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Beaten Televangelist: I Love Him, But I'm Dumpin' Him!

9/6/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He allegedly kicked, choked and stomped her, but televangelist/beating victim Juanita Bynum says she still loves her husband. Oh, God.

In an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta, Bynum talked about the almighty beatdown Bishop Thomas W. Weeks gave her in an Atlanta airport hotel parking lot last month -- and the divorce is now in progress. Can I get an amen?!

Bynum admits, "My love for him, separating what I experienced in that parking lot ... it's so much until I think I can marry him twice, but this one is over." Hallelujah!

Bynum also said it wasn't the first time her preacher hubby, who has since been charged with felony aggravated assault and making terrorist threats, had gotten physical with her -- though this last altercation was by far the worst. And apparently, his last.


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I respect the emotional transparency BUT.....

These two are BOTH in the business of pedaling miracles for money...AKA the "PROSPERITY GOSPEL". Exploiting the hopeless in the name of Jesus to pay for their MILLION DOLLAR WEDDING that they went on to sell videos of.

This will increase Juanita's ability to exploit, despite the fact that her and her husband made big bucks on their "ministry" in which they told people how to get along in marriage.

2572 days ago


this is the news story (same source as the tmz story- Fox 5)

This shows that although it is deplorable what happened to Bynum, it should not excuse her for claiming to want to be the 'face of domestic abuse' while ignoring her fellow suffers who were abused by Weeks because she did not stop him!

I assume she knew what he was at that point.

Even if she didn't the fact that she is not speaking up now is shameful.

2572 days ago


#85, S.A.I

I have compassion for Juanita's suffering. No one should go through that.

But apparently _she_ has no compassion for the other people Weeks allegedly abused. Why doesn't she address that?

Because after all, she does want to become a figurehead for domestic abuse suffers!

For all who want Weeks to be forgiven for his 'mistake'. Yes, God can forgive him if he repents. But the law will not, and part of obeying God is submitting to the laws of the land. So he will need to pay for his crime and not lament that he is, because in doing it he will be obeying God.

There are people who have endured suffering for obeying God, while committing no real crime. Here we have a man who did commit a real crime, while DISobeying God.

So while he can be forgiven, he needs to accept the legal consequences.

2572 days ago


#12: You should be ashamed. My grandfather is a preacher and I know in the bible it says not to divorce, but do you believe that she should stay in a marriage and get are so wrong! My grandfather has even talked to me about stuff like this...I've been in an abusive relationship and trust me if I hadn't left I would be dead right go screw yourself! God would rather us take care of I guess where He tells us to treat our body as a temple, we should let people bruise it for us.

2572 days ago

Yes I Said It    

All you people who says you don’t want to turn to God because you don’t believe in “organized religion” keep kidding yourselves. That excuse wont fly with God on Judgment Day. You can’t tell him you didn’t do the right thing because of some TV preacher you didn’t like. Organized religion isn’t bad in itself. What’s wrong with people of common beliefs coming together, just like other groups do in our society? You people just want a do-it-yourself religion that allows you to do your own thing without any real accountability. Some of you are going to be real surprised when judgment day comes and you realize that maybe some of those people who took part in “organized religion” weren’t so dumb after all.

2572 days ago


Personally I think that it's none of our buisness what's going on in their relationship.And alot of the comments I've read on here,Is very disrespectful to Ms.Bynum,Mr.Weeks,but more so to God.There was only one perfect person who walked the earth.And his name was JESUS.

2572 days ago

Dyamond Jonez    

What's wrong with divorcing a man who is physically abusing you?? Show me the scripture in the bible that says a woman or man has to stay in an abusvie marriage?? I've never seen that scripture and never will because it ain't in the word of God!!

Husband's loving their wives as Christ loved the church does not including physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse!!! You need to study your word before you start trying to make folks stay in a marriage that is unhealthy!

If he hits you once and you stay you best believe your gonna get hit can bet on it! Leave while you still have some sense left and get on with your life.

That's my two cents...

2572 days ago


Instead of giving your money to very questionable TV evangelists, give your money to missions, the homeless, and others who are in need. And by the way, Tithing is an old testament practice under the Mosaic Law. No where in the New Testament does it mention tithing but only offerings to assist in the missions. Most of our "tithes" go to these very wealthy people who use your money for vain selfish practices. This is unbiblical. We are under the new covenant. Wise up folks!!! The "love" of money is the root of "all" evil.

