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Tommy -- "Kid Pebble" Bitch-Slapped Me!

9/11/2007 8:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tommy LeeTommy Lee may have been on the receiving end of Kid Rock's fist at the MTV VMAs Sunday night, but Tommy saw fit to spit back at Kid last night on his site at, calling him a "country bumpkin" and pooh-poohing his punch as a "bitch slap." Why don't we just let Tommy tell it like he saw it (in only slightly edited form):

Yeah!! I am minding my own biz having a great time with my friend Criss Angel (magician) and watching the Mtv awards in the front row saying hello to all my friends......Pamela comes and sits on my lap who I love and adore... I get a tap on the shoulder form Kid Pebble...i stand up and embrace him with a semi hug and say "Hey dude...What up"?? He punches me in the face.....well if ya wanna call it that!?....more like a b**ch slap!.......Wuss!! Anyway....i go to knock this jealous no career havin country bumpkin the f**k OUT....and before I can have a meeting with my fist and his ugly ass mug guards...NOT MINE at the Palms grab me and haul my ass outta the award show threatening me that if I move they'll break my arm......yeah whatever!! security guard Bruce grabs them and say's I got him....let go!!! So im fine and of coarse leave to my room with police and owner George Maloof......the rest is paper work and bulls**t!... Anyway...... I would like to apologize to Alicia and George and Mtv for the disrespectful bulls**t caused by a piece of s**t called Kid Pebble!!


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Both of these losers need to grow up. YOU ARE TOO OLD TO BE ACTING THIS WAY! Besides, someone may break up hip... Not to mention the girl they are supposedly fighting over is a STD carrying whore. Give it up!

2601 days ago


Kid Pebble..thats funny! Personally I cant stand him. Tommy is a more talented artist and acomplished more in his life by the time he was 25 than Kid Rock will ever see. Its also pretty obvious that Pam stll has feelings for Tommy and for whatever reason they cant work it out to be together, but I do respect them both for being friends (with perks) and showing their kids that they can get along. I am sure it ate it at Kid to see them together. Hes gross, he looks like he never takes a shower and he dresses like a 4 year old. I also think theres something more behind the Kid/Pam marriage and Kid knows that Tommy knows his true colors. Tommy is a big kid, he is friendly and out going, we met him years ago in Dallas and if you didnt know who he was you would have never guessed he was one the most famous drummers at the time. He presented himself as a normal crazy guy... NO rockstar with attitude.

2601 days ago


Kid Grit is more like it. At Least Tommy knows how to play MUSIC, not that rap crap.

2601 days ago


kid so clever

2601 days ago


Riiiiight, skinny-ass Tommy Lee was going to lay into the Rock. He'd better be VERY glad that security (NOT HIS) was there to stop him from committing suicide. It's real easy to talk "big" when you KNOW that you're being held back "for your OWN protection. Notice how he doesn't follow through with his cowardly, behind-the-bak, bragging and invite the Rock to a private mano/mano throw-down. Instead he reverts to the convenient diversion of "paper work". I think he's nothing more than a "paper-tiger"

2601 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Ivana honey- it's OUT not(ought) :o

2601 days ago


Tommy is SO in denial...Kid Rock ISN'T his problem...THE biggest problem is the SAME one he's had in his past, has in the present, and will have until he dies...his babies' mama, Pam. Tommy, she's THE best guitar player in the world, being that she pulls your strings so well. You're the WEAKEST man in the world, for letting her. Mother of your kids or not, you have to begin to start respecting YOURSELF more than she respects you, and even respects herself. She's loving this drama, man. Show the same gonads that Kid showed, and is still showing, by not only having left the ditzy broad, but STAYING away from her & her baggage & drama.

2601 days ago


Boys Boys......there is enuf of pammy to go around......she is handing out hepatitis C for FREE!!!

2601 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

Pamela Luvy is lucky to be rid of both of them.

2601 days ago


Why would anybody fight over that Hepatitis carrying skank anyway? In a real fight, Kid Rock would mop up the floor with that dirt-bag, who by the way, looks like he just crawled out from under a rock.

2601 days ago


Pammy still loves Tommy, and always will. This is why she doesnt stay with anyone else, and Kid Pebbles knows this.

2601 days ago


Okay, one talentless moron slappes a semi-talented moron over some very damaged goods, and I'm supposed to care? Yea, right.

2601 days ago


Nothing more humorous then an E-Tough guy. Tommy Lee is a punk. Keep thinking you are a tough guy. All he does is talk.

2601 days ago


I'd like to hear what Diddy has to say since this happened right in front of him. And at least Tommys appologizing to the artist and to the public. Kid Rock aint done nothing.

2601 days ago

Kid Rock Fan    

Tommy Lee is a bi-sexual has been. Kid Rock did not "bitch-slap" him. Why would he bother? He was probably being a gentleman and wiping the drool off of Tommys chin , and poor "rocker" Tommy misinterpreted the kind action. Kid Rock is on his way up, Tommy and Pam are on their way down. Case closed.

2601 days ago
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