not addressed more quickly. They are too busy being inundated with bogus claims against Britney.

2553 days ago


Graviti - I was thinking the same thing, I child proofed everything in my house, it didn't stop them. By the time the kids are old enough to be curious they have figured out how to get around "child proofing." So instead, I taught my son about poison and placed little green yucky face stickers on all the bottles and told him that was bad. Sound familiar? Back in the old days we did not have child proof anything.

As far as DCF not investigating her, money talks. If Britney was an average human being and had photos of her reckless behavior and dropping babies and babies driving on laps that persons life would be hell. Not Britney. Some of the phone calls to DCF are pety but not all. But DCF takes nothing seriously because she is a celeb, which is very scary on both ends. There are people out there trying to make Brit look bad so DCF ignores the calls or "drops the ball." Yet, her children may be in danger and because so many people cried wolf, DCF doesn't care. Or, Brit sends a nice little check to keep them quiet. We will never know!

2553 days ago


Sounds like a lot of "this and that" and "whatnot" to me.
great reporting,

2553 days ago


i think k-fed is just trying to make brit look worse then she already present herself.but brit got herself into this mess. she should have never got with a wannabe vanilla ice.brit could have had almost any man she wanted but she got with someones baby daddy and had kids with him.i feel sorry for k-fed gonna take her to the cleaners big time.

2553 days ago

All American Girl    

K-Fed Is a dead beat dad!

2553 days ago


I really feel for Brittney! She and her ex both share 50/50 custody of the kids so why is Brit getting all the blame? I know I didn't take my young son to the dentist when he was her sons age. He didn't go until he was about 3. There are so many questions left unanswered. How do we know she is giving her sons soda in a bottle? She and Kevin could be allowing their sons to sleep with a bottle with formula, juice or something which isn't good for the kids and sometimes rotts the kids teeth. If that is the case, why is Brit getting all the blame? When brushing kids teeth at this age, you don't use flouride anyhow, their is a special type of toothpaste for babies. And frankly, giving them some soda isn't that big of a deal, not big enough to take custody away from her if that is the reason, then DCFS needs to be involved in a lot of American homes. As far as sleep, no matter what, sometimes you can not get your child into bed exactly at 8. Bad eating habbits, im sure it isn't all that bad. We may see Brit at Carls Jr., but what parent doesn't take their kids to fast food if they are running short on time? It's not the best, but we aren't perfect and we go for whats' convienent and again, if DCFS gets involved then they need to get involved in every American household who has children. Kevin is picking on Brit for the money in my opinion. They both party and what makes Kevin the better parent? Because he isn't in the photos? Heck, he didn't even pay child support to shar jackson. And some of these people who are going to testify against Brit, are they really that credible? I don't think Shannon Funk or whoever she is, is really all that credible of a person? I think she is out for the money as well. Same as for the nanny, just because she may not agree with Brits parenting skills doesn't make her wrong. Brit is like everyone else and because she has yet to publicly speak about her private life allows people to judge her and read the gossip columns at truth. I don't think Brit is mom of the year and she like a lot of us can benefit in parenting classes but she shouldn't be forced and she should be able to raise her children as she feels w/out public criticizm. Kevin wants the money so he is doing everything he can to smear her and make himself like he's father of the year. He's out doing exactly what he is complaining out, but he his partying behind doors, making sure he isn't getting his picture taken.. so who has more to hide? I think he does, Brits out in the open. As far as Brits parents, imo, right now it looks good for Kevin. Brits is upset w/her parents, and in courts eye, it looks good for kevin that he is the good father allowing grandparents spend time with the kids but once things are over and done, he may stop. Once (IF HE DOES) he gets custody, he may be back to his old ways. I just think there is more to the story and I don't think Kevin is all that innocent and they are nit picking about everything and public and gossip columns love it when they think they know what Brit is up to and doing. I do feel bad for her, she doesn't look happy, she looks sad and lost. Who can blame her? Everyone blames her and post negative things about her. We should wait until she talks and gives her side of things and put all the rumors to rest.

2553 days ago

This is sad    

re CPS. these types of organizations are notoriously understaffed. you will always find stories of children being overlooked. in a wealthy area they will investigate EVERY case because they can. unfortunately, poor areas are poorly staffed. sad but true

Britney may not have the best parenting skills it doesn't make her an unfit mother. KFed is a poor example for his sons. At least Britney is showing her kids that you work hard for what you want. She could easily walk away from showbiz but she keeps at it regardless of what her critics say about her. People magazine has a cute photo of her looking tired after Vegas but stil finding time to be with her kids.

You are hearing about these claims because Fed-X is going after her. He is probably making the claims or having someone make them. HE GETS MORE MONEY IF HE GETS FULL CUSTODY. CPS should be focusing on child pornogrphy, abuse and neglect. These claims against Britney are silly.

2553 days ago


Kevin is pissed because in november brit doesnt have to pay him the $20,000 a month spouse support, so if he gets the 70/30 custody then she will have to pay child support, he needs a newspaper to find his ass a JOB!

2553 days ago

Corey Haim is HOT    

This chick is nutz!!
she does not need the help of K-fed to look like a bad parent,,
I never see photos of K-fed running around with the tots doing stupid unsafe things, on the other hand,, Spears is a joke of a parent,, she is dragging them doped up looking kids all over the place,, they always look high,, just like mommy,,
If I was her mother,, I would count my losses,, file to get
custody of the kids,, knowing she would not get a dime more from Britney,,
who cares,, this stupid woman (brit's mom) should be concerned about those kids
and get a real job and raise those poor kids that B. Spears does not want!

all the relatives seem to be scared of Britney Spears,, (money train tramp) that they have no gutts to try to help those poor boys ,, if Spears was my daughter,, I would of already taken her to court for my grand-parental rights,,
seems nobody but K-Fed has the nutzz to go up against the trainwreck that is Spears,,
I hope he nails that skankkiepoo to the wall! and gets the kids,,
maybe then Britney's family will have a chance to be in their lives

2553 days ago


Give me a break..... not having your cabinets baby proof???? Do you know how many people would be under investigation ....this is getting a little out of control don't ya think???

2553 days ago


Though Britney might not be very bright in the parenting dept., she's not abusing her kids. CFS isn't meant to deal with petty issues such as the allegations above. It's terrible that they have to waste time on Brit. and not deal with REAL child abuse and neglect. At best, Brit. needs parenting classes and a shrink.

2553 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

did someone report that K-fed was out partying this weekend.... what a terd,,,,, he just wants more money... Did he call DFS on Shar last week when she was out partying

2553 days ago


# 20 .You sound like one of the jerks who called in the false report
How dare you say things like that about those kids
Do yourself a favor and the rest of society and check yourself into a hospital
you are a very sick person

2553 days ago

Tiny Dancer    

As much as I can't stand Britney Spears, and do think she is an immature parent, these allegations are a waste of taxpayers money and just ridiculous. Sometimes I am so busy I may forget to brush my teeth, or my children's in the morning, but that doesn't mean DCFS would come to my door. Where is DCFS when children are being beaten to death or molested in their foster home custody? They're at Britney Spears' mansion, investigating "legitimate" claims of dirty teeth.

2553 days ago


its both of them as parents.. that are screwing up not just the one

2553 days ago
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