2572 days ago


lady you are very strong in the lord and in your self...i see you doing fine in life regaurdless....yeah this too is passing...both you and the bishop will be watched the church , the world and true christians...some will identify..others will learn through your ordeal and ultimately...god will make this into a good thing and a many fold blessing for us all....going through is one thing but how you go through is another...seems like you aint stopped preaching...and that's agood thing....i would like to see thommy as i see you now at this moment...strong in the lord...seems tho as if your lives will go in differnt directions but i am heartned to hear you profess your undying love towards your husband.....some may not understand...but for those who know how true love is measured will under stand...god bless you both...don't let the world get you down...

2571 days ago


Ok, i have been on both sides of the fence, meaning being saved and unsaved and i have enough experience to know that it is not a good thing to speak negative about people with a higher calling or anyone for that matter. Im not saying that i am not concerned if she is doing wrong or not. But i am saying that i believe in God and nothing can get pass him. And it is not up to us to judge her or anyone else, that is his responsibility. If i have done something wrong and i know that knowone knows about it, i still feel guilty because i know that i have not gotten away with anything. God is with you at all times (good and bad). So can we at least stop with all the name calling and let God be the judge over her life and our lives as well.

2571 days ago


At first when Juanita Bynum first started preaching on national television I really enjoyed her but for some reason after she got married she changed to me she dressed different she just did not seem very holy any more. And I new her marrage was not going to be all peaches and cream everything she put into her wedding did not mean a thing after all. But I stopped watching her because she was not annointed any more every time I looked at her on television she screamed to loud and her attitude was very ugly. She said one time on TBN that you better send some money in the mail by such and such of time and if you dont you will not get your blessing I did not like that nor her attitude thats probly why her marrage did not work out. I remember when she came to oklahoma city my home town and spoke at Richard Houghs church my sister brought a bottle of oil up to the altar for juanita to bless. And my sister was going to take it home and pray for my 93yr old grandmother who is suffering from a bone disease juanita said she would not bless the oil and that just hurted us very badly. I guess she thought she was to good my sister also went up for prayer and she skipped her and prayed for someone else I just dont like it when preachers do that. I dont like it when you cant talk face to face to some of these preachers but it will not be like that when we all see Jesus. I know that what happened to Juanita had to happen for a reason there is some thing that her and her husband have done to disappoint God. And God wants the world to know that something is not right with some of these preachers and let me say this before I go. God dont like ugly hes not a man that he shall lie he is a jealous God and these preachers better stop playing with God I am not gossiping, judging, or saying anything bad about Juanita Bynum but it says it in the holy bible God says that you will be rooted out depart from me I never new you.

2571 days ago


You that have no fear of God, you will be served on the day of judgement. You that claim to be followers of Christ and have opinions will also be served on the day of judgement, if you do not repent. The Bible states "Touch not mine anointed and do my Prophets no harm.

I started out reading thinking that I would see, words such as: Be encouraged, his too shall pass, In the day of trouble He shall hide me, Cast all your cares on me, I will lift up mine eyes untio the hils, etc. But what I see hurts deeply. We are in the last days, can't we all see that if we live godly we shall suffer persecution. Please people, you that know how to pray just pray. let those that have an opinon hang them own selves. We pray that God's will be done......
Psalm 37:1-25

2568 days ago


i will advice all who comment to watch what they say lest they regret. you dont have the right to judge either juanita or thomas, the word of God says touch not my anointed in psamls 105. God means what he is saying. let God deal with them, woman of God, remain focused and be more strong than ever, and bishop, it is well. a righteous man falls 7 times and rises again. keep your eyes on God. all things work togetha for good for them that love the Lord, so God will perfect all that concerns both of you and according to his purpose he will establish you.the world will neva stop opening its mouth whether you do good or bad, but as long as you live to please God and make things right with him who can be against you?

2565 days ago


Humm this looks like a money fight, when theres money like "They" have it creates Disturbances! they both are greedy as hell and the crumbs probalby running low!! Just hit up the "Church" folks .Dont fight each other! I see a bigger pot of money now for Juanita shes gonna cry n show her "new" lashes and set "Yall up for another pocket hit! she prob gonna be LARGER now she gonna play a new fiddle,...guess she gotta eat 2 unlike the poor slobs that give her their last and get nothing in return! GODS word AINT NO HUSSLE .....U hear that JUANITA!!!

2562 days ago


Humm this looks like a money fight, when theres money like "They" have it creates Disturbances! they both are greedy as hell and the crumbs probalby running low!! Just hit up the "Church" folks .Dont fight each other! I see a bigger pot of money now for Juanita shes gonna cry n show her "new" lashes and set "Yall up for another pocket hit! she prob gonna be LARGER now she gonna play a new fiddle,...guess she gotta eat 2 unlike the poor slobs that give her their last and get nothing in return! GODS word AINT NO HUSSLE .....U hear that JUANITA!!!

2562 days ago
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