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PETA Gives Whoopi a Whuppin'!

9/5/2007 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whoopi is the new Rosie on "The View," in more ways than one! Day one, and she's already pissed off a whole lotta people, including animal rights group PETA. Goldberg defended Michael Vick by saying there are things that are "indicative to certain parts of our country," ... meaning the South.
PETA and Whoopi Goldberg
PETA President Ingrid Newkirk fired off an email to Whoopi that very politely said just how ignorant Whoopi's statement was. "I think a lot of people who live and work in the South -- as PETA does -- will not appreciate the "view" that cruelty to dogs is an accepted Southern pastime. Those who fight dogs do so in New York, Chicago, and even the Republic of The View -- click to launchIreland, and what unites them is lawlessness and callousness, not whether they eat grits or Belgian waffles for breakfast." Newkirk went on to say that "animals are as vulnerable to abuse as children are, and they need your voice more than Vick does right now." Whoops!

UPDATE: On today's "View" Whoopi said she was "not condoning" Vick's actions. It sure sounded as though she was making excuses for them.


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whoopis comments show her ignorance since when is it ok to abuse animals cause you live in the south??

2584 days ago


That's the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard! I have lived in the South all of my life and would never condone what Vick has done or ANYONE else- everyone that does this to dogs (or any animal) deserves to be punished!!!

2584 days ago

Susan B    

I no longer watch the view, but I believe that Whoopi will defend anyone who is black, no matter what they do or say.

2584 days ago

Mie Anne    

Whoopi saying that something is indicative to that part of the country is not saying is is legal or acceptable. It is saying that this behavior has been going on a long time, right or wrong, and that it is sometimes hard to break the pattern even if it is wrong. No where did Whoopi say it is Okay to harm, maim, or kill dogs. She was just trying to tell us about differences in how people may be raised.

2584 days ago


Animal ABUSE is animal abuse, no matter where it happens.

SHAME on Goldberg for DEFENDING dog fighting promoter Michael Vick.

Too bad she accepts it as the "black culture" to abuse animals, although
not all blacks are that way, obviously.

People of ALL RACES all over the WORLD should be KIND to Animals.

Before becoming a Pet owner, you must be

110% committed to PROPERLY Caring for your pets.

They require lots of love as well.

They should also Not be USED for PROFIT, Period.

There should be STRICTER LAWS regarding ANIMAL ABUSE.

Thank God for organizations such as ASPCA !

2584 days ago


Whoopi, I love ya girl but we rednecks down here in the south have just as much love and compasion for animals as you city slickers. Please don't blame Vick's disgrace on us

2584 days ago


whoopi is from ny and from middle class parents. i have no idea where she gets the idea she is so culturally "in" with southerners. was the the best The View could do to start some buzz?

2584 days ago


Whoopi is an idiot! She needs to keep her mouth shut. Why the View, has her on the show now, I will never understand. I will never watch The View if she is on there.

2584 days ago


No matter how or where you're raised, wrong is wrong. Period.

2584 days ago


Whoopi was born and raised in NYC. What does she know about the South? People who abuse helpless animals and children are vile and despicable no matter where they are from and she has revealed herself to be the same way by condoning such a thing.

2584 days ago


To #4 - All said and done, she still said that it's something black folks just "do"! It's how they grew up! PLEASE! It shows how ignorant you also are! She sounded the fool and even her co-hosts were surprised. But seeing as Whoopi looks like a mutt, it figures that would be her point of "view".

2584 days ago


Dogfighting is ILLEGAL, and completely unacceptable in the South, or anywhere else. I don't normally agree with PETA, but in this, we see eye to eye. Her comments were ignorant, and offensive to everyone who lives in the South. We aren't a bunch of ignorant, backwoods hillbillies with nothing better to do than fight dogs. She disgusts me. I hope they get rid of her.

2584 days ago


Since everyone likes dogs so much why don't some of you go from city to city and fund dog shelters for stray dogs, there are way to many strays running around, hell most of you don't support dogfighting but you would be glade to support the death penalty most of the dogs that are used in dog fighting are viscous and savage and would kill at any opportunity. it's ashame that people would waste so much time on some damn dogs.

2584 days ago

montana girl    

Wow, Whoopi is already putting her foot in her mouth. She apparently doesn`t understand what animal cruilty is. People will tune out the view and not even listen to her ramblings.

2584 days ago


whoopi will never be Rosie,everything about Rosie sucked.the only person to take the view down is Barbara,she is rude and looks at Elizabeth like she hates her.Barbara is the one washed up and needs to turn it over to the young guns,her gun is empty !!!

2584 days ago
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