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Kirstie Alley:

Black is Slimming!

9/13/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenny Craig must be ecstatic about the dramatic weight loss of her poster girl, Kirstie Alley. She got paid to lose weight! Paid!!

The former "Fat Actress" was seen in this little big black dress -- sashaying down the sidewalk near Macy's yesterday. "Cheers" to her spectacular new figure!


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God knows I'm not one to dog on someone for being overweight (no throwing ding dongs in my glass house!) But......
it annoys the hell out of me when she insists she is a petite 140 lbs, and had never weighed more then 215 at her heaviest. Bitch is lying thru her teeth! That is the one and only thing I agree with Rosie O'Donnell about!

2565 days ago


TMZ - lets see a before & after picture. What was her size before the dramatic weight loss.

2565 days ago


This is the very reason they got a new girl fro the Jenny Craig Campaign, and are slowly cropping Alley out of the program. Notice how she is only shown for seconds at a time in the commercial spots? Notice how she is often hidden behind a car, or on the phone and cropped off far above the waist, or in a dress so flowing that you cannot tell that her thighs are each as big around as Britney Spears?
I give an A for effort in losing the weight a few months ago, but recent pictures of her chowing down on fast food and Chinese take-out, while her weight balloons back up, leaves me without sympathy. If she doesn't know why Jenny Craig isn't working for her, as she licks the cheese power residue off her sausage-like fingers after polishing off an entire back of Cheetos, she cannot be helped.
Weight-loss is not about a diet, it is about a life-change, it is about making good decisions. Hitting up the drive-through, and then the buffet, then eating some JC when you get home, is NOT a good decision.


2565 days ago


Kristie looks horrible....Val B looks great!

2565 days ago


I thought it was just me...everytime I see a Jenny Craig ad on TV I just shake my head. She might have lost weight on top in the head and chest area, but that girl still has a helluva big ass on her. Notice in the commericals she stands far away from Valerie so you don't see the difference and poses at an angle that models use that give a slimmer appearance. Valerie looks freaking awesome though! I hope I look that good at her age!

2565 days ago


I just lost 50 lbs, started at 211 where Kirsti "says" she started from......honey....we're the same height and body type and you look worse now then I did when I started. Not sure who you're trying to fool but you're not fooling your public. Jenny Craig.....foolish for continueing the ruse...could you cause more confusion and send more contradictory messages to your truely desperate customers by having a spokes person like this. Valerie Bertanelie is doing much better it seems and being honest about her progress...not wearing gurdles or nylons to cover up her STILL FAT body. The difference here in this picture of Kirsti is that here she is letting herself be vulnerable and wearing nothing but a loose sundress.....what happens when we put our selves out there to be vulnerable............we get burned sister!!!!

2565 days ago


Ok, you can take your tongue out of your cheek now. Kirstie is F-A-T. Nothing slim about her figure.

2565 days ago


Are you crazy? For all the negative stuff you post on God knows EVERYONE else, here's one photo that you really should caption correctly. She is huge. She never weighed 145 at her slimmest and is nearly back to where she started. Let's at least be honest. The girl is snacking on Chinese food and this is what people typically refer to as FAT. Black dresses are great but they do not perform miracles.

2565 days ago

kill the queen    

Wow- she apparently has lost interest in dieting... maybe she shouldnt have been so vocal about going on it until she had success- 75 pounds lost is amazing. But how many did she gain back? 50?

2565 days ago


She claims that she weighs 175 pounds...haha if that's true I weigh 0 pounds...hell I'm weightless!
All that money, free Jenny C. food, all that free time to work out (not like she's working), access to personal trainer and she looks just like she did before the weight "loss" campaign.
Dang girl, try walking "passed" Mc Donalds!
And why does she always look like she's squeezing out a fart? Uncrunch your face woman!

2565 days ago


TMZ is making a joke with their statements, lighten up people!! Read it again!!

2565 days ago


She's still fat.

2565 days ago


If she's happy with herself, fine. I resent being lied to. She has NEVER weighed 145. She looked like a cow on Oprah with the bathing suit and the leggings and the 'hiding of the butt'. Why do they treat the public like morons?

2565 days ago


Sh obviously has lost *some* of her original weight - she looks more healthy than she did two years ago!

2565 days ago


To all those hatin' on TMZ at the moment over this post with your "are you kidding me???!" comments:
Yeah, they are, they ARE kidding you. I think this post was what some of us call "sarcastic". I could be wrong, I do not work for TMZ and I do not know who wrote this, but I do believe them saying that "black is slimming" (which is normally true) on a picture where Alley is looking quite terrible, is them just backwardly and quite obviously making fun of her.

Maybe they were just trying to entice out of all you your "OMG, she iz so FAT!" comments. Congratulations if you fell for that.


2565 days ago
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