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Soap Star Busted for DUI

9/11/2007 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

StormsSoap star Kirsten Storms, 23, was busted for drunk driving over the weekend. Here we go again!

TMZ has learned that Storms, who is also on Disney's "Kim Possible," was traveling on a Los Angeles freeway when a CHP officer noticed a lit cigarette being thrown from her blue Mercedes. According to the police report, officers "noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the vehicle." After several sobriety tests, she was arrested for DUI.

Viewers know her best as Maxie Jones on "General Hospital" and Belle Black on "Days of Our Lives." The alleged litterbug/DUIer was taken to Van Nuys Jail and later released on $5,000 bail.


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If the only place we can drink anymore is at home, why do we have bars and nightclubs anymore? Who can take the chance of stopping after work and having a drink to wind down. It's ridiculous. People can smell alcohol on your breath after 1 drink. This does NOT make them an alcolholic or having PROBLEMS! People just go overboard anymore, like crazy! I know drinking can cause people to become impaired and can possibly cause accidents. But not everyone falls in that category!!!!!!!!!!!!

2602 days ago


Why does it says Days of Our Lives Star?? She hasn't been on Days in a few years. She's a regular on GH and might I add I love her on GH way more than Days. But anyways, it really should say GH star arrested. I hope that she learns from this and doesn't go down the same road as the rest of the troubled young starts in the industry. One more thing though - the cops pulled her over for throwing a cigg out the window??? I didn't know they could pull people over for that.

2602 days ago


Oh no!! She is my favorite character on General Hospital. This girl has talent. She can play comedy, air head, serious, you name it and cute as a button. I hope GH doesn't dump her, but I was shocked at the heading TMZ, you are so behind the times. She hasn't been on Days in ages and she's a STAR on GH. Fix the heading.

I know she hangs with a lot of the young Hollywood, it was a matter of time, but damn people when will you realize a car is a weapon just ask that kid from Prison Break. Ugh. Every day now it's someone else.

2602 days ago


She plays a slut on General Hospital she is not on Days of our lives...

2602 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Shouldn't that be Kirsten Storms of General Hospital?

2602 days ago


#32 Susan -Your car came w/o an ashtray because the majority of people
don't need one. If you weren't such a cheap bitch, you would've paid to have on installed knowing that you need one.

Throwing a cigarette out the window IS a crime - ever
heard of a little thing called littering? It's worse than just
throwing a scrap of paper out the window though, as most people throw
LIT cigarettes out, causing fires. I'm not sure if you've ever driven
up I-5 in the summer, but all of those black patches along the road
are caused by idiots like YOU.

2602 days ago

Britney fan's are pathetic    

why does she have to have a problem? Alot of people, regular people, make a lapse in judgment one time or the other. My next door neighbor, a 24 year old, made the mistake of getting a DUI about 6 months ago. Hasn't done it since and it didn't take rehab and a intervention.

God people lighten up on the drama. She may have made one mistake. a stupid mistake but lets give her one more chance before we label her a lilo.

2602 days ago


She's so cute. So what if she's not on DOOL anymore, that's how most of us know her. We never hear of bad behavior from this girl, so give her a pass. She's entitled to make a mistake. We all make mistakes. I wish her good luck and she might very well learn from this mistake, unlike so many other celebs.

2602 days ago


STUPID GIRL!! I hope you get fired from GH! You are lucky not to have killed anyone with your careless drunk driving AND don't forget we're having a drought here in California so that stupid ass act of throwing your cigarette out of a window could have started a fire! There is dry brush everywhere! Your stupid careless acts are unforgivable and anyone who says to give you a break surely hasn't lost a loved one to a drunk driver and has never experienced the loss of a home because of a fire caused by a cigarette that was tossed out of a window by some stupid smoker! I am MADD!

2602 days ago

Britney fan's are pathetic    

To #48. I have lost a loved one to a drunk driver. Let's thank god this wasn't a tragedy and hope she gets it through her head to not do it again. No one said give her a break we just said this doesn't make her a alcoholic.

All that anger is not worth carrying around. I know my loved one would not want me to hate anyone and everyone who makes a mistake that would make it a lonely world for me.

2602 days ago


OK...thanks for the hundreds of readers who thought necessary to correct the TMZ if TMZ gets ish wrong enough to have to blow up there spot! You read them for a slip and stop actin' like its totally unacceptable!

ATTENTION READERS: It is clear that the headline regarding the soap in which Maxie is a deceitful, coniving whore, out to prove the world that she isn't just a heart transplant survivor of the so loved, RIP, BJ, she is a girl that can party and be fabulous like any other female of Port Charles who eventually, no matter how sweet and innocent they once were (Elizabeth Martin Spencer), can use the kitty to manipulate a man's lust an eventually obtain power, wealth and success, on the wonderful, most rated soap of all time, GENERAL HOSPITAL.

We love you SONNY!!!!!

2602 days ago


for all you who call her a drunk...your pretty pathetic. your on tmz commenting about this. maybe its time all you people get lives and stop living through people you wish you knew.... i dont understand why you all care so much, you dont know the situation or what really happened. maybe you all wish you did...but like i said you all have no lives clearly.

2602 days ago


and too you terri from madd!! your a douche get a life bitch.....

2602 days ago


and fires are natural you idiots! i hope all your houses burn down

2602 days ago


i assume that none of you who posted have never drank a drink and got behind the wheel. Please. Stop railing on this girl. A person makes a mistake and all the "goody goody" people come out.
As you you#46, you are just a jerk. Thanks for calling me names, when you don't even know anything about me. It's people like you who keep taking our rights away. I'd never go to California anyway, so you won't have to worry about me starting a fire. You people are too pompous, self-rightous and know-it-alls. I'll stay here in Illinois, where we allow people to make mistakes and forgive.

2602 days ago
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