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Britney Club-Hops Over to Diddy

9/8/2007 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britastrophe is not ceding her party crown to anyone! Train wreck in Vegas!
Britney and Diddy
TMZ sources tell us that a whole mess o' Britney started off her evening by grabbing sushi for dinner from Little Buddha restaurant at the Palms Hotel, and brought it back to her sky villa. A girls's gotta eat, y'all! Then she mixed it up at Body English in the Hard Rock Hotel -- then, opting not to go home to rest and prepare for her critical VMA performance -- but rather move on to yet another party -- hitting up PURE at Caesars Palace, joining Diddy and the gang! Those blue contact lenses are creepy! Diddy looks like he's in pain!

Nothing says "I'm ready for my comeback closeup" like a frazzazzled weave, horrible nails, and dark circles under your eyes!


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Is it me or does this girl have a bad wax job on her mustache or has she been up to no good?? brittney it's time to wise up be a mother and don't dress like some one looking for attention, classly would serve you better, good luck girl,keep working just don't let it forget the family!!

2565 days ago

Susan B    

#49 Jen - I am with you. I want everyone to leave Britney alone. She has lots of talent. She is just as good or better than anyone who blogs here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2565 days ago



2565 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Stop bashing Britney. At least she's working. Not like that lowlife, money mooching K-Fed. His sleazy lawyer wants Brit to pay him because K-Dud doesn't have any money to pay his lawyer's fees. Can you believe? I hope the Judge throws K-Boob back out to the gutter where he came from - along with his lawyer.

2565 days ago

Susan B    

I am with Jen #49. Just leave Britney alone y'all!!! Clean up your own back yard.

2565 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Britney would be fine if she didn't have the slimy paps stalking her every move and the slimy X-husband trying to steal her money. Good Luck, Britney.

2565 days ago


First of all, quit trying to be "First". If that's all you have to do all day you must be a dork. Secondly, Diddy does look scared. I think he has gotten too close to the weaves!! And smells the scank coming from the #1 skank.

2565 days ago


I used to like Britney, but DING DANG she has just let herself go!! What's up with those weird looking contacts? And why is her upper lip red?? Did she try to wax it herself? Or maybe she' doing coke? Whatever the reason, why didn't she try covering it up with makeup? Oh and why is she sweaty? Is it because of the coke too??

2565 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Why am I hugging some dude ? ich !

2565 days ago


how many ways can you say ....TRAILER TRASH

2565 days ago

tooth fairy    

Why does P. Diddy look so painful? Does Britney really smell that bad? LOL! This is the first time P. Diddy, aka the player, doesn't enjoy woman in his arm. This is too funny.

2565 days ago


She makes people from the south look bad! I promise southerners are not all like that skank!!! Oh and by the way I've seen people that live in trailer parks that look better than her!! How sad!

2565 days ago


"Nothing says "I'm ready for my comeback closeup" like a frazzazzled weave, horrible nails, and dark circles under your eyes!"

My response: I think TMZ would have to close shop if they were forced to say anything postive about Brit. No matter how good Brit performs tomorrow, it will be reported that she was a trainwreck or a complete falure. Oh ... and that her hair was a mess. Geeez

2565 days ago


Gee that smeared lipstick just screams Do Me Diddy or Diddy Did Me , Yes he does look scared lol That is very scary. Poor Britastrophy needs to take some time away from everyone, find out who she is and regain any pride or self respect she may have left . Focus on her 2 boys not on Doing everyone or everything she can. Sad to see her so out of control she is her own worst enemy .

2565 days ago

I love u Travis    

The stuff on her lip isnt from lipstick or kool-aid!! Stop being blind to what is in front of your face (Talking to the last brit fans) the redness on her lip is from sniffing up coke!!!!! Thats why brits been acted like dhe has no brain its because her brain is fried from coke!!!!!!!!!!!

2565 days ago
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