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Mormon Hunks -- Yes, Mormon Hunks!

9/15/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot priests are so last year! The hottest calendar for 2008 is the Men on a Mission calendar, full of hot, shirtless Mormon men. What would Joseph Smith, Jr. say?!
Mormons Exposed
The "devout dozen" jumped off their bikes long enough to pose for the controversial day keeper, each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world. Go west, young men! Portions of the proceeds will go to charity. The LDS Church isn't commenting on the scandalous pics ... but most of you probably didn't even read this far. Check out the rest of the Latter Day hunks in this handy gallery!


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Warren Jeffs IS mormon. He belongs to the FLDS. Which is a sick off-shoot of the plain old cult like LDS. Don't listen to comments from mormons, they've been instructed never think for themseles, sad thing is,they don't even realize it.

2540 days ago


When I traveled through Utah, stopping to eat, I found that 90% of the people sitting in the restaurant and working there all looked related. I mean, inbred. They all were blood, blue eyes, wacked out ears and crazy looking.

I am sure they were inbreds. Oh and that institutionalized food they get from the church, SUCKS. Actually, they suck too.

2540 days ago


Religion is a choice and while I am Christian, it isn't my place to judge them. Christians have pastors who have stolen millions of dollars from people who couldn't afford to give... Catholics have many, many child molesters that serve as heads of churches and other high ranking positions, Warren Jeffs did once belong to the Mormon Church but, went off on his own and proved to be a freak. My point, who has the right to bash another for their religious beliefs? I would have to say none of us. Allow them to believe what they choose and do not condemn another person for what they believe... None of us are without sin or on a pedestal so high that we can throw stones down on another.. Doing this only shows your ignorance.

2540 days ago


What a joke! That first dude with the receding hairline is WAY too old to be a missionary. This is obviously a marketing stunt with professional models. Not that there isn't hot missionaries, just none that are that tan (funny underwear and all, you know).

2540 days ago


I didn't realize that Josh Groban was a mormon! JK. I have to say that the sweetest man I have ever met was a Mormon and he was totally in love with some chick in Utah. He hoped to go on a mission, come home when it was over, and then ask her to marry him. I don't know much about their beliefs, other than they don't drink caffeinated beverages, but I do know that they (mainstream Mormons) do not practice polygamy. The calendar is a great idea. Hot guys are hot guys regardless of religious affiliation.

2540 days ago

Mystery Meat    

Not only are those Mormon hunks ugly, they are stupid as well. They are all freaks!!

2540 days ago


Missionary's wear endowments (garments) that can't be taken off for shirtless pictures. If these are real missionarys i'm sure they are in BIG trouble right now...most likely received a letter from the church ex-communicating them. Mormon faithful would never do anything like this. I think its a scam.

2540 days ago

what's truth?    

Just a few mormon beliefs:

God was once a man - Brigham Young said, "If our Father and God should be disposed to wak through these aisles, we should not know Him from one of the congregation. You would see a man and that is all you would know about Him." (Journal of Discourse, Vol II, pg 40). Mormons belief that through faithfulness to the mormon doctrine they too may one day become gods with a planet of their own.

God the Father has many wives - God the Father, according to the "Pearl of Great Price" in "Abraham 3:9,16", is said to be living on a planet near the star Koleb with his wives having spiritual children.

Jesus was the spirit brother of Lucifer - according to this doctrine Jesus became the Savior because he came up with a better plan than Lucifer concerning how to get the people on earth to worship God (see The Kingdom of God, by Oscar McConkie Jr pg 46; Pearl of Great Price, Book of Moses, 4:1-3).

Black-skinned people are of inferior origin - mormonism teaches that the spirit beings that did not fight valiantly for God come to earth as blacks, while those who fought valiantly come to earth as whites. Until very recently blacks could not become priests in the mormon system of worship for reasons related to this and other demeaning doctrines.

2540 days ago


Let's hope that HOT AMISH MEN are next -- I've seen QUITE a few!

2540 days ago


Thanks, KSGIRL!

2540 days ago


I bought a new computer beyotchs! I have a total of 6 now in my home. I know Precious Brown is jealous seething with jealousy.

2540 days ago


Mormon Missionaries have taken the covenants in the Temple, and are not supposed to remove their garments for anything except swimming. A true missionary would not do this, and I daresay this is a set-up , and not a real missionary.

Good Try!

Warrens Jeffs is not a Mormon, he is a sick animal, raised to be that way by his father, whom I would think is burning in hell at this point!

2540 days ago


I went to BYU. I was not a Mormon. I met a man. Converted. Well, I thought he was a man and it turned out he was gay. I had 3 babies, with my garmets on, through a hole in the sheet. This is how Mormon people have sex. I had sex 6 times in 3 years and ended up with 3 kids. I left this sorry bastard. Returned to the real world. He doesn't support my kids and never has. But he just remarried a girl with kids, just to cover up his homosexuality, which BTW, he confessed too church members.

The Mormon religion is a cult. I know. I lived it. I am free now.

2540 days ago


After reading some of these posts, and re-affirming that I am, indeed, a prude, I still couldn't go for a Mormon guy... no smoking or drugs I can deal with, and it would probably be good for me to spend time with someone who uses cleaner language than I do. But I think a lovely Martini or perfectly chilled glass of Chardonnay are some of life's gifts that I don't want to do without. Such is my life... everyone is ooohing and aaahing over these Mormon hunks, but they are a bit too straight 'n narrow for me. Sigh!

2540 days ago

J Doe    

cartoon BANNED by the mormon church....

2540 days ago
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