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Courtney Love: Death Becomes Her

9/14/2007 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is this Courtney Love or the corpse of Goldie Hawn in "Death Becomes Her"?
Courtney Love
The rocker, snapped in London yesterday, borrowed the midriff from a Resusci Annie CPR mannequin, crazy eyes from Chuckie, and hair from Seattle Widow Barbie! Her middle-aged Rubbermaid Olsen twin look is capped off by an appropriately witchy hat.

To top off her zombie look , Courtney added a graveside flower to her waist! Flores para los muertos!

Tanya Tucker Passes the Torch

Tanya Tucker - click to playCountry legend and sometimes train wreck Tanya Tucker was a long way from Tuckerville last night. Our cameras caught the singer with her daughter Layla at Mr. Chow.

The 8-year-old songbird was encouraged by Mama Tucker to sing a little ditty. Like a good girl with refined Southern manners, she spit her gum into mama's hand and obliged. Ding dang, y'all!

Too bad BritBrit wasn't there to see how it's done.

Dr. Drew: Britney = Anna Nicole?

Click to play!Include Dr. Drew Pinsky in the list of people who are worried about Britney Spears after her VMA meltdown this week. In fact, Dr. Drew takes it one step further by comparing Brit to another famous blondewreck: Anna Nicole Smith!

TMZ cameras spotted Dr. Drew at an Emmy gift suite in Hollywood today (Why was he there? No clue). When asked about BritBrit, the Doc answered, "This is a young woman we're watching unravel. We're gonna have another Anna Nicole Smith on our hands."

Does that make K-Fed the new Larry Birkhead?

Xtina: Pop Star Pops Up Popping Out

A radiant Christina Aguilera and chinless hubby Jordan Bratman were spotted having dinner for three at Toscana in Brentwood, Calif. last night.
Christina Aguilera
According to reports, Xtina had a little trouble sliding out of the car, but then stood up to reveal her blossoming belly full of kisses. Christina will be performing a duet with legend Tony Bennett on this Sunday's Emmy Awards show on FOX.


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whomever wrote the disparaging comments about Ms. Love MUST me a real fatso or a Courtney is ULTRA HOT and this is what groovy chicks should look like NOt like Oprah, Rosie O'Donnel, Wynonna Judd, Kirtsie Alley, Monique, and the rest of the herd...........................Get a life and stop being so damn jealous of those who HAVE will power and don't need bypass surgery..........

2599 days ago


Courtney Love looks just as beautiful as always. Leave her alone!
All ya all jelous haters move on.

2599 days ago


lol are you people serious?? Courtney Love looks like a hot mess!!!

2599 days ago


What? Courtney Love is hot. Courtney Love is only in the news because she is a freak show.

2599 days ago


Madonna is gross

2599 days ago


Courtney's hot? You must be on the same drugs she is.

2599 days ago

courtney is a lost freaky groupie who blew cobain good enough trick him into the doe and continued on her nutball quest 4 any fame she could obtain...not a artist folks.just another witch..middled aged Olsen twin.haha great

2599 days ago


she is one butt ugly chick, chubby or thin

2599 days ago


Everyone has their own view of what is beautiful. I would not consider this particular picture of Courtney a testament to beauty, but obviously there are those that do. I think she's been looking positively skeletal lately, and could put on 10 or 20 lbs. easily without appearing "overweight", "pudgy", "fat", etc... I sure hope she's skinny due to "willpower", and not drugs, eating disorders, etc... God love her, I hope she's ok. Regardless of how much money she has, you couldn't pay me enough to live her life. An anonymous, middle class life suits me just fine!!

2599 days ago


PLEASE, she looks like death warmed over and only you meth user buddies would think otherwise. Get a job then get help off meth.

2599 days ago


Courtney looks great!!!She is just being herself and doing her thing her way ,I don't understand why all the media haters only look for the bad things in the celebs,it's like they are so jealous of them!!!

2599 days ago


Oh, yes Mr. Eddie. She has power to be thin without surgery. It's called SPEED AND COCAINE, dumbass.

2599 days ago


The only people that think Courtney looks good are the same folks with "track" marks running up and down their arms, and white crystals hangin from their nose. Get a life!

2599 days ago


What? They're calling drugs like heroin and meth will-power these days? I'm surprised she can still move her face to slur out an unintelligable comment from time to time. I can't wait until I'm rich and can buy all the willpower a grown woman needs.

2599 days ago


I think Courtney Love looks disgusting! In the first pic, her make up is all over her face. Her lipstick is all over her mouth, and her eye liner is smeared all over the place. The pic of her in the bathing suit, is just wrong, on too many levels. Before you start casting opinions of me, I'm not a fat pig, nor am I jealous of her. I'm 5' and 105 lbs. I'm not anorexic or bolemic. I'm the mother of 4, and weigh now what I did before I had kids. Never dieted, and no surgery. A person can take reasonable care of themselves, and not look as bad as Courtney. Doesn't she have people that work for her that have the balls (or cares enough about her) to tell her how bad she looks, and she shouldn't go out in public like that?

2599 days ago
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