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Dannielynn is One, Daniel Gone One Year

9/10/2007 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Little Dannielynn Birkhead just celebrated her first birthday with a spectacular Kentucky bash, but her happy day reminded many that her half brother and Anna Nicole's first child, Daniel Smith, died tragically at age 20, one year ago today in Anna's hospital room in the Bahamas. To many, it began a downward spiral ending in Anna's drug overdose in a Florida hotel just five months later.
Anna NIcole Smith, Daniel Smith, Dannielynn Birkhead
On Sept. 10, 2006, Daniel was found by Anna, unconscious in the hospital room in which she was recovering from giving birth to Dannielynn. Daniel had arrived in Nassau just 11 hours earlier to help celebrate his namesake's arrival. Toxicology reports said that an unfortunate combination of prescription anti-depressants and methadone caused his death.

One year since his untimely demise, an official inquest into Daniel's death has still not begun, and its start date continues to be delayed.


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Deposition Day for Rita
Discovery in progress.

2472 days ago


By Art Harris,, all rights reserved

The Bald Truth has learned Rita Cosby’s attorneys are asking a federal judge to seal a videotaped deposition the ex-MSNBC host gave in New York Thursday, Nov. 15 in connection with the $60 million libel suit filed against her by Howard K. Stern for smearing him in her book, Blonde Ambition.

U.S. District Judge D.J. Chin greenlit the speedy discovery request to take her testimony by Stern attorney Lin Wood –to get to the bottom of Cosby’s alleged attempt to pay Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-nannies for an affidavit confirming gay sex reports about Stern and Larry Birkhead she details in her book that both deny. The nannies are expected to be witnesses in the libel suit, and the inquest in the Bahamas next week.

After her book hit the stores, Cosby flew to the Bahamas to meet with the two Haitian immigrants and wound up caught on secret audiotape in a “sting operation” by the nannies’ lawyer, a former high-level justice department minister, and PR man, Lincoln Bain, a 10 year veteran of the Royal Bahamian police turned popular TV host.

In a court order, obtained earlier by The Bald Truth, Judge Chin said he was “concerned” that transcripts of those tapes showed Cosby offering to pay thousands of dollars if the women would confirm gay sex allegations she says the women gave to at least one Virgie Arthur private investigator she relied on as a source for her New York Times bestseller.

On Thursday, Cosby faced Stern attorney Lin Wood, who was scheduled to take her deposition about those attempts to shore up her reporting and allegedly influence two witnesses in the case.

Cosby attorneys have denied she did anything wrong. One of her attorneys has said her source was a 25 year veteran of the FBI turned private investigator. But the only PI matching that CV, Don Clark, chief investigator for attorney John O’Oquinn, Arthur’s lawyer, has denied he’s her source. His sidekick, Wilma Vicedomine, has said she had frequent contact with Cosby.

Vicedomine has been subpoened for a Lin Wood deposition Dec. 5 in Houston, in connection with the defamation suit Stern has filed against John O’Quinn.

Regarding Cosby’s hot seat, we did learn Thursday’s deposition began at 10 a.m., and didn’t wrap until almost 9 p.m. In requesting the judge seal the videotapes and transcripts of Cosby’s testimony, it may one of the first times the Emmy Award winning TV reporter has asked not to be on television.

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2470 days ago


« Bald Truth Exclusive: New Stern Complaint: Virgie Lawyers Behind HKS Smear, Cosby Book!
Bald Truth Exclusive: Rita Cosby Denies Libel!

Rita Cosby, Virgie Arthur’s Lawyer, Discuss “Evidence” Suggesting Stern Guilt

By Art Harris, ©,, all rights reserved

When her Anna Nicole shocker, Blonde Ambition, hit bookstores in September, Rita Cosby says she had “no serious doubts” about its accuracy, stands by her New York Times bestseller and says passages under fire “must be understood in the context of the entire Book.”

While she defends her reporting that suggests Howard K. Stern was allegedly responsible for the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and son, Daniel, 20, she “admits that no criminal charges have been publically identified in connection with the death of Daniel Smith.”

Whatever that legalese means, it’s all in Cosby’s official answer to Stern’s $60 million libel she filed last week in federal court in New York, a 40-page response obtained exclusively by The Bald Truth cosby-libel-suit-response-11-13-07.pdf .

If Cosby means Florida authorities ruled out homicide or any crime behind the death of the ex Playboy centerfold, she’s right. As everyone knows, including Rita, it was ruled an accidental overdose by the Broward medical examiner; law enforcement sources also tell me local prosecutors have since rebuffed attempts to reopen the case by Virgie Arthur investigator Don Clark (reported to be a Cosby source, though he publically denied it on Geraldo).

“We asked him, ‘Where’s the beef?’” said my source, “but he didn’t have any new evidence.”

Now comes The Inquest into the death of Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel, with the Royal Bahamian police so far finding no evidence to suggest foul play, either, though Stern critics with alleged financial motives, from Virgie Arthur to developer G. Ben Thompson and son in law Ford Shelley have been relentless in whipping up a frenzy of suspicion in trial by talk show.

