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Jamie Foxx: Walk on Me

9/15/2007 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He starred in "In Living Color," and bombed in "Stealth." He'll shine a flashlight in your face, and pour mystery liquids down your throat if he thinks you're smokin'. And yesterday, Jamie Foxx got himself a star on Hollywood's legendary Walk of Fame!

Foxx, who won an Oscar for starring as Ray Charles in the eponymous "Ray," received the honor yesterday. As usual, he thanked his grandmother for raising him.


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WTG Jamie

2598 days ago


#2 comment should be removed, totally uncalled for, what awards are u entitled to #2?

Good for Jamie and his award!

2598 days ago


what fun is it to see your name on a Hollywood star, when it is NOT your real name??? Jamie Fox is a phony name, what was wrong with his real name?? And wouldnt it be more pleasurable to see your real name on a star??? why cant we all live in the truth? and tell the truth? Everything is so phony!!!

2598 days ago


Great! Now I have a spot to piss on when I'm in Hollywood.

2598 days ago


He was excellent in Ray and deserved the Oscar. I don't understand how one good movie deserves a star on the walk. C'mon, shouldn't the stars be earned for many good performances over a period of years.

2598 days ago


Variety criticized my upcoming movie - The Kingdom - Boo hoo ...waaaaa

" Where pic goes astray is inturning anonymous, indigenous peoples into ducks at a shooting gallery. In "Black Hawk Down," the alleged good guys mowed down hundreds of faceless Africans; here, it's Arabs, in what seem like comparable numbers. The sense of vicarious sport is the same; anyone in a caftan or a kepi is fair game.

Which is too bad, because "The Kingdom," for the most part, tries to be a serious drama about an ongoing crisis, begging the question of whether a movie attempting to spark serious debate should be pandering to the worst instincts of its audience. On the other hand, this isn't exactly "Frontline."Berg adopts a faux-doc shooting style that becomes a tiresome exercise in the kind of handheld camerawork that perhaps once implied immediacy but now implies a lack thereof. "The Kingdom" doesn't have the complexity of "Syriana," nor the real-life pathos of "A Mighty Heart," but it's equally spasmodic, to no real end. More drama and less frustrated action might have kept this "Kingdom" from falling."

Save your money folks ...

2598 days ago


I think that TMZ should remove the racist comments...

2598 days ago


ugh, I don't like you Jamie!!!!

2598 days ago


i think jamie is doing a great job. whats is real name. I am at a lost here. i am really happy for you. Plaese racist comments r not called for. and personally atacking peoples's integrity is so wrong. We all know Hollywood is for People Living in Unrealistic World.

2598 days ago


I really didn't like Jaime in Living Color, but I did enjoy his work in Ray. I disagree with the racist coments on this and other boards; however, I do think that we should have the right to voice our opinions. With that said, if there is a problem with Blacks or any other race getting undeserved recognition, explain why.

Personally, I don't think that he deserves a star, because there are many other people Black, Latino, and many other races, (sorry if I didn't specify) who has worked hard in the industry and get overlooked.

That's how I felt when Donald Trump got a star. Isn't the walk of fame for famous movie stars? I don't remember seeing Donald Trump in a movie. I think that the whole walk of fame star induction is very political. I don't think that race has anything to do with it.

I do like some of Jaime's work, but I still don't think that he deserves a star just yet.

2598 days ago


Not many do anymore Veronica.

After the lame and insane defense of m.vick and the alleged drug use , the man is a farce and a has been .

Lost a major amount of the fan base.

2598 days ago


Can someone help me here? I don't know what Jamie had to say about Michael Vick. Was whatever he had to say that bad? Why are y'all hating on him for his alleged drug use? Hell, most of Hollywood uses drugs and I've not seen this kind of pure hatred for other stars!! Can you help me understand where so much venom is coming from toward Jamie??Obviously I have missed a lot of news. I agree with some of the other posts -- this racism should stop no matter what you feel, though.

2598 days ago


To # 17 and your remarks about having someplace to piss on when in Hollywood, why don't you just stay your trifling ass at home??????????

2598 days ago


It distresses me and discusts me that Jamie Foxx gets a Star on the walk of the hall of fame when he supports and excuses Michael Vick in this financing of the pit bull fights and participates in the killing of the animals..Hey, Jamie, people can rise above their upbringing in they are pure of heart and soul...I rose above my upbringing because my heart and soul didn't want that kind of life..

2598 days ago

double standards    

Carol: really? Do you feel the same way about mental Brit Spears who at 21 got a star? If one person who did not deserve a star on the walk - it was her. So shut up - fair is fair.

2598 days ago
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