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"Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

9/7/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Bucky Covington got a real boost to his career -- as headliner at -- hold for it -- The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. The wha?
Bucky Covington
TMZ was on scene when Bucky boy blasted his own brand of hot air and spastic dancing for what looks like an audience of dozens of adoring old folks in Anderson, South Carolina. Bucky "performed" before the hot dog eating contest, and just after the wing eating contest. At least he was out in front of other bands like ... Morris Day and the Time! Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

When your final 15 minutes of "Idol" fame tick down ... this is where you go. There's always the balloon ride.


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DAMN, it looks like TMZ is getting told off pretty good!

2603 days ago

me betch    

Gagal, Hey Gagal, SHUT UP!

2603 days ago


I wasn't a Bucky fan on American Idol, but his song on the country radio is fantastic. You guys must be jealous!

2603 days ago


CLEARLY TMZ is Southern bashing. Bucky has yet to be a has-been. He has been on top ever since he got off Idol . Has had a hit CD out and getting ready to do another You need to quit partying long enough to do some research before showing your ignorance of what your readers are interested in before ticking them all off. I didn't see anyone eating a hot dog and the crowd was fairly large. In 1994 I booked a Country singer for one hour at a fair in the mid-west...We paid him $50,000 for one hour.....and that ain't poke salad.....believe me if musicians are booked at a fair someone thinks they will draw a huge crowd...When anyone performs at a fair on a main stage they are already deemed to be "hot" and in demand.

2603 days ago

jay harris    

TMZ guys, I know this is your idea of cute reporting. But the guy was a contestant on American Idol- hardly a REJECT. A reject would be someone whose name you'd never heard, not memorable enough to be on the show at all.

EVERY artist builds a career doing these types of gigs at fairs and festivals. It's a bit mean-spirited to criticize a guy making an honest living using his talents.

2603 days ago

Old, tired, crazy, psycho Britney SUCKED    

LOL.....Nice stage moves there Bucky...that performance is a crack up...LOLOLOLOL

What a tool

2603 days ago


This guy makes Clay Aiken look Straight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


Looks like TMZ will learn from these comments what their readers like. Stick to making fun of the idiots in hollyweird and leave our hot country artists alone. I love reading TMZ, but not when they pull this crap. It makes TMZ sound no better than Perez.

2603 days ago


Looks like Bucky is packing some heat there too.

Obviously TMZ staffers have received their GED's or are well on their way to getting them. South Carolina is not in the Midwest. Their grasp of geography speaks volumes about our public school systems, doesn't it? And yet, they still get jobs

2603 days ago


I was at this show in Anderson, SC (which is nowhere near the midwest!) and Bucky and his band put on a PHENOMENAL show!!!!!!!! There was a HUGE crowd there, and they loved every minute of that show!! I know I certainly did!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait 'til I can go see 'em again!!!! Bucky, his brother Rocky, and the entire band are so INCREDIBLY talented and are some of the SWEETEST guys in the world!! Plain and simple Bucky rocks!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


Hey TMZ... not only did you manage to disrespect small town america, you are WAY off on your depiction of Bucky Covington as a "American Idol Reject". Not only is Bucky immensely talented, he is a true gentleman, and very kind to his fans. His debut CD was the biggest release by a new male country artist since Billy Ray Cyrus, his first single hit #5 on the country charts and he made his Grand Ole Opry Debut in March of 2007.

Do us all a favor and try GOOGLE before you belittle a decent, hardworking guy who is just paying his dues. Better yet, try


2603 days ago

just wondering    

Dear TMZ Staff, have you finally gotten a clue? As the old Merle
Haggard song goes, "If you're runnin' down my country, man, You're
walkin' on the fightin' side of me." To a lot of us folks in rural
America, "My Country" means family, church, working for an honest
living, the flag, the military, Mom, apple pie, farm animals (except
"Chicks") - you know, all those things that some sophisticated folks
poke fun at us for. And singers of country, bluegrass and gospel
songs tell it like it is for us. Bucky is the real deal and he's
working hard to make an honest living so pick another target for your
misplaced attempt at humor. In closing, God bless America and our men and women in the military!

2603 days ago


I don't know whats going on over at TMZ but you're misinformed, Bucky Covington is doing really well in the country music scene, he was on the top of the list of new country albums and singers, he has a lucrative contract as well. Maybe he is getting big bucks to do this concert, its a good opportunity for him to plug his new album and make some new fans, sounds smart to me. Morris Day and the Time are oldies but goodies, I'd pay to see them, they put on a fabulous show even now, these are not the bottom of the barrel people you are dissing here. You made it sound one time as if being on Broadway was hitting the skids, you must be kidding. I come from NY and thats every performers dream, to be on Broadway yet you made it sound as low as you could go, where have you people been? I think you got so caught up in what Paris and Lindsay and all of the trashcan kids in Hollywood are doing that you have forgotten there are working actors and singers out there, just because you don't see them half naked or unconscious in the back of a van or in front of a judge doesn't mean they aren't stars. Yesterday you dissed Heavy D, a fine actor and a founder of hip hop, he doesn't need to work and he is not a loser. Elliott Yamin is not a wannabee either, his album went gold, they just haven't been arrested is all, maybe thats why you think they are losers. Sheesh!

2602 days ago


Hey TMZ... if you think Bucky is the only sideshow talent, think again. Kevin Bacon and his brother just played at our local COUNTY FAIR!!!!


2602 days ago


Oh come on.
The meanie queenies at TMZ are not attracted to Bucky.
Geez it's one thing to be mean, but they are not even correct about his being a "wannabeen" whatever that is.
He is getting good reviews for his album. Lots of country stars play small venues.
At least he is doing what he loves.
No, he's not Tim McGraw, but he may be some day.
Also, in the country industry it's very important they play these venues. It's almost a requirement.
God, TMZ is stupid. How does this website keep going?

2602 days ago
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