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Mormon Hunks -- Yes, Mormon Hunks!

9/15/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot priests are so last year! The hottest calendar for 2008 is the Men on a Mission calendar, full of hot, shirtless Mormon men. What would Joseph Smith, Jr. say?!
Mormons Exposed
The "devout dozen" jumped off their bikes long enough to pose for the controversial day keeper, each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world. Go west, young men! Portions of the proceeds will go to charity. The LDS Church isn't commenting on the scandalous pics ... but most of you probably didn't even read this far. Check out the rest of the Latter Day hunks in this handy gallery!


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Mormon hunks? The Romney sons!

2558 days ago

J Doe    


they wait till marriage...change the name to virgin men, they marry after returning from their mission all HOT HORNY AND DESPERATE

they need breaking in

2558 days ago


First of all, the book of mormon is not "the second bible" it is what mormons to believe the missing pieces found and translated as part of the bible. Also, it wasnt in the 70's that black people were allowed in the church,, they have slways been allowed, it was in the 70's that the men were given the given the right to hold priesthood, also what mormons believe doesnt hurt the non believers, they arent hurting anyone, they just want to live by good standards, and most of them do, thats why so many are successful in their careers. They are nvery kind, giving generous people, and they DON'T believe in having more than one wife in fact quite the opposite! I oughta know, my family is mormon, and the joke is on the nay sayers because the mormons lead very rich, spiritual lives, we worship jesus, god, and the holy ghost, joseph smith is a prophet, not a god. So before you go bashing something how about doing your homework, that way you don't look quite so foolish. :o)

2558 days ago


7. Nothing sexy to me about a shirtless mormon dude - it's practically an oxymoron - or shall I say and oxyMORMON! LOLOLOL ROFL!

Posted at 9:57AM on Sep 15th 2007 by Hideous

************************************************************************************************That is funny! You should write for TMZ. Maybe then they can have funny lines on here.

Morons do not practice polygamy anymore, back in the day they did it as more of a survival thing. I have family that are Mormon. While I do not agree with a lot of the teachings (Oklahoma and Missouri were the site of the Garden of Eden, kinda hard to believe) they will do whatever is necessary to help another Mormon down on their luck get back on their feet. And those are some hot mormons, but not hot enough to convert me.

2558 days ago


Both are hot as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2558 days ago


Why don't these guys ever come to my door?!!?

2558 days ago


Hey, give me a calendar! Say what you want, but the bod is nice.

2558 days ago

Randi Eckhardt    

I am on my knees ready to pray!

2558 days ago

I hate snobs!    

I'm never coming back to this site. I just realized that by even "looking" I'm supporting trash, filth, evil and just what's wrong with Americans. The comments on this calendar alone show what a degenerate nation we've become. People are quick to pass lies about anyone or any religion they really know nothing about, including the every "target" on this website, not just the "Mormons" in the calendar.

For all of you using this particular forum to post filthy and horrendous comments about Mormons; let's examine YOUR life. Do drugs? Drink in excess? Ever break any laws? Great citizen? Good christian? UNLESS you are living a superb life as a GOOD CHRISTIAN and contributing to society then you are nothing but a pathetic hypocrite. You say garbage about people living peaceful lives as contributing members of society that celebrate Christ's lives (Mormons) yet I find that the majority of people (you!) who spread lies about them (Mormons) are living "less than desirable" put it lightly Wait until you are PERFECT before condeming another religion AS IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".

I'll never be back.'ve wasted enough of my time and I'm ashamed to have ever come here essentially supporting your meanness.

2558 days ago

I hate snobs!    

What a bunch of nasty people you are. These mormons are normal men looking fore relationships just like everyone else. Obviously the lower level of the human race hangs out on this site and I'll just be moving on now.

2558 days ago


i just can't stand religious fundamentalists - eeeewww!

2558 days ago

I hate snobs!    

So this goes to show that Mormons are just as beautiful as everyone else. To all the people and their disgusting comments as well as TMZ~ Saying crap about another religion usually just shows what a clueless idiot you are. I'm happy that I'm only a regular at PEOPLE.COM where they have SOME CLASS. Good riddance.

2558 days ago


I highly doubt these are real Mormon missionaries...the first dead giveaway is the length of their hair. Missionaries have very strict dress and grooming standards. These are most likely just models with convenient tags scored off Ebay or something similar and free copies of the Book of Mormon to pose with.

2558 days ago

I hate snobs!    

Most of the comments on this article show that the world knows nothing about Mormons. What a bunch of presumptious idiots the fans of TMZ are. Hilarious. I'll have 10 more minutes in each day to plan more wisely since I won't be coming back here wasting my time again.

2558 days ago


First off, W. Jeff's family broke off from the LDS chuch in the 1890's. They live 20mins from me and it might as well be another time zone.

Secondly, LDS Saints follow the original teachings set down by Jesus Christ, as scribed by John the Baptist. There's nothing 'sicko' about that, at all.

Thirdly, I hope that these guys realize that they did something that puts the LDS faith back on trial. Not really needed or appreciated by this Mormon follower!

Last of all, garments are not 'funny underwear' and men only take them on after receiving their endowments. I don't know of any worthy men who would strip like this for vanity or profit. In other words; showing a guy standing next to a bicycle doesn't convince me that these are Mormons!

I also hope that W. Jeffs goes to jail for a very, very long time. He'll have more to answer to for when he finally faces the big guy in the clouds. Sadly enough, not much seems to have changed in the lives of the women he's nearly destroyed. Say a prayer for them, all of you who are better than us.

2558 days ago
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