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Fifty Cent Saves Lives

9/9/2007 8:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fifty Cent's poolside performance at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday almost turned deadly.

During the show, guest Floyd Mayweather Jr. started tossin' money in the air, causing the crowd to dive into the stage-side pool to collect the soggy dollars. As fans pushed in, the stage nearly gave way -- where stacks of electronics lay in wait to electrocute the whole lot! Get rich or die tryin'!

Fifty tried to warn the crowd, and when the warnings went unheeded, he ended the show by walking offstage.


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distructive sleep apnea??    


2537 days ago


This is music?

2537 days ago


Did anyone else think Britney's performance sucked?

2537 days ago


I thought it was boring.

2537 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Wasn't great, but give her time, or would you rather she just fail over and over and just keep watching.

2537 days ago


So far, I have not been impressed. This show lacks energy.

2537 days ago


#2: I started posting about it on the Shannon Funk post. Seems TMZ can post a new one about that no-talent Fiddy, but not the no-talent Britney.

2537 days ago


It looks like she was on something and trying to remember her steps like a robot. She sucked. I don't know how she's going to live this down.

2537 days ago


OMG..I was actually embarrassed for was so bad I've seen better acts in the elementary school talent show

2537 days ago

Trav in Vegas    

I was working at the show as a cam. assistant and I was in the pool at the time. What ruin it was a guy use the supports in the water as a leverage to lift himself up to grab money that was still on the stage. Then, the front part of the stage started to tilt down and then stage right pillar that holds up the lights started to fall, a stage crew grabbed it until they put sandbags on it. 50 told everyone to backup and said "electricity and water don't mix" and then said "You'll all goin' die, so back the f*&k up" then security told 50 to end it and thats when he walked off. Then it took 5-10 minutes to get everyone out of the pool. I was one of the last ones out. Floyd threw out stacks of dollar bills, a few hundreds and twenties. He also tore up a few hundred dollar bills.

2537 days ago

Not for celebrity but this is wrong    

What the heck happened to britney she seemed as if she didnt even want to be there like it was a joke her back up dancers made the performace she didnt even give it any of her energy, and it was a good song sad what the hell happened to her????

2537 days ago


Britney was so boring. She looked stiff and uncomfortable. All of those people around her were there to distract us from the fact that she didn't do ANYTHING. What did they need Chriss Angel for?? What did he do?? NOTHING!!

2537 days ago


OMG......................................what was that???????????????????

I feel sooooooo bad for Britney...seriously...she had the chance of her life to make not only a comeback, but to redeem herself from her actions lately by doing what she does "best", which is perform.......................BUTTTTTTT............ what the f*** WAS THAT???? SHE just screwed everything >>>> her outfit was awful, she was at her worst lipsynckn ever because she was soooo nervous, it just seemed like she was that thing that she pulled for "House of Blues"...which is a bad presentation compared on what she really used to pull off............anyways...just feel so bad for her....putting herself like that...such was just sooo sparks, no illusionism (what about the criss angel thing????)...I guess now we know what they have really been practicing lately, and certainly it had nothing to do with Miss Spears appearance at the VMA's.......................very sorry for her...............................................but for now.......I guess she asked for it.........

2537 days ago


Her supposed comeback sucked. I can't believe she had the nerve to go onstage and lip sync and TRY to dance. It was horrible !

And GO 50cents !!!

2537 days ago


the vmas are terrrrrrible this year.... they suck... i turned it off after 10 mins... poor alicia keys... was nobody listening to her?? the audience didnt respond to anything she said.... britney... well that says it all... theres no come back in her future... im sorry... but somebody shoulda stopped her from goin on there and making herself i gigantic target for continued criticism and jokes.... terrible jokes.... and speakin of terrible jokes... whats up with silverman... shes stupid... i mean, did she forget what she was gonna say?? stupid ass... whoever designed or produced the show and all that flashy crap, should be fired... you were too busy trying to see what was going on and not paying attention to who was talkin or what video they were announcing.... the whole 10-15 mins i saw said enough for me... it sucks! mtv is going doin the crapper fast.... but unfortunately society sees it as "cool", so people will continue to act stupid cuz thats how they do on mtv... john norris, or whatever his name is... what the hell.. he looked like a woman... and in skinny jeans too... gross!!!!!! ugh.... thouroughly disgusted in the show and whole damn network.... BOYCOT MTV!!!!!!!!!

2537 days ago
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