Meanwhile, in her 40-page answer to Stern’s libel suit, filed Nov. 13 in U.S. District Court, Cosby defends her gay sex tape allegations about Stern and Birkhead, but concedes her accounts didn’t come directly from the purported eye witnesses, Anna Nicole’s nannies who, Cosby writes, saw Howard and Larry “doing that thing,” but from an investigator working for Arthur’s lawyer, John O’Quinn. Stern has sued him for defamation for blasting him as a murderer on national television.

The nannies, and their attorney, have since denied they ever discussed such a tape with anyone, including the investigators who did meet them. An audiotape introduced as evidence in the case shows Cosby attempting to pay the nannies for a sworn statement to back up her reporting.

She also defends her reporting about a Bahamian employee at the house “who became (Anna’s) confidante,” she writes in the book. “Later he told me that Howard never treated her right,” abused her and that she feared him.

Only she apparently never talked to that dude either, she admits, even though Cosby writes that “later he told me…” So who is “me,” if not Cosby?

In fact, my sources tell me the only male employee at Horizons was a gardner named Pierre, a Haitian, who speaks Creole, rarely came in the house and never said more than a few words to Anna.

Another mystery, I guess.

So, as I sit here, reading Cosby’s defense of her reporting, I hear Anna Nicole’s voice in the background. My wife has popped in a dvd of the Anna Nicole Show, research, and I can’t help but see the characters in question come to life, their crazy chemstry…Anna and Howard, but mostly Anna, acting outrageous, over the top, falling over couches, Sugar Pie humping a stuffed animal, Daniel enduring it all, an American family that helped put reality tv on the map.

It’s funny…in a raunchy-cute way, the fun couple in Vegas, partying with strippers, Anna and Howard both feeling the texture of dancers’ breasts as future research, perhaps.

It’s also sad that the uninhibited energy emoted by the bombshell of reinvention…is gone. And that Stern will be struggling, maybe even Virgie, too, as they hear a rehash of the final days of mother and son, the clincal reports of the docs and the cops…as witnesses testify at the Bahamas inquest Monday.

I’m also wondering if a saavy lawyer might introduce the show tapes as evidence of the weird showbiz glue that kept Anna rolling and the show going, and describes what Ford Shelley has even admitted to me and others: that Stern truly loved Anna and Daniel and would never harm them. Not that he’s saying that now, but he’s got almost a million dollars on the

2468 days ago


Not much information available these days.

Inquest suppose to start today . Hope it goes forward without a hitch.

2468 days ago

in Houston    

You persevere! Thanks. Wonder what happened to all the others who posted here? Do you know the main site where people are posting about Anna and Daniel? Who were you in the beginning? I've been "a friend" and "in Houston." I check what you're posting, but I've failed to let you know.

2467 days ago


Houston ,
Good to see a live body here . I had several monikers before, none of which I posted under on a regular basis. Only started posting regularly back in late August early September.
I have read all the primary TMZ threads since Daniel died.
Many are posting on the "Warrants" thread , many have changed their moniker so it is difficult to know who is posting. Some are posting in various chat rooms.
If you come across anything interesting , please post it here. Any info is good .
Glad to hear from you.

2467 days ago

Another Comment    

in Houston, familiar names have largely disappeared except for a few. Seems like that group sort of dismantled back in July on another thread when it was revealed that there were a couple of them practicing invasion of privacy investigations on other members of that once tight group.

Bai, I have followed this story since the beginning and enjoy reading but seldom post and when I do I do use a different name. I do, however, want to thank you for keeping those of us who enjoy reading the posts informed of legitimate data and information as it pertains to Anna and Daniel.

2466 days ago


wish there were some good news to report , afraid from here on out it is going to be very sketchy. Just an opinion of course and hope it turns out to be very wrong.

2466 days ago


21st November
Testimony Continues In Coroner’s Inquest
Two pills were found in a bed in the late Anna Nicole Smith’s hospital room immediately after a hospital code for cardiac arrest went out for her 20-year-old son, Daniel, on September 10, 2006.

The late Daniel Smith shown in this photo with his
mother, the late Anna Nicole Smith.

That was the testimony given Tuesday by registered nurse Nadine Carey during the Coroner’s Inquest into Smith’s death.

Ms. Carey said she responded to the code blue, which went out at 9:40am, and when she arrived at Ms. Smith’s second floor maternity ward room she met a "congested and crowded" hospital room.

She testified that she and Nurse Jancy Cota pulled the second bed out of the room to make space.

Hospital personnel previously testified that Ms. Smith’s attorney and companion, Californian attorney, Howard K. Stern, occupied the second bed, which stood near to the hospital room door.

"I noticed two tablets on the top of the sheet. I held them until the code was called off," Ms. Carey told the court.

She said she attempted to give the pills to the emergency room physician, Dr. James Iferenta, who led the resuscitation efforts. However, he advised her to give them to the nursing supervisor, Patricia Laing.

Ms. Laing – the last witness called to the stand on Tuesday – told the court that she in turn passed the pills on to a police officer. She said they were secured in a sealed plastic bag.

Smith died at Doctors Hospital three days after his mother gave birth to her second child, Dannielynn.

Nurses Carey and Laing were among 10 witnesses called to the stand on Tuesday.

The first witness called to the stand was Dr. Horizal Simmons, an obstetrician who was the first doctor to arrive on the scene moments after the code blue went out.

At Doctors Hospital a code blue signals that a patient is suffering from a cardiac arrest, according to the testimony of doctors.

Dr. Simmons testified that when he arrived in Ms. Smith’s room he saw a male lying in a bed on his back. He added that a female was standing at the foot of the bed with another male standing beside her with his arms around her in a "supportive manner."

The witness later identified the female as Ms. Smith and the male as her attorney and companion, Howard K. Stern,

The doctor also testified that immediately upon entering the room he checked the patient who had no heartbeat and no pulse.

Dr. Simmons said he began a cardiac massage and continued until an emergency response team arrived.

The second witness, Francis Woodside, a nursing assistant, told the court that when she went into Ms. Smith’s room the night before her son died there were three persons in the room along with the patient and her baby – Daniel Smith, Mr. Stern and a "white headed gentleman" that she could not identify by name.

Ms. Woodside said she entered Ms. Smith’s room three more times during her 11:30pm to 7:30am shift – once to deliver three pillows, another time when Ms. Smith requested pain reliever and the third time, around 6am, to take the patient’s vital signs.

The nursing assistant said that during the 6am visit, she observed Daniel lying in bed wrapped in his mother’s arms.

"We don’t usually have that happen, patients sleeping in the bed with relatives," she informed the court.

The third person called to the witness box was registered nurse and mid-wife Janice Knowles. She testified that she last saw Smith alive at 5:30am on September 10, 2006, when she came to take the baby out of the room and into the nursery.

Ms. Knowles testified that Smith did not want the baby to leave and protested to his mother, but to her recollection the baby was taken out of the room.

Next to take the stand was Mavis Davis, a certified phlebotomist – one who draws blood. She told the court that she last saw Smith alive around 6:20am when she went to draw blood from his mother.

"I saw a young man making adjustments to her (Anna Nicole’s) bed," Ms. Davis said.

The fifth witness, Patrice Hanna, told the court that a registered nurse and midwife was the first of two nurses to respond to the code blue that went out, some three hours and 20 minutes after Mavis Davis last saw Smith alive.

Other witnesses included medical technologist Harriett Lundy and Nurses Coralee Young and Catriona McTaggert.

The two nurses testified that Ms. Smith was "hysterical and screaming" during the resuscitation efforts.

Ms. McTaggert said even after doctors called off their resuscitation efforts after 25 minutes of trying to revive Smith, his mother still attempted to do chest compressions and asked Mr. Stern for assistance with ventilation.

Ms. Lun

2466 days ago


Nannies Called Irrelevant, May Not Testify
By Art Harris, ©, all rights reserved

Mystery bruises found on Daniel Smith’s body were apparently caused by hospital personnel desperately trying to save the life of Anna Nicole Smith’s son as they drew blood and urine samples to diagnose why he was unconscious, with no pulse, said witnesses who testified Tuesday in the Bahamas inquest into his death Sept. 10, 2006.

It was 9:40 a.m., when a “code blue” scrambled doctors and nurses. They found a hysterical former Playboy centerfold holding tight to her son who had been curled up in his mother’s hospital bed sleeping, nurses testified.

That’s where nursing assistant Francis Woodside said she had seen Daniel at 6 a.m., according to Bald Truth Special Correspondent Lincoln Bain, court watchers and others I spoke with about Tuesday’s inquest.

Smith’s attorney and partner Howard K. Stern was asleep in a bed in the same room at Doctor’s Hospital.

Three days earlier, Anna Nicole had given birth to baby Dannielynn.

An earlier Royal Bahamian police investigation concluded no evidence of foul play, but an inquest was called to explore if any evidence would suggest the need for a criminal trial.
An autopsy ruled his death an accidental drug interaction between methadone, and two anti-depressants.

Under questioning from Virgie Arthur’s attorney—after PI Don Clark, a former FBI agent, was seen slipping him a note–one nurse said she had found two white pills in the second bed of the room.

But Stern attorney Wayne Munroe, in what some called a “Perry Mason moment” established contradictions in the nurses stories. One said she wrapped the pills in tissue and gave it to a second nurse, who recalled the pills were handed over in a plastic bag.

“Did you tell police in your statement that there was another nurse who saw you with the pills?” Munroe asked one of the nurses.

“No,” she said.

“Don’t you think that would have been important?” asked Munroe, suggesting how could they treat someone unconscious without enough knowledge of what might be in their system.

But the big news is the nannies may not testify, sources tell me. It didn’t’ come up in open court, but in a conference among the lawyers.

Wayne Munroe challenged whether what they might have to say about Daniel was even relevant, since they never did come to hospital.

While nothing was decided, the nannies’ attorney, Elizabeth Thompson, told me that it doesn’t really matter to her either way, and would make her life a lot easier if “I didn’t have to come to court.”

The nannies are among some 35 witnesses on the list who could be called. The inquest resumes Dec. 10.

2466 days ago
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