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Kors Fur Causes Fury

9/10/2007 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The fur flew at fashion designer/"Project Runway" host Michael Kors' Spring 2008 Bryant Park fashion show, when a group called NYC Animal Rights staged a peaceful protest, crying wolf on his use of fur. *Ahoooooooooo!*

Earlier this year, Kors was cited by the Humane Society of the United States for using dog fur in some of his designs. Since March, Kors has discontinued his use of dog fur, but still uses rabbit and broadtail fur.

His spring collection didn't contain fur pieces, but, said Santos Lopez, founder of NYC Animal Rights, "The animals that will be used in his fall collection are already suffering in cages, and we only get a chance to speak to him twice a year. I don't want to look like we're bullying people, but these designers are celebrating the deaths of animals."

Billy Daley, Michael Kors' Vice President of Global Communications, had no comment on the protest.


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What an a hole! I am never going to buy his stuff again. I used to like his stuff but now forget it. I don't understand how people can be so mean to little defenseless animals. I hope the animals that he has in cages get set free before it is to late. Jerk.

2598 days ago


Kors is an overrated Ralph Lauren copy cat.

Fur is not fashionable..
Kors deserves what he gets.

2598 days ago


How about skinning Michael Vick and his pit bull cohorts and using them in the fashion collections? Only seems right.

2598 days ago


What an F,n cruel , bastard! My wish for him is that he comes back as one of his caged ,skinned ,animals in his next life! And,,,, anyone who buys them!

2598 days ago


I was going to purchase a pair of his shoes on line. Thanks for the heads up.. As long as he continues to have innocent animals tortured, and killed, I will not purchase anything with his name on it...

2598 days ago


Why don't you tree hugging animal humpers pick up a better cause. Like helping children of actual child abuse (not britney spears before anyone says it) battered women, and trying to helping Americas homeless find homes and jobs. Good grief how about sticking up for and caring for your fellow man first before helping out the four legged kind. I'm all for NO fur but so much energy and organization goes into a single runway show. Where is all the out rage when you pass a homeless person sitting down on the side walk. Huh!? You pass them by on your way to starbucks or the mall or on your way to the next save the whales rally! Try giving them a couple dollars and an address to a homeless shelter or you can put the energy you use for the save the fox meeting and help them find a Job. I put my money where my mouth is and I have done it. I don't pass my fellow humans in need to save an animal. But I have helped stray cats find homes and taken in my fair share of homeless dogs. Put up or shut the HELL UP!!!!!

2598 days ago

diablofeminina weho    

These people are idiots. I will continue to wear fur, leather, ivory and reptile skin. These idiots with their signs will not stop me. As well as, if they ruin my attire, I will buy replacements.

2598 days ago


Hey I ate steak last night, are they also going to protest around grocery stores? what is the difference anyway?

I co sign with Sammy

2598 days ago


KICK ass.. 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2598 days ago


YaY! 16th!!!!!

2598 days ago

Not supporting Peta butchers anymore    

PETA says they help animals , BUT they have killed them too.

I couldn't believe it till I read it and saw the proof for myself.

2598 days ago


A great man once said:
It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man. Until he extends his circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." - Dr. Albert Schweitzer (Nobel Peace Prize) French philosopher/physician (1875-1965)

I'll never understand people like Sammy that actually get angry at other people for trying to stop suffering in the world, simply because they don't deem it a "worthy" enough cause. There are so many assumptions inherent in that accusation, that it boggles the mind. Sammy, it's not an either/or situation. Every single animal activist I know also cares a great deal about humans, and often works on issues that affect humans as well. There's no limit on compassion, and I have to wonder about the kind of person that actually believes there is. As if there is only a tiny amount of space in your heart for "caring," and if it gets used up on animal abuse, there won't be any left. Nonsense! I care about my fellow humans, the environment, AND animals, and any time anyone puts an ounce of effort into ending any kind of abuse in the world, I applaud them. There is SO much suffering and oppression of the powerless happening all over the world. We should all contribute to whatever cause we are passionate about that leads to a more peaceful world. Certainly most people would agree that extreme animal torture such as dogfighting and skinning animals for fur is violent, barbaric, and makes the world less peaceful
I send good thoughts out to Sammy, because only a very angry, sad person could get so worked up and enraged over people promoting a more peaceful world. Sammy, don't be afraid to open up your heart and widen your circle of compassion-you might be thrilled to learn that there are no limits.
PS-The activists at this protest were not Peta, but a group called NYC Animal Rights.
Peace to all!

2598 days ago


Where are the protests fighting for the homeless, stricter sentences for child sex offenders. The sentence is stricter for dog abuse than it is for molesting a child in most states. That makes me sick to my stomach. I have to fight back tears thinking about it. I don't see the kind of out rage and disgust for children in harms way than I do for animals. Not saying that I condone animal abuse but I am no vegan. Love vegetarian food but I like a burger every now and then. Look all I am saying is that if we loved and looked out for our fellow man the way we do animals, There more than likely wouldn't be such a big need for huge rally like the one for Michael Kors.

2598 days ago


To Sammy:

#14...aren't YOU just the saintly martyr??? How the hell do you know
what we do with our time and money? Psychic, as well as
judgemental!!! I, for one, support many causes with my time AND
money. I was also a regular blood donor until I developed a
life-threatening disease. How many gallons have YOU given? But I
don't go around bragging about how many dollars I've donated to the
Red Cross, how much time I've spent writing letters on behalf of
Darfurians, or how much blood I've given. And if you really cared
about people, as you claim to, you certainly wouldn't be so abrasive
to those of us on this blog. You're rude, dude!Animals need
protection, too. FYI, people who care deeply about animals typically
do care about and support their fellow man. Maybe our hearts and
wallets are big enough to do both...but maybe your mind is too small
to grasp that possibility. Too bad for you.

2598 days ago


You know why people pick on fur and not leather? It's easier to pick on rich women than it is to pick on motorcycle gangs. Most "protesters" are hired, for those of you who are still clueless about that.

2598 days ago
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