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Britney -- I Object, Y'all!

9/11/2007 7:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has obtained this hilarious document in the Britney Spears/K-Fed custody war.

Britney's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, lodged 156 objections to Kevin's declaration, in which he questions Britney's parenting skills. Wasser had a good batting average -- 89 of the objections were sustained and 67 were overruled.

In all, there were 229 objections to various declarations. Peace out.


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I'm not a fan of Britney and never have been, but drowning one human being in so much hatred is not even cruel, its worse! The outpour of hatred toward her is like watching someone trying to kill a dead dog. The thing I marvel at is, unlike other public figures, I don't believe she's ever spoken out in her own defense. Someone should, because I can't see how any human being can take this kind of public abuse.

I know she loves her children and I'm sure they love her...

As for her figure, I'd give up a few donuts and a cookie to have that body!

2568 days ago


The Twit that is Brit, just keeps giving KFed more ammo for the court case. She is a no-talent, substance abusing lunatic, without morals. Shortly after her VMA debacle, once again Twit was flashing her Stinky Kinky; in this recent pic, ya can't even tell where her loose cooter flaps end, & her fat slappy thighs begin, LoL. She brings all this on herself, so too bad, so sad.

2568 days ago


89 sustained? Oh good....that gives Kaplan 89 good ones to work with. :-)

2568 days ago


MTV sucks man, they purposely made Brittany look bad. They knew that she wasn't ready. Dumm ass channel and never going to watch that insipid channel. VH1 is much better.

2568 days ago


stupid Sarah Silverman should go to hell. How could she say "mistakes" to britt's children. What i think is that she is a biggest loser and God will definately send her to hell. And she really had a diarrhea.

2568 days ago


I completely agree with madcat - let's all leave this woman alone for a while. Let her raise her boys in peace and quiet. She is not a bad Mom - she is a young, inexperienced Mom! Keven F. deserves no more of her money, nor any increased visitation. He does not even take care of the children he has with Shar whatever.

Brit - take a great, long vacation, hang with your boys, enjoy the simple things. I wish you all the best. You don't owe Fedex another penny!

2568 days ago


Bye, Bye Britney!

2568 days ago


Sorry I disagree, Britney brought this all on herself. K-Fed, did not shave her private parts and then expose her for the world to see. He did not shave her head, or drag her out clubbing and make her attack a car with a baseball bat. Should I go on? If you care for her so much, GET HER HELP, NOW. I just hope and pray that someone out there can help her before, she does something drastic. That woman is not in any condition to care for her children. God bless those two beautiful babies.

2568 days ago

mona lee    

In order to get full custody of those kids he better pack a lunch,,,he is going to have to prove that she is totally UNFIT!! He didn't take care of his own kids from the other scam artist Shar, so why should he now be the one to raise kids. I suppose millions from Brit would make it all possible, but if I were her I'd burn it before I would give that stinky looking creep a dime more,

2568 days ago

Lisa Seitz    

If everyone in the world had people watching every move they made,like she does that would drive anybody insane.I think the reason she shaved her head was a way to turn people off so they would stop chasing after her trying to make a guick buck.

2568 days ago

Getting Very Old!!    

No wonder this girl is so messed up. She has no idea how to get back on the right path, everyone is so busy pushing her down where they can make some money off the distruction. I agree that she is not handling herself if a positive way, BUT who is really trying to help her? The Media??? If someone was to say something about you and then it gets blown out of wack, do you get upset?? do you get hurt?? how about depressed?? Give the girl some slack!

2568 days ago



2568 days ago


Is she starting to resemble Barbara Streisand??? Her face, NOT her voice.

2568 days ago


Ding Dang, y'all! Leave Her Aloooone!! Britney has lots o' things on her mind these days, like, how to recover from the realization that

(1) she is a lardass;

(2) a national joke, and;

(3) her carreer is completely over!

Isn't karma just the worst? Ha ha ha!!

2568 days ago


number 12 well said!!!

12. Kevin needs to back-off Britney and get a friggin job. He is her downfall. Now she has two babies and he wants to break her down till she does something stupid to herself. Britney's parents need to step-up and help their daughter and her babies and not side with K-fed. Have they not forgotten all this is his fault.

Leave this girl alone. Stop with your stupid stories TMZ. You will have blood on your hands jackasses.

2568 days ago
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