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Jayden James Makes It to One

9/12/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears and Jayden JamesSomebody wake up Britney and tell her that her youngest son, Jayden James, is one today. Ding dang!

In his short life so far, Jayden has witnessed mama Britney's divorce, her infamous head shaving, two stints in rehab, an umbrella attack, endless bad outfits and one career-ending VMA performance. Happy birthday, baby!

May this year be even better than the last!


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ThatsWhatYouGet 85    

you all need to get over yourselves. leave the child alone for moms, mistakes, the media really needs to get over themselves

2575 days ago


There are hundreds of thousands of children in America that are in worse, far worse situations then these little boys are, so TMZ why don't you go exploit them and give them the national attention they deserve and just maybe some of them will be saved from the streets/drug addicted parents/sexual abusers and violent parents that beat them on a daily basis. Hang in there Britney and with the right supporters (unlike MTV) you will come out ahead!

2575 days ago

just wondering    

......GOOD QUESTION # 31 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....this is ridiculous the harrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2575 days ago


Enough with the kids already!!! It makes me sick to here this stuff for
Britney, so how do you think she feels. She can't catch a break. Her actions good or bad, someone always finds something to dog her about. Anybody in their right mind should know 90% of what tabloids say are not true, and she is the only one that knows herself and her kids. ( they are beautiful, and I'm positive she loves them more than anything) And I wasn't suprised that she didn't do great at the VMA's. If you were put in her shoes how nervous would you be. I just hope she gets her life together, and quits listening to all the dumb a**es out there. She'll be back if that can happen.
britney, I'm praying for you and everyone else, that they'l leave you alone.

2575 days ago


17 more years in Brit's prison.

2575 days ago


I love this damn site but every once in a while I would like to grab the person who writes the captions on these stories and shake him/her (not even God can tell).

Yes, we all know Britney is a train wreck, but to talk about her kids? How bout a lesson in class? Of course, we are talking about Britney but guys are rough. She is more popular now then ever before because she is a 'trainwreck' and we all realize you guys love exploiting her for that. However, eventually this chick is going to go over the edge because of your 'retarded' comments and you will be stuck reporting on Hollywood's other fine Jenna Jameson (what many lonely nights I spent with her, what a shame that she now looks like an extra from 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom') & 'Paralyze me with a Stun Gun' Hilton.

I'm Out


2575 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Britney fooled all you guys!! Hell, she couldn't sing to begin with! Her "fans" are the ones to blame on this. They spent all their money on someone who couldn't sing her way out of a wet paper bag. Yet you praised her!!

Her fans are the ones who are fools!! She played everyone like a damn fiddle.
And still does!! Only now, she has your money and can do whatever the hell she wants!!

So to all you people who are bashing Britney, blame yourselves!! You put her where she is today!!

And now nobody understands why she can't sing or dance anymore, hell she couldn't to begin with!!

Britney also needs to understand that she didin't make it to the top by herself. She had lots & lots of people who knew better than her that put her where she is today!! And yet, she wants to be in total control!!

Good luck, Britney, but remember the ones who put you where you are today!!


P.S. And you let your fans down by not getting in shape or listening to anyone or even trying to apply yourself during that performance!!

2575 days ago


Can everybody just leave Britney Spears alone. Let her celebrate her sons birthday. Britney is a sweet girl, can't you go pick on somebody else already. She's been having a tough time and I'm sure all she needs is to be left alone to just live her life. People need to remember that she is a human being. You may not like her music but she is still a human being. She has feelings just like everybody else. Just leave her alone.!!

2575 days ago

kill the queen    

Britney needs to move out of California- back to Louisiana or wherever she was from and focus on her kids- they will be grown before long and she can rebuild her career once they have been given a loving secure childhood. I am not a Britney fan but I think enough already- being a mom is hard, being a single mom is harder. I think she needs to cut off all her "friends" and get back to her roots and her family. Theres a time and place for being a "sex symbol" (if thats what she calls it) but when you are battleing for your boys and trying to be a mom, thats not the time to be out trying to gain popularity with the "in " crowd.

2575 days ago



2575 days ago


Its one thing to repeatedly attack her to better your "hits" or mag sales..but for the love of god...Keep her INNOCENT children out of it.

You know as well as anyone else..if ANYONE said anything that brought your children into it,YOU WOULD SNAP.

Your crossing the line.
no if's and's or but's about it.


2575 days ago


I was never a big Britney fan, but now that I have seen much more of her I think she needs to give herself a break. She has the money. What is ashamed is it probably is hard for her to confide in anyone. I have had my own mini version of a melt down so I can understand some of what she is feeling. I think she can be a very good person but she needs time alone to breath. The whole custody battle I am sure is taking a toll on her. She is probably feeling pretty bad and telling herself where did she go wrong, how did she go from a world famous love to a world famous trainwreck. Even threw all of this I believe in her. I wish I could be a friend to her.

2575 days ago


Happy Birthday Jayden!

You know TMZ, it's people like you who point fingers that cause train wrecks. Britney seems to make everyone money but all anyone wants to do is talk crap about her. I've been in her shoes and can say that eventually you wake up and smell the roses, that is IF people like you aren't there to make sure she drowns. Why aren't the camera's focused on her loser ex husband who parades female all over his jock, while he could be at home with the babies, considering it is BRITNEY who is paying his bills. He should feel pathedic but instead he is adding to the fall of the mother of his children. I used to like to read this sight but TMZ is starting to sound as trashy and high school as Perez Hilton. Why are you so obsessed with this 25 year old girl? If you leave her alone, she just have enough time to cry and call her mom and realize the mistakes she has made.

2575 days ago


I don't know what you people are reading, but NO ONE is "attacking" the baby! They're commenting (quite accurately) on the state of his mother. Whether or not you like it, its the truth. She's insane. She freaks out. She breaks things. Period.

And she's untalented, but that's neither here nor there.

Bottom Line? The baby isn't being attacked. Deal with it.

2575 days ago


I'm with you #15, lay off the southern drawl, it's old.

2575 days ago
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