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MTV Confirms Britney to Perform at VMAs

9/6/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Breaking NewsTMZ has confirmed Brit Brit WILL perform at this year's 2007 Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

MTV has issued a press release, announcing Britney will open the show by performing her new single "Gimme More."

MTV also confirms TMZ's favorite "magician," Criss Angel, is in on the act as well.



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tuna marie    

she will totally embarass herself i can't wait!!

2605 days ago


I hope she gets hissed on stage. Maybe then she will get the hint no one cares about her and her "comeback"

2605 days ago


Is there anyone anywhere that really gives a crap about Brittney and what she does anymore?

2605 days ago


I for one can not stand britney but i do like to watch her embaress herself...and I will watch the VMA's but not for her.....and you are exactly right SHE IS BIGGER THAN EVER,,,,,ABOUT 20 POUNDS...HA HA HA HA

2605 days ago


I don't know folks Britney is one hell of a performer so hopefully she may actually do a good job. BTW ...Do you people ever post anything except nasty comments? Its getting kinda of old.. and yes Britney isn't 110 lbs anymore but I don't see where she is fat like most of you claim. I think she has curves like real women do.. and her body looks better than most persons I have seen.
I'm pulling for Team Britney.

2605 days ago


#76, I'd like to see you try, hahaha.. You'd probably stumble and die, face the facts you suck.. posting negative stuff about someone you dont even know, And how do you know her, oh cus of the filthy media, but yet you read about her, so therefore, you love her to some degree..hahaha, the truthcomes out does it!

2605 days ago

tuna marie    

if it is anything like the house of blues tour, she will be laughed off the stage.

2605 days ago


COOL! I might actually watch if Britney's going to be on. I hope she is back to solid pop music and not that hip-hop wanna be crap she was doing in her later albums.

Best of luck to her though, very brave to put herself back out there, it's a very vulnerable position to be in and people will be brutal if it's not good.

Hopefully she's grown and matured and her music will reflect that. The worst thing would be for her to come out doing the same old sex-pot teenager type stuff. She's older now, hopefully wiser, and I sure hope her music and performance shows that.

2605 days ago


Good for her! I hope she does a great job! Go BRIT BRIT!

2605 days ago


# 64 - by "Britney Spears Back! And there ain't nothing u can do!"
(" yes idiotts, dancing counts as performing, and so does lipsinging! ")

Lipsinging and back up dancers to distract is not Britney performing.
I see you have already bought into the illusions of dork angel mind geek..

2605 days ago


I would love to be there to see her performance! She has made pop what it is now, no one has ever in my book has outperform her!

2605 days ago


I for one would like to say.....I was a mother at a young age and I don't think I was a good mother, but after a while something kicks in and you're a great mom. I think it can happen to Brit. I can't be the only one who thinks bad moms can't be good moms later in life. Think about it... how many of us suck at parenting... hold on it gets patient...make your mistakes, it's not like you have CPS involved in your life.

2605 days ago


# 64 & # 84 ok which one of you dorks doesn't know it's lipSYNC not lipSING??

2605 days ago


#11 your stupid!!! Britney is a big time loser that needs to raise her kids and stop seeking all the attention!!!! Such a waste!!! She will never be "IT" again!!!!! She should give her kids to some one that will take care of them like she should but wont!! Maybe you and her can go find an island somewhere and never come will do all of us a BIG FAVOR!!!

2605 days ago


Why does anyone even care? TMZ sure has alot of slow news days.

2605 days ago
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