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New Britney Document Not What It Seems

9/14/2007 4:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained a curious item in the Britney/K-Fed divorce war....but it's not what it seems.
Britney court docs
We've gotten hold of a document that discusses K-Fed's right to spousal support. It says Britney shall pay her ex "the sum of $20,000 per month, payable on the first (1st) day of each month, commencing on November 1, 2006, and continuing thereafter until death of either party, remarriage of Respondent (Kevin) or further order of the court..."

As we first reported, K-Fed signed a prenup which cut off his $20K support after November, 2007. The order we just obtained was signed by the judge -- today.

It appears from the document that Britney may have agreed to ante up money indefinitely, but we've learned that's not the case. Sources say the pre-nup is still in effect and the document was filed for technical tax reasons. So K-Fed gets cut off in two months.


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is a LOOSER........... he must die right now

2594 days ago


He's not a real man.Can't stand on his own two feet and support himself instead he wants her to take care of him.What an a**h**e.

2594 days ago


#52 - where do you see that? all i see is that it is a tax deduction for federline, and britney has to pay the taxes?? they signed it in July, but it didn't go through until today, even though they didn't go to court - his payments were to stop in November - so maybe a settlement?

2594 days ago


K-Fed, Make yourself some of your own money! (Like right, ya'll???)

2594 days ago


LOL!! It's about time that looser stop living life like a king just for having kids with Britney Spears!! He's such a DirtBag!!..This shall teach him a lesson we've had to learn and it's called :
W-O-R-K!!!....let's see if he has enough money to keep partying after he gets cut off, I'm guessing?.....NOT!!

2594 days ago


I've always known that K-Fed was only out for himself and for Britney's $$$$ money! I've posted it over and over again... so I'm not in the least surprised that he's taking that outrageous amount of money (monthly) from Britney, OVER his children's lives! I always knew he REALLY didn't care about his babies and their well-being. It was all about getting that cold-hard-cash! POOR BRITNEY! I know that Britney loves those babies and she takes good care of them (forget all the false media hype about her giving them soda and junk in bottles; she doesn't do that!) - Britney is a GOOD MOTHER and she would be lost without her children! She loves them SO much, and those kids are better with her than with Kevin or with anyone else. I also live in Southern CA, and here, it is VERY DIFFICULT to have children taken away from their mothers, unless they are in REAL DANGER... so far, Britney's babies have NOT been in what our state would render "REAL DANGER". It would take "moving mountains", here in So. Cali. for Kevin to get full custody of those babies. Britney would have won the court battles anyway, no matter what. The courts here don't like to take children away from their mothers unless it is deemed downright necessary to do so. Stupid Kevin Federline... all about the money... what a class-A-JERK!!!!!!!!! Keep your chin up, Britney! -- Reebee --

2594 days ago


#56 - thank you! First of all, these papers were signed on JULY 26, 2007. They were only filed and signed by a judge today. These papers...the way I understand it mean his support can last indefinitely....the law will NOT stop payments on a reason like "tax purposes"...the papers are showing that Britney can claim the support payments on her taxes. Also, these papers has NOTHING to do with the kids....only with the adults. AND if Kevin was main breadwinner and he was contesting the support payments to Britney he would be called every name in the book! By the way, I am a woman.

2594 days ago


Where does it say he's choosing money over his kids?

2594 days ago

Josh E    

50. 44. 42. About time a woman has to pay--K-Fed u done hit the lotto homes!
And to all the people saying hes a loser-where are those people when the men get jerked into paying child support and calling those women greedy gold diggers???

Posted at 3:44PM on Sep 14th 2007 by Rated R
Because just about everyone who's posted are women. HYPOCRITES!!!!

Posted at 3:46PM on Sep 14th 2007 by Johnny SoCal


Yep! Men, the minority of TMZ, let's unite! K-Fed could be to men what OJ was to blacks!

2594 days ago


So why is everyone wailing about $20K/month? Glad to see the gender roles reversed for the gravy train. Hey, Kfed, try for more! Really sock it to the regular recipients for whom no one asks the question, "Can't she get off her duff and get a job?". Sock it to her!

2594 days ago


WHY in the world does Kevin need to be supported? The court system in California has once again proven itself to be a complete joke. $20k support a month? GET A JOB YOU LAZY PILE OF CRAP.

2594 days ago


people - in legal terms, commence means "start" - so the payments started Nov. 2006, and will continue until death, re-marriage, order of court - she has to pay the taxes on the 20k a month, it is a deductible for him - this is a new contract, it is NOT for tax purposes - therefore, I can assume there will be some type of settlement coming soon, since it was signed in July but not executed until today....

2594 days ago


#51 - DUH -

They added that part after they posted the initial story....


2594 days ago


so he gets money & all of a sudden she's not a bad mom? what kind of dad is that?
if i were britney i'd turn around & sue HIM for custody. CREEP! he should get beat up!!!

2594 days ago

Jan Bujwit    

If I read this correctly, the twenty grand is a tax ploy that Brit will pay until end of year 2007. This gives her an expense that she can deduct from her income and will ultimately lower her federal income taxes. The last paragraph of the article makes it clear that after year end, the prenup is still in place and that he gets no money unless Brit wants to pay it. I'm sure her tax accountant will advise her of the wisdom of cutting him off or paying him as a deduction. Better K-Fed than Uncle Sam..........? I think I would pick Uncle Sam but then, I'm an old Foggie who believes in America.

Jan Bujwit

2594 days ago
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