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Mormon Hunks -- Yes, Mormon Hunks!

9/15/2007 7:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hot priests are so last year! The hottest calendar for 2008 is the Men on a Mission calendar, full of hot, shirtless Mormon men. What would Joseph Smith, Jr. say?!
Mormons Exposed
The "devout dozen" jumped off their bikes long enough to pose for the controversial day keeper, each of the LDS lotharios having just returned from missions around the world. Go west, young men! Portions of the proceeds will go to charity. The LDS Church isn't commenting on the scandalous pics ... but most of you probably didn't even read this far. Check out the rest of the Latter Day hunks in this handy gallery!


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there not really mormons are they?, i dont believe that their way too hot, but whats with the one hot with him getting makeup 2 much info lol

2603 days ago


Mormon - Yeah Right! - I'm curious - what do you think the morality requirements are to be a member of the LDS church in good standing? I love it when people who have never lived or impartially studied a church think they know more about it than someone who has lived or studied it.

2603 days ago


Most all Mormon girls are LOOSE as a goose.

2603 days ago


The Mormon missionaries in the calendar are missing their sacred garments that they are required to wear at all times.


2603 days ago


Do Mormons practice polygamy? Mormons did stop actively practicing polygamy about 100 years ago but polygamy is still an important part of the religion. No changes were made to the Mormon scriptures called the Doctrine of Covenants Section 132. Mormons are still allowed to marry multiple women in their sacred temples but they cannot cohabitate with more than one woman at a time. Mormon temple divorces are only allowed to women who will remarry another worthy Mormon male in the temple. Mormons believe that polygamy will be practiced in heaven.

Is Warren Jeffs is a Mormon? TRUE. Warren Jeffs believes in the Book of Mormon (the Mormon’s Bible) as created by Joseph Smith Jr. the founder of Mormonism. Warren Jeffs is the prophet of the Fundamental Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) which broke off from the current Latter-Day Saints (LDS) church around the time that Mormons stopped actively practicing polygamy. Warren Jeffs can trace his authority to lead his followers back to Joseph Smith Jr.

Use Google to learn more about the Mormons

2603 days ago


Again, these aren't guys who are currently serving a mission - they're returned missionaries.

2603 days ago

Karin B.    

somethingtosay, Obviously , the requirements are pretty low...if you all approve of this calendar, and these men posing half-naked after being on a "Mission".
It's like, "Mission Impossible" , or no , "Mission I like to take my clothes off and make women think Mormon men are hot."

2603 days ago


YES, Warren Jeffs IS a Mormon. Sorry members of the LDS Church, you can't have it both ways. On the one hand you want to claim you are Christian just because YOU say you are, even though other "Christian" religions don't consider you to be Christian.

You then turn around and do the same thing to Warren Jeffs that "other Christians" do to you. Warren Jeffs and his followers call THEMSELVES Mormons. Don't they have the same "right" to call themselves Mormons, the same way you have the right to call yourselves "Christian"???? Besides, I thought you didn't WANT to be called Mormons?

Also, you have a lot more in common with Warren Jeffs than you do with conventional Christianity. The only difference between you and Jeffs' followers is that they practice polygamy IN THIS LIFETIME. The LDS Church doesn't practice it in this lifetime, but they do believe they will practice it in the Celestial Kingdom [Mormon version of Heaven for those who don't know]. Look at two of your 12 current apostles [Russell Nelson and Dallin Oaks]. They married in the Temple for "all eternity," their wives died, and they then remarried in the Temple again for "all eternity." Dallin Oaks [one of the LDS current 12 apostles] to a BYU devotional audience on January 29, 2002, in a sermon entitled "Timing," stated that he not only endorsed polygamy but that he was, in fact, himself a temple-practicing, eternal lifer two-wifer:

"When I was 66, my wife June died of cancer. Two years later--a year and a half ago--I married Kristen McMain, the eternal companion who now stands at my side."

WHEN you practice polygamy is the only main doctrinal difference between Jeffs' Mormons and the LDS Church. Both believe and follow the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, History of the Church.

2603 days ago


Mormon - Yeah Right! - so what you're saying is that LDS men aren't allowed to go swimming without a shirt on? What specifically are they doing 'wrong' according to LDS doctrine? I am really curious what it is you think you know.

scarecrowfromoz - that is the most intelligent anti LDS statement yet, something that is worth paying attention to. You have done some research and have logic - what a relief! There's a severe lack of logic on message boards. Yes, the FLDS church has the right to consider themselves whatever they want, just as the LDS church has the right to consider themselves Christian. I agree with you there.

And yes, as far as the doctrine of polygamy goes, the LDS church did practice it - as did every other Christian church, if you believe in the old testament. The difference is proximity -- and MUCH more importantly, authority. The main difference between the LDS church and shoot-offs from it (and all other churches in Christiandom) is the authority to act on God's behalf - the priesthood. The FLDS church does not act with the authority to do so.

2603 days ago

Karin B.    

To all the Mormon men I've known...those who've been in and out my door, I dedicate this song ...I'm glad we didn't get all the Mormon men I've known.

2603 days ago


...Although, I don't think Warren Jeffs considers himself a Mormon in the contemporary way it is understood - I'm pretty sure that the FLDS church considers the LDS church as corrupted - just as a protestant wouldn't consider themselves Catholic.

2603 days ago


I believe in the Flying Spagetti Monster. It makes a whole lot of more sense than mormonism.

-- I was touched by His Noodly Appendage --

2603 days ago

Karin B.    

By the way #96, I didn't say anything about swimming...
I just would like you to please read to me where in your doctrine does it state it's okay to pose for a raunchy calendar?? (either before or after a Mission) Hummmm???
And oh are you going to purchase he calendar? But I guess you've already answered that, enjoy your calendar!
I'm done talking to Morons!

2603 days ago


Warren Jeff is NOT MORMON. It's so funny how people get on here, and share their ignorance. Also, if your goal in life is to down other religions than your own, what do you truly believe in? I pray other religions do not teach such ugly behavior. (as I am sure most don't) I know that I, as an L.D.S. person (ie. mormon), we are taught to help all, be kind to all, and not judge people. Many people can say ugly things on here, but I know I love my fellow men and my family. Now THAT is the way to live.

2603 days ago


'as hard has they try to control everything about their members, especially their thoughts, these are 19-21 yr. old (mostly male) KIDS are guilted and bribed into serving missions.'

Aha, here we have an example of the ex-member with a personal vendetta mixed with a bit of false doctrine. Whatever member thinks the church wants to control your thoughts really shouldn't be a member because they have no concept of the importance of agency in the church.

2603 days ago
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