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Perez & Shar in "Celebrity Rap Superstar" Drama!

9/14/2007 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comUPDATE: Perez finally called us back and tells us that MTV has agreed to go LIVE next week! "When people tune in to the show next week they will (hopefully) see what really happened on the last episode," he says. "MTV has assured me that starting with this coming Thursday's airing, Celebrity Rap Superstar is going to be 100% live and real, as it should be! This will be super exciting. ANYTHING can happen. Shar and I have hugged it out. And DaBrat and me are cool too!"

According to our spies, Gossip Gangstar Perez Hilton was spittin' his rhyme during a taping of MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar,"when the sound on his mic went out (check one-two!). Our sources say Perez kept rapping, but the producers stopped him and told him he could start over because of technical difficulties. Perez finished the song ... and walked off stage.

Shar Jackson was up next. Sources tell us she started just fine, then fumbled her rap, forgetting the lyrics. Rather than letting her fumble her way through, producers allowed her to stop and restart her performance -- possibly changing the competition! We're told Perez lost it and rushed the stage, hollerin' that it wasn't right to let Shar re-do her song!

Then, it got crazazy!

Perez stormed off the set to his trailer. We're told that he told producers that the show was now phony, and refused to go on next week unless the show was live! We're told producers also let "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler start over, after he effed up his lyrics, which sent Perez into a tailspin. The drama!

For their part, MTV says. "We had technical mishaps early on -- which allowed the first two contestants to "re-start." So, to be fair, every contestant was given the option of performing twice. We wanted nothing more than to make this competition as fair for the contestants as possible."

We tried to reach Perez, but he refused to call us back. How rude!

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Thats what happens when you put a d-list celeb on a show. Perez has a blog promoting himself and nothing else. Perez is like so 15 minutes ago.

2597 days ago


Ha ! Karma is a B^&*^h --Perez-thats what you get for dissin Britney and standing by Sarah Semen I mean Silverman ---------------B$%*$h

2597 days ago



2597 days ago


Jason Wahler is a racist. Why or how did he make it on this show? I don't understand why people still chose to associate with racist people in 2007 .

2597 days ago


that show is wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

2597 days ago


He's a freak!!

Vote for Frankie everyone!

2597 days ago


From the begining with the WACKED out people they put SHAR with. it was obvious she is going to win.!!! she said she has a story to tell.
she need talk about how she get paid her child support if it aint Britney money.because either she lying or K-fed is. He says he pays child support to her for 2 kids. but he dont work. Yet he does recieve 20 grand from Britney.. So yeaaaaaaaaaaa Britney paids his support to your children. Good rap huh

2597 days ago


HAHA.... he takes it very seriously!!!

-Aimee Muschamp fan!

2597 days ago


And Perez. Lawd He is just AN EMBARASSEMENT Thats VH-1 newest mistake.
I would feel creepied OUT if i was Britney. It's got to be gross knowning she has this 350lb of lard posting her pictures like a shrine on his site.
He seems obessed with her, Sends open letter cussing her out
I'm mean really WHO is this CLOWN. when did he become SOMEONE.. !!! I swear any as-s can be a celebrity these days. But Perez has got to be the CELEBRITY JOKE.

2597 days ago


I voted for FRANKIE. hope he wins

2597 days ago


You know, I just want to say how much like CoCo's boobs. The girl is hot.

2597 days ago


What I don't get is why he did not accept his redo. It's was not his fault, he could have redone his as well. Letting her redo was in the wrong, but is he mad she got a redo and maybe a chance at a better score or whatever the hell this goes by, or is he pissed that instead of taking his redo for a fault that was not his own, he just walked off?

By the by, you guys can report on THIS and that weatherman, but what about Jaime Foxx getting his star on the walk of fame? I don't see that anywhere and I'd think that more newsworthy than that pervert weatherman.

2597 days ago


i was there, that hole bitch fight was classic i loved every minute of it, he left and didn't come back but them redoing their rap did take away the energy from the show.

2597 days ago


Perez rubs me the wrong way! He's just a fat, fake, bitchy CUBAN! I'd love to slap his stupid fashionless ass...ugh ugh...

2597 days ago


I think that the ones who got cut off due to technical problems should be allowed but to the ones who got to start over because they forgot the lyrics shouldnt. They should have practiced more.

2597 days ago
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