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Carol Channing Ripped Off in Hollywood!

9/13/2007 7:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hello Dolly, and gimme dat dress!
Carol Channing
LAPD Hollywood Division is currently on scene at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, where they were called on a report of stolen clothes -- from Broadway legend Carol Channing (seen here with the Reagans and Rockefellers).

According to Carol's rep, the 86-year-old Channing arrived at the hotel with her husband Harry Kullijian between 12:30 and 1:00 PM, carrying several pieces of luggage. As they were checking in, a thief made off with one of their bags that contained some a very important -- and historic-- property!

Carol's rep tells TMZ that inside the suitcase, a small black roller bag, was the sparkling "diamond dress" (seen in this picture) that Channing famously wore as Lorelei Lee over 700 times in the stage production of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer!

The valuable garment, which originally had long sleeves, was scheduled to be photographed and then sent to the Smithsonian to be exhibited. Luckily, her 1964 Tony award for "Hello Dolly," which she is also donating to the museum, was in another bag.

She's currently rehearsing for a performance this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl. When asked how Carol was doing, he said, "Carol refuses to focus on the negative. It affects her work."

The hotel surveillance camera has a shot of a person of interest -- which has been given to police.

Story developing ...

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bored 2tears    


2596 days ago


Some gay tranny is really happy right now!!! Whee lorelei lee?? Yah!!!

2596 days ago

Desease control    

Isnt that Hotel super haunted?

Mybe a ghost did it.

Call a Phsychic I guess,or bust out the Ojie board..



2596 days ago

Desease control    

Mybe my x-wife brittney spears did it.

hummn to 'catch a thief;

she needs new clothes and I have left her to broke to buy any

and she reasly does need something decent to wear.. so yahh mybe.........

2596 days ago


most transvestites are straight, moron.

2596 days ago


Her true life story should be played by Tori Spelling- an uncanny resemblance!

2596 days ago

My Two Cents    

Big news for your boring TV show!

2596 days ago


I thought she'd been dead for years.

2596 days ago


Ronald Regan was awesome, great.

2596 days ago



2596 days ago


I actually work at the hotel and i have all the gossip.

I know what the person looks like and i know what time.

Nope sorry no tranny did it just someone who got lucky with the right bag.

Cant explain more cuz ill get fired.

Oh yeah no ghost either.

For sure it was not VALET.

2596 days ago

Desease control    

This drees is very inportant to american history.
It comes from an era where the talent actualy had talent.

look around the performers of our day have no Talent what so ever.
except for brittney spears of course now she shows oringalnity and creativinty unsurpassed of out time.
Thats the sad stae of our union.

we oour paying taxs out our asss yet the things that are realy inporant to the futer of this country are getting itnored ,

Like the arts budget for the schools

and the music programs are all being cut

due to lack of funds..

It is hurting the fabric of our nation.

The lack of values and creative programs spells nothing but doom for america.
How can a nation remain # ! if they no longer up hold the standards and values that it was built on.
when you take away a childs right to get an education in not only the arts
but religion as well you take away theCULTER of its people.
Read TMz everyday for a week and you well get an understanding of how low we have sunk.
We build up our own and then we ripp them to shreads.
If we are aginst our selfs than who is for us?
we are wasteing billions of mhard earned Us dollars over in Irqe when we should
be taking care of our own.
We let homeless men woman and childern starve and freeze to death on the streets of american soil alll while spending obsecne amounts of money on a war thats going no where.
wE ALLOW the Gays the illilgal alians and the money men of our country to control the polical angeda.
We take prayer out of schools and take a who gives a care aditude about votiing.
The USA was bulit on christane values.
These values have become so watered down that we are letting eveil forces
manutpuilte the country and how our Tax dollars are being spent.
Right now those dollars are mostly being spendt on war and trying to combat the inveriomental hazzards that are a result of leeting foringeeiners sell there crappy products over here.
we need to sart putting some of americans money into the hands of
americans and take care of our own people FIRST.
God Bless all the troops who are working hard aboard for our Freedom.
It seems they are the only ones who are woring to keep this Country Great!

2596 days ago


You people are idiots. That Lady is an Icon.............Oh, I forget, this is TMZ, They have no Idea what a lady is like, Your loss

2596 days ago


I am sorry to hear that happen to her I have always loved her .patty

2596 days ago


OMG #11-----It scares me that the likes of yourself are speaking on behalf of and addressing the ills of our nation! It would appear to anyone {who has graduated from high school that is} that you are a very scary representation of your education system!

2596 days ago